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Alberta's privatized driver testing

By: staff

Date: Wednesday, 15. November 2006

In November 1993, the province of Alberta, Canada introduced what it called a "one-window approach" to the delivery of registry and licensing services. Registry services such as vehicle registration, driver examinations and licensing, land title, lien and corporate searches, and selected land-related and vital statistics services are now delivered through private agencies.

Under this system, driver license road tests are being delivered by government-designated driver examiners who have established a business relationship with private issuing agents or who choose to offer these services independently. No one may be designated as an examiner who is owner, part owner, shareholder, partner in, or employee of a driving school.

There are currently 125 designated driver examiners in the province, many of them former government examiners who accepted the opportunity to become designated private sector examiners.

The change has certainly speeded up the process of getting a road test, says Calgary driving school owner Janice Elliot. "You can get one today," Elliot told a conference of driving school owners in Ontario. "You can get one in an hour in some places."

The change to privatized testing has brought allegations of poor quality testing and a dramatic lowering of standards. There have been rumours of $5 tests being advertised on street corners. But these are just rumours, says Registries spokesperson Jeanette Espie-Lefebvre. "Examiners couldn't make a living at that price. As far as we can determine, they're charging about the same as was charged under the government system ($15), sometimes more in rural areas. The going rate is $15 to $20."

Monitoring and auditing of driver examiners is carried out by 14 Driver Testing Administrators who are government employees based in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Red Deer. Monitoring of administrative requirements, ride-alongs, and client consultations are being used to maintain testing quality and fairness.

Applicants for the position of examiner must have a Class Five driver licence in good standing, two years without suspension, less than four demerit points, no criminal record, a Grade 12 education, and must pass a comprehensive knowledge and road test. The application fee is $50 and applicants must complete a seven-day training program which costs $550 for basic classification examiners.

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Examiner:yes,but your test will follow the rules of subjectivity only. i saw on one web site that an examiner 'failed' a student for going 50 kms in a 50 km zone!I know of a person who 'passed' that went through a stop sign!


Agree to Ntalie, I did my Driver Test at TaradaleRegistry Calgary with Mr Nanar . He is very fair and and does not make you nervous. It was good experience and Paased first time 60 points were deducted. Nanar explained me all thoese deductions.If any body taking driver test, I would recommend Mr. Nanar


Hi guys I did my test at Taradale. Nanar did my test. he is very fair examiner. I failed first time for Not Stopping at Red light while turning Haahaha, My fault. Mr Nanar explained me my mistakes. He is very friendly and soft spoken. after three days I went for test and I passed my test . I f you are going to do the teast at Taradale registry Go with Mr. Nanar


Adman: it's not $145 into the examiners pocket. The registry charges the price, they pay the examiner to be there. Also this is the cheapest in Canada, so relax.
Sis: you don't fail for tapping the curb. Look at the checklist, it will explain the reason for failure. If it says what you claim, call Alberta transportation, they will reverse the decision.
Jack: examiners' training is done through Alberta transportation. All examiners follow Alberta transportation rules and guidelines.
John muys: accountability has two "c's"


Hi guys I did my test at taradale registry, It was with Mr Nanner . He is very polite and welcoming. I was not nervous with him. He pointed out some of my mistakes at the end of the test. But I pass the test first time. I wold recommend Mr Nanner At Taradale Registry for Road Test.


mmm...I wondr where they got their education.
There are currently 125 designated driver examiners in the province, many of them former government examiners who accepted the opportunity to become designated private sector examiners.


Who has automatically failed when you hit the curb parallel parking while doing your test by a ruth in edmonton. My daughter did. She did everything else perfect except hitting the curb while parking. She did not go up the curb but she bumped in to the curb lightly as you do not go fast when parallel parking. I think sorry, but this is another scam to retest and make more money. Not impressed Ruth!

