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New Florida drivers license

Florida’s new driver license is available at every service center in Florida. You can also obtain it online if this is a better option for you.The new license is being regarded as significantly more secure than the previous license and it also includes many new features. More »

Where to get International Driving Permits

A list of resources in various countries that offer International Driving Permits. More »

Driver Licenses and National Security

The outrage over giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants is misplaced, according to Margaret Stock, an associate professor of law at West Point Military Academy More »

Revolt Vs new US national driver license

Proposed U.S. national driver license ID document gets negative reaction from states, rights groups. It's to happen by 2008 More »

Index of driver licensing sites in Canada and USA

Links to official driver licensing information sites for states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada. More »

About getting a driver's license

A article outlines a series of steps to getting a driver's license. Advice is provided on what to look for in each of the steps. More »

Driver's license easy to get in South Africa

Article outlines the requirements (in 1993) for obtaining a license in South Africa. More »

Ireland's 'provisional' drivers in shock

By most standards, Ireland's system for new drivers is a bit peculiar. Many were able to drive on a provisional license for years. But now, tough new legislation threatens to take thousands of long-time drivers off the roads More »

Fake driving licenses a shocker

A U.S. Congressional investigation team got a rude shock when they checked to see how difficult it is to get a fake driver's license. More »

BC's impaired drivers face indefinite licence suspension

Describes a tough program of automatic, mandatory license suspensions for drivers convicted of impaired or dangerous driving. More »

Alberta's privatized driver testing

A description of Alberta's one-window approach to delivery of registry and licensing services. More »

Have license, will travel

Overview and forum about travel and driver licensing issues More »

Ontario's souped-up driver license

Ontario's new high-security license moves towards U.S. real ID requirements More »

Europe gets a driving license

By 2012, Europe will have gone from 110 different driving licenses to one - and ended "driver license tourism" More »

Tell-all license plates on the way

Britain is planning to introduce electronic number plates for cars that can be "read" 24 hours a day by roadside microwave beacons and cameras, reports the UK Daily Telegraph. More »

Drivers' licenses: fingerprints and computer chips?

A bill being presented in the U.S. Congress would put a computer chip and perhaps a fingerprint on licenses as identifiers. More »

Licensing systems are getting tougher

A editorial notes the change in approach that administrators have made in regard to licensing drivers. More »

The driving license examination in Sweden

A short summary of the development, evaluation, and research into driver licensing in Sweden in the 1990s. More »

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July 2005 newsletter editorial on developing common European driving license standards

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