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Europe gets a driving license

By: staff

Date: Tuesday, 10. July 2007

"All drivers will have clear, modern licenses that will be accepted in all Member States - I am pleased the Council succeeded in reaching this agreement," Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible of Transport, said yesterday in Brussels.

He was referring to a new common European driving License approved yesterday by the European Council of Ministers. The political agreement will be turned into a directive by the end of this year and the new licenses are planned to be in effect by 2012.

The credit-card type licenses will mean an end to "driving license tourism," a practice in which drivers whose licenses are suspended in one state can go to another and become licensed there. Their new license must then be accepted in their home state.

Better definitions of driving licence categories will be a benefit of the new license. It will make clear exactly who is entitled to drive what. It also provides for the introduction of a license for mopeds and graded rights to operate bigger and more powerful motorcycles.

Riders will need to be aged at least 24 years to operate the latter category and will have to take a theoretical and practical test. People who want to ride the most powerful motorcycles before that age will need to gain two years experience on lighter types. The new rules also set minimum standards for driving examiners.

European Member States will be free to decide if they want to include a microchip on the new license cards. If they do include a chip, they will be required to respect EU data protection rules.

The new licenses will be valid for limited periods, most likely 10 years but perhaps as many as 15.

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im european citizen born in brazil and my driving licence is brazilian ANY ONE KNOWS with country in europa I can change my braziian drive..........regards


thanks a lot for your comments,
as this article is a true evidence of the Bible prophecy, in the book of revelation ; regarding the Governmemnt of the Anti-christ, and the mark of the beast. this will be a total control and the Bible say that noone will be able to buy or sale without the mark of the beast(the microchips implant in the right hand or the forehead). And according to the calendar it's exactely in 2012, that this will happen and the book of Daniel Chap 12 said that there will be 40 days of great tribulation, before all the people that refused to take the mark of the beast will be taken to heaven with the Lord. Guys the time is short, Jesus return soon, and another prove of that is the forming of the one world Government, and Israel will enter the EU, despite there are not in Europe, but because GOD sees Israel as the Garden of Eden or the Capital of the earth, the anti-christ who will come to power soon want Israel as he need to rebuild the temple of Salomon where Jesus will come to fight him and kill him. the world will recognize him as it is written in gthe book of Daniel Chp 8-12, the he will be revealed as the man of peace, he will sign the peace treaty in Israel within the jews and palestinian for 7 years, and at the mids of that(1260 days as in Hebreu calendar GOD said that a year is 360 days and not 365) he get in the temple and declare himself to be GOD and command the whole world to adore him amd to take the mark of the beast. and for 40 day those who refused the mark will be beheaded or kill, and those who escape with those kill in the marthyr will be take in the heaven it's called the Rapture.

GOD bless, and take care guys, and remember GOD loves you all.


This is a huge improvement over the past century. can't you see what we, the people of the universe have become. Power, Money and greed have destroy us all. Evidently, can't you see what is about to happened if you don't put stop to this globol indentification? I don't need a barcode micro chip implanted in my hand or on my license that will enable me to become a good citizen. I am already a good citizen. This entire idea needs to abolished. why can't we live in a free society anymore, without looking over our shoulder. once again, i don't need a micro-chip inplanted in my hand or my forhead or on my licensed. In the next ten years th EU will say you will not buy or eat until you get this barcode implanted into our skin or license. who do you think we are? we chose who we marry, we chose what what kind of vehicle we want to get, we chose where to live, we chose what to eat, we chose what to wear, we chose where to work, we chose our majors in college, why can't we chose if we want micro-chip implanted into our hand or a smart card, if you want to globolized it. "If you read this article... I am warning you... please, please, please don't accept this smart card idea. it is a cover-up. it is detrimental. stop! think!Before you get this mark on your hand or on your license. Let freedom rule. let us be free. The Leaders of this world have nothing to do when it comes to my daily activities and choices i make.

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