Adnan Abbasi,

I Totally agree with majority of the ppl...i had a US Licence for 3 years, driven for 10 years in pakistan...yet i failed the test two times already and counting.....
The laws are ridiculious which is the reason for accidents like uncontrolled intersections and so on and the examiner mindset is to just look for 1 small mistake and fail you....
Government is not doing anything...On their website they say they get $10 out of $145 we get charge for Advance Road Test....this is a cheap business of failing people and making money.
Can any examoner justify this cost of $145 for 45 min test....Ridicilous

Taylor Parker,

I've been looking around for a professional car repair registry . I am retired and would like to try to start a long term project restoring antique cars. I'd like to find a social network to belong to while I do this. Is there any professional registries online that I can research to find a social network?

john muys,

this is a re-entre as someone has Deleted my last .MY child took the test and FAILED .I AM A Driver examiner he did not no this .things need to be looked into its time for change and acountabilty

John muys,

Well I think that the driver test administrators should start doing the JOBS after they get complains .In our town in rural ablberta WAINWRIGHT it is noted that the examiner fails over 65%so he can get another test and make MORE MONEY other examners from different places know about him GET REAL stop protecting this examiner since he must be youre friend.Soon this will catch up to you guys the right person that has some pull hasent got on youre case YET ,or maybe I might be that person


The examiners are paid by the test. Although I'm sure there are ethical, good examiners out there, there seem to be a lot who are more than happy to fail people just to get them back in the door, taking another test with them. It's not just bad drivers complaining about failing a test. Privatized driver testing is just's sad how many people get screwed out of their money and time just so that the examiners can get a bit of a better pay day.

Bjorn Button,

This is a great service. You can do a registry in calgary for driver classes at an affordable class. The classes are relatively easy and the tests are easy as well. Just be sure to pay attention in class. You will get all of the answers this way.


Got my license in Alberta 30 years ago. Had to redo due to expiration. Lost my wallet - took forever to get id back. Too late for drivers license however. Examiner failed me - said I parked too close to curb when parallel parking? - he didn't
even check how close I was. Said I took two right turns wide - I did not. Marked against me on hill park - he had me do it on a level stretch of road? - you cannot properly do a uphill park on a level stretch of road.
Did not help that examiner was obese and could not fit in car seat properly - he count not even do up his seat belt - it took him awhile. He was in a bad humor after that.TO THOSE EXAMINERS WHO READ THIS. YES YOU HAVE MANY COLLEAGUES WHO ARE MAKING YOU LOOK BAD. I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR MEMBERS OF YOUR PROFESSION NOW. I'm a professional man who relies on a vehicle as I have to travel. I'm not generally a vengeful sort but I assure you I will taking steps to see that this gentleman at least gets some feedback. I will be contacting the Government offices in charge. I may have to do my exam again but this person should not be doing the job if they cannot even get in the vehicle or buckle their seatbelt.


Christine, I totally understand your frustration. We too made complaints too the so called "dispute" transportation dept and got nowhere. Someone has to create a legal watchdog to flesh out these privatized registries that are only in it for the money. You cannot believe how many stories I have heard of ridiculous fails.. it is beyond belief


My daughter took her drivers test in cochrane,ab where she failed three times. Little did I know that the testers are mother and daughter. Talk about conflict. Third time she had no points taken off but was automatically failed for being partially in an "X" at a controlled intersection, apparently thats obstructing traffic. Made a complaint to the minister of highways still havent gotten a reply. Does anyone think this should have been an automatic fail?


Our experience at the Richmond Road Registry with Ginger was terrible. Failed my daughter for going 35 in a 50, which was RIGHT after a 30 km school zone. Thats the ONLY thing she did wrong and was obstructing no one. She didnt want to end the school zone and IMMEDIATELY floor it up to 50 especially since kids and people were out walking thru the residential area. RIDICULOUS total money grab

Edmonton Examiner,

Wow guys, harsh comments. I understand the thought process that you guys are portraying below, however you are incorrect. All examiners mark the same way, which is via government standards. Most registries book weeks, if not months in advance. Trust me when I say, we do not fail you so that you can rebook and we can get paid again. That is unethical, immoral, and how could someone sleep at night by doing that? We want everyone to pass, but if you aren't safe or do not follow all of the rules correctly, then why should we issue the license?
To answer Diana's question, the government monitors all examiners and instructors randomly.
I am offended by the comments below, and wish I hadn't stumbled upon this page. If you are mad that you failed your test, then be mad..... at yourself. Ask questions, take training, or get more practice.
Good luck on your test! I truly wish everyone the best of luck.


We don't have too much problems with with that sort in Prince Edward Island, where a fully licensed driving school is able to issue the upgrade to a class 5 license should a student is deemed qualified. Of course, a government examier is able to test any student they wish at any time from a driving school to keep everyone honest.


Simply pure private business!!! Shame on those unethical "instructors" who just live on other's expenses. How many road test$$$$ is enough? When is the Government going to stop this filthy personal enrichment?


What a great way to keep yourself employed. The more you fail and charge people for doing their drivers test, you just drum up more business for yourself. what a conflict of interest!!


I think this is a business for every one when you fail the road test, the more money you pay, more money they make, I've been driving for more than 20 years, and I failed the road test, it's too difficult, specially when you are immigrant.

guy authier,

, aquebeclicensed driver cl5 whitbapas gooddrivn.ihad a stroke5 yeas ago ad 8 lan omove to alberta, wll it be difficult o have an alta drivr license , 7 yers old.mylicense in cis nmber isg3604090940=09 my e,ma thanks alot,


Did my road test last week at Callingwood Registry in Edmonton. Passed with 60 points. The examiner (Brad I think....?) was really nice and he made me feel comfortable before we started the test.
This is my 2nd try, the first was somewhere on Argyll. The examiner was a jerk. Not because I failed, but I felt he was rude about it.


I am a professional class 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 equivalent licensed driver in our country. When i immigrated here in "Kanata" particularly here in Alberta, i was surprized coz it seems i am back to zero! Back to GDL process that i have been through twelve years ago! Is this humanitarian? Or a robot-tarian? Where's demoracy here as humans?





What a scam!! The Calgary, or probably Canada's private driving examination is a scam...Even professional scam artists will be amazed by the scheme. This should be featured in the episode of American Greed on CNBC (or North American Greed).

It doesnt matter which registry you go to, I can bet that you will fail the first time, especially if you are from another country (even if you are from US). Spend your time, money and effort and drive with all the stress and then drive again...good luck calgarians.


I have been a self-employed driving instructor in Toronto since 1993. 90% of my students pass their tests the first time. Those 10% who fail their exam do so because they think they know the traffic regulations and believe that they are safe drivers, but they are not. I donít want to teach anyone with this letter, but it bothers me when good drivers have to pay high insurance because of the many idiot drivers causing accidents.
Inexperienced drivers evaluating each other are complaining about the examiners who are well trained and wide angle drivers. There are many conceited drivers of all ages, who do not deserve their driverís license. In my experience, Police Officers give bad examples in their driving also.
My recommendation is:
As the authority can train people to distribute parking tickets, they should also be training special people for checking drivers. Specifically, how drivers turn left-right in the large intersections, changing lanes without shoulder checks and signal lights, how drivers ignore the traffic signals and right of way of pedestrians, why they are not helping each other at lane changing, etc. The biggest problem of drivers is tailgating even when on the HWY or in urban areas.
Many people complain when they fail their exam. They think that because they have driven for a long time their driving is good. At the examination centre there should be an additional room where complainers would have the chance to argue their point and a specialist, like a judge, could make a decision about the validity of the argument. Obviously many people would go to the judge, so if they lost in this court they would pay a high fee; this would reduce the number of spurious complaints. The drivers would be disqualified, and then maybe they will realize they are not ready to drive alone and they need more driving practice and instruction.


I agree that it's strange that you get to keep your license if you fail the advanced road test, but I've heard that if your really that bad, the examiner can take your license altogether.

I took my advanced road test at Callingwood Registry with Brad. He was AWESOME! He made me feel really comfortable, was polite when he explained my errors, and took time to explain things to me that I never knew before. My friend also did her test with Brad, and although she never passed, she agreed with the reasons, and went back to that registry to rebook with him.

Uncontrolled Intersections are stupid, but they exist. Does anyone know why? I heard its usually in areas where they can't put posts in the ground, but I don't know if that true....


Examiners are not the issue, the companies that hire them are. The money it costs to take a test is obscene, conisdering you use your own car and gas to tote them around.

This is the only complaint I have, as I failed my advanced test for not observing, or slowing down for, an uncontrolled intersection. Understandable. But the money I dished out and have to repay is garbage.


How the hell does this make sense?. the province of Alberta allows someone to fail the advanced drivers test, then allows them to continue driving..? "you just FAILED a drivers test, so here is your car back now continue driving". How much sense does that make?
does the fact that the person has already been driving for two years and holds a drivers license and has already passed a drivers exam not mean anything?
The province has someone take the "basic" test and gives them permission to drive anywhere anytime. Then has to pass an "advanced" test to
remove the gdl limits? Shouldn't a person have to pass the advanced test first before being given permission to drive unsupervised.
Does the fact that the drivers exam rates are set by the registry agents and the testers are all private businesses not seem like a conflict of interest? the ones who set the rates are the ones that give the tests.!! Does it not seem like it would be in their best interest to fail as many people as possible so that the people have to keep coming back and back and back and spending more and more money!
This just one big cash grab.
There should not even be driving test to remove the gdl. the gdl should be automatically removed after two years.
What the hell was the point of taking and paying for a drivers test and liscense already once before. Did I not
already take a "real" drivers test?
This is just another example of government bullshit.


Tester was Neil at the North East Registry in Edmonton

Automatic Fail because two people honked at me, During a merge i slowed down while the car in the primary lane also slowed down, honked to signal for me to go So i went. I figure this would be considered yielding but i guess not.

Would also fall under the no shoulder checks which i did but meh.

Also auto fail due to never shoulder checking which i did, I mirror check quick shoulder check but i guess for my next test i will have to say when i am shoulder checking.

I also lost 10 points for placing one hand on the shifter just in case i need to engine break, did not know driving safely was considered bad.

Primary Complaint: slowing down to 60 from 70 while merging to not have a collision should not be a fail.

Saying someone never shoulder ( 30 points )checks because they didn't say hey i am shoulder checking should not be a fail.

Also lost 10 points for stopping to far back because he felt i should stop a meter back from the intersection and not at the stop sign.

Lost 20 points for Slowing down slightly while lane changing? ( not sure i did it but hey can't argue. )

I did make one or two errors but was not obstructing traffic while being slightly over cautious on a 3 lane road right turn.

The other slight error was not stopping exiting the parking lot cost me ten points. And the one yellow head merge were I slowed down slightly to not hit cause a collision which is where the courtesy honk came in.

I believe the instructor also believes people should drive full speed up to the light then apply the breaks rather then slowly slowing down towards the light.

My driving background ( 32 Year old GDL driver with 2 years experience I drive everything from my small car to Cube vans without issue for work )

If anyone knows if this particular tester will pass the second time or how many times it takes to make the pocket book happy please let me know by replying.

With North East Registry at the top of your post :)


Tester was Neil at the North East Registry in Edmonton

Automatic Fail because two people honked at me, During a merge i slowed down while the car in the primary lane also slowed down, honked to signal for me to go So i went. I figure this would be considered yielding but i guess not.

Would also fall under the no shoulder checks which i did but meh.

Also auto fail due to never shoulder checking which i did, I mirror check quick shoulder check but i guess for my next test i will have to say when i am shoulder checking.

I also lost 10 points for placing one hand on the shifter just in case i need to engine break, did not know driving safely was considered bad.

Primary Complaint: slowing down to 60 from 70 while merging to not have a collision should not be a fail.

Saying someone never shoulder ( 30 points )checks because they didn't say hey i am shoulder checking should not be a fail.

Also lost 10 points for stopping to far back because he felt i should stop a meter back from the intersection and not at the stop sign.

Lost 20 points for Slowing down slightly while lane changing? ( not sure i did it but hey can't argue. )

I did make one or two errors but was not obstructing traffic while being slightly over cautious on a 3 lane road right turn.

The other slight error was not stopping exiting the parking lot cost me ten points. And the one yellow head merge were I slowed down slightly to not hit cause a collision which is where the courtesy honk came in.

I believe the instructor also believes people should drive full speed up to the light then apply the breaks rather then slowly slowing down towards the light.

My driving background ( 32 Year old GDL driver with 2 years experience I drive everything from my small car to Cube vans without issue for work )


I've been driving 35 years in Alberta, am very concerned about the drivers on our roads these days, and after reading the comments on this page I have 2 suggestions:

1. There needs to be more stringent accountability and consistency among testers.

2. Drivers need to know how to drive properly and safely in Alberta, and drive like that all the time, not just to pass your test. Learn how to drive; don't just look for an easy examiner...every time you get in your car you're wielding a 4000 lb. weapon.


I hate customer service at Taradale Registry bad attitude.... never smile always look like mad at something... specaly from left to right 2 seat... i hate that lady..


Thank you to the few people who responded to my comment.

@kk - I completely agree with you; practice makes perfect. I believe the best thing to do is just practice as much as possible and reading the drivers book before taking the test. I believe some people are here looking for an easy way out, but foremost I believe a lot of people are here for the same reason I am - to avoid taking a driving test at a registry that has terrible customer service and that their instructors are out to make a quick buck. Doesn't it make sense that many instructors would fail people so they have to keep coming back again and again? This is a business where they can do this because many people will return again and again to get their class 5 drivers license. While I understand that I mainly need to focus on practicing and reading the book, I just want to know where to go to take my test to avoid getting some rude and uninformative instructor that will not give out proper or helpful feedback on how to pass the next test as most likely, every registry in Calgary will fail people the first time as so it seems.

Anyways, I came across a very interesting thread about the Alberta Class 5 Drivers Test. It dates back a couple years ago but the individual who created the thread explains the test and to me, it's a big help. Might be helpful to anyone who wants to read it for some tips. Here is the link:

Again, I appreciate everyone who leaves feedback on their experiences with different registries. When I take my class 5 driving test, I will be sure to leave feedback of my experience with which registry I choose to go to.


i am fully agreed to the examiner's remarks. Instead of finding back doors if you just do more practice at your own, you would be able to pass the test. i am not a examiner. If you think the taking ten in car lessons would make you able to pass, that is not right, u have to have more practice in your own car. Some have said, they were driving 15 to 20 years in back home, everywhere the rules and regulations are different.15 years in back home does not mean that you know everything. Half of the people, who have 15/20 years driving experience in back home, easily fail in their written or computer test. Donít look here and there for back door; just do more and more practice. This thing will save your time and money, too. i know most of you people would not like my opinion but this is the fact. Have you ever heard that ďA bad workman always quarrel with his tools"


where i can get more information and job opportunies about position of examiner.


Hi im shock with customer service at taradale Registry how rude they are one lady from left to right no 3 she soo mean, im asking some thing she reply me back with some differnt answer Goosshhh..
i did my road test with examineer "paul"
he so nice ask couple question we start he ask me drive right left do my road test.. after 25 mint we came back he said i need to fix my some problem... i did pass but need to improve some good person.
im lucky i did't get some indian examineer like MR SINGH said "NANNER" not racist but i don't him..


HI guys im looking for this kiind of forum where i can shared my experience at Taradale Registry, i change my license from india i need to do writen test, road test... everything is fine going through very nicley.. when i got my road test i buy my permitt. i got Mr Gurpreet nanner Examineer he's sucks he will fail you if you are first time road test.. in the end i saw his car he link with some a choice driving school... then i call driving school to find out they said to me yah we can help you to pass road test through examineer Naaner they said you should get our driving cources.. its cost 500+ $ im going to call alberta transportation...he kind of racist too if you are brown then forget your road test...
after i read XYZ comment im sure now.he is sucks... i fall road test too then i go registry PLUS....
Thanks to stranger at co-oop who suggest me Registry plus.


@nina you should try to taradale registry get Examineer Paul he really nice guy won't say anything i mean really good person... make sure you won't get somne indian examiner name nanner he idot he will fail you right he is with attitude link with some driving school... i hate that guy. racist..


Thanks for all the helpful feedback every one.

Does anyone know of a good place where I can take my class 5 road test? I've had my class 7 for too long ( 3-4 years) and want to get my class 5. I've been to the crowfoot registry and would never return due to some pathetic immature young jealous girl giving me attitude when I went there to take a test to obtain a class 7 license. I've been to the Cochrane registry and they are completely rude there. I have been to the registry off of Country Hills and that might seem like a decent place to go. I'm willing to go anywhere in Calgary and willing to go outside of Calgary too if the registry staff is friendly with good customer service. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Also, if any one has any additional tips of what examiners really focus on, that would help very much. Thank you in advance!!


Of course, I can recommend him. He is in Edmonton. Are you in Calgary or in Edmonton? I took lessons from different instructors but he is the best.

Sarah KHAN,

Can you recommend him for me please i need a drivers licence and i am tired of waiting i just need to learn how to park and turning please have him contact me at 403-880-8966 or


I got my learners two years ago, and I took the Class 5 road test two times but I failed. I had problems with parallel parking and up-down hill park.So I decided to take private driving lessons.It really helped a lot. Ad I took the test today and I passed. I am so happy that I took those lessons because today the examiner told me that I was really good at parking. If you think you need practice just do it. Read the book carefully. Thanks to my driving instructor. He taught me everything. I took lessons before and it cost me too much money but I still wasn't able to drive properly. I can recommend him to anybody who needs driving practice.


Something is wrong here with some examiners. I want to report an unreasonable examiner and be reinburse.. The examiner failed my dauther because (he says) of the following reason.
1)Did not have both hands on the steering whell at all time! Since when is this a requirement? I guess he never drove a standard or turned on the radio or ate something while driving. Just BS.

2) She did not turned around to look through the back window but used her mirors to back up! I should have lended her my cargo van with no view to the back rather than my car . I mean, if it were a requirement to look through the rear window when backing they would not permit to build any kind of vehicule with no rear view. Again BS
On one of the stop he claims her tires were partially on the white line. Now common they are time where these line are a tad to far back to see around the corner. It's not as if she did that at every intersection. Again BS

Now here my reason he failed her. It cost $65 to take the test drive not $15 or $20 as the government claims it cost and probably business has been slow for this jerk (guess why) so he thought "I need to get a little more" so why not fail her so she pays again to take the test.

So does anyone knows where I can report this guy?


omg what a stupid last 3 comments. i want my license pls fast , do you think here is the registry or something, im not surprised if you wont get your license after 5th try , seeing how dumb you guys are


Is there still awritten exam rather online in the computer


Pls help me to pass my learners exam


i would like my license very fast plzzz


It's funny how the only people on here making complaints are people that failed the test. I don't see any posts here from anyone that passed and has said "I passed, but the examiner....."
Yes you failed for going 30km in a school AREA not in a school ZONE. If you don't understand the difference, read the handbook. Speaking of the handbook, maybe everyone that is complaining because they have been driving 15 or 20 years and have failed the test, maybe you should pick up the book. Just because you have been driving "accident free" does not mean you are following the basic rules of the road. Shocking, isn't it? That you aren't allowed to drive 80km in a 50km zone? Or that you aren't allowed to roll on STOP signs? They are called STOP signs for a reason. Driving in each country is totally different. So please excuse us if we think that your driving skills that you picked up in a country where turn signals, stop signs, bike lanes, school zones, and free flow lanes do not exist are not sufficient.

Instead of taking the test 6 times and blaming the examiner, take a few days of training. If you have taken the test with 6 DIFFERENT examiners who is the common denominator there? All examiners want to keep our roads safe. We want people on the road that know how to drive, and unfortunately, and sweet as it would be, we cannot issue a license just because you have been accident free in your former country.


Hi, what is a good registry to take Class 5 advanced test in Edmonton? I failed 2 times in Basic road test and since I am exchanging an out of country license, i can try the advanced one too. So I am thinking of taking that.


Hi, what is a good registry to take Class 5 advanced test in Edmonton? I failed 2 times in Basic road test and since I am exchanging an out of country license, i can try the advanced one too. So I am thinking of taking that.


Don't go to the Crowfoot "Plates" registry for your driving test. I came from another country with 15yrs driving experience and never had a ticket in my life.

I was failed on my class 5 advanced driving test for driving 30km in a school zone on weekday (during school hours), however school was out for summer so I was not required to slow down. I am new to the country and I don't have kids so I don't see how I should be responsible to know when holidays are on or off.

It appears there is no element of common sense in the evaluation process from the instructor. It comes off looking like a big MONEY MAKING SCAM! I wont go back there on principal.

Not Amused,

So I failed the driving test for the third time. I've spent so much money in this thing, it's becoming a line item in my budget. I can't see why after driving for 15 years accident free all over North America (I once drove from New York to Atlanta)I can't pass the test here. If I was using an international driver's license, I'd be on the road months ago without having to do the test at all. I've spoken to a number of people who have had a similar experience and we all agree its a money grab. I spoke with someone who drove drove army equipment for years and couldn't pass the test. Seems the trick is to keep going to the same examiner over and over as they are quick to fail you if they think you are doing the test for the first time,(I didn't know that and went to three different persons). I'll try that strategy and see if it works.


Richmond registries is a great place to take your exam. I took mine with ginger and passed the first time!! She was fair and gave me great clear direction. I did get docked marks fairly but still passed. It sounds to me like a bunch of angry high school guys didnt pass and are trying to make it hard for ginger. Maybe you all should get over it and find something better to do with your time. If she offered to take you on the same route again that sounds like a nice thing to do!! Complaining about a driving instructor so other people can see is setting someone up to fail. I hope you all grow up and get some class and actually learn how to drive before you get your license!!!


hey guys wheres the best place to take advanced road test? a plus registry, crowchild i have been readong nothing but all bad reviews. please help me out


Shame on all of you people. There are over 50 locations around Calgary to take the driving test and yet you find the ability to lay blame on the examiners. After reading three different accounts for 'minor mistakes of failing to observe an uncontrolled intersection and consequently failed' I can only shake my head. Of course this would be minor until another car intersecting your path does the same. We wonder why Calgary drivers are so bad and yet people feel they are entitled to get a license without even being able to actually obey the rules of the road. Look for blame within yourselves before you cry injustice on the internet.


Not Amused - frightening story. I even know of a very capable and intelligent young woman who has chosen not to upgrade her license because of all the 'stress' and money involved. The stress she refers to is not in the actual driving - she can drive just fine - it is the unrealistic expectations of many examiners, the obvious incentive to generate more business by failing capable drivers/riders and the government's unwillingness to admit that the system has many problems and correct it. Who in government thought that privitization of driver services was a smart idea? I have been around a long time and I do not see this change benefiting Albertans.

Not Amused,

I have been driving in other countries for over 15 years (3 of them in New York) and for the life of me I cannot seem to pass the advanced road test. I took driving lessons, I practice, but it seems to me that the whole process is very subjective and depends too much on the judgement of the examiner and how they "feel" about your driving. I took the written test only once and passed the first time. Each examiners tells me something different; right now I'm totally confused. They even contradict each other! The only thing that the instructors all say in common on is that I should try again (and spend more money). I've spent over $1,200 on tests and driving lessons so far. Something is clearly wrong with the system in my opinion but I can't seem to put my finger on what it is. I am beginning to believe that they really are quick to fail people who they feel will do the exam over and over again. I know people who gave up altogether. I hope someone looks into this and fixes it soon.


Anyone else have a similar experience?


Lastly, in my road test experience, I was given what most would consider a challenging road test and completed the maneuvers in a safe, careful and skilful manner as a beginning rider with respect for the traffic and laws. I felt confident for the most part (listening to a radio in your head - one way transmitter is a new experience), did not infringe on any other vehicles motion and made it back to the starting point in good order. The examiner had very little, if any thing good to say, instead focusing on the negatives with little as to how to fix them. I was simply flummoxed at how perfect he expected beginning riders to be. The reality is, I had a strong ride as a beginming rider, yet the official check-list handed to me does not reflect that - I was either going to fast or too slow by his accounts - traffic moved smoothly, rules were obeyed, riding position was excellent, nothing strange or weird to report, I did not fly into a curb, run over a pedestrian, hit an car, run a red. There was no potential threats or possible future catastrophy to disarm while I was riding. What a disappointment in service for $120 dollars. I am still scratching my head.


PRIVATIZED EXAMINERS - We all get that driving and riding, particularly in big cities can be very complex. We all know that driving and riding school can be a positive experience and teach long-term valuable knowledge and skills. What surprises me in the series of comments here is that seemingly long-standing drivers and riders who have years of experience (and possibly driver and rider training) are being asked to purchase another test permit for yet another road test. A reasonable person would find this disturbing in the least. Why are seemingly good drivers and riders with the requiste basic skills for competent and safe driving and riding being asked to 'try again'? The truth is this privatization of driver examiners is not perfect. There are problems with staff and standards. In my recent road test, the communication up front was great about what will happen in the test but deficient when it came to what one will be scored on, what the examiner would be looking for, and what constituted an automatic fail. There was no discussion about what "too slow" or "too fast" or what a speeding violation looked like. What speed limit variance would be allowed by the examiner and government? Also, as for speed changes, could one accellerate to match the speed at the sign post or does one have to wait to cross the sign post to begin accellerating? What about decellerating? These are things that one should automatically know? Should the examiner, an agent of the crown's good work not have an educational function as well as an evaluative role? If the governments aim is to promote good driving and riding skills and behaviour, then there needs to be a serious rethinking of the privitized examiner's role in taking your $100+ dollars per 30 minute test.


PRIVATIZED EXAMINERS - Further, privatization of examiners may have reduced wait time as the government claims. However, the motivation, dedication and overall quality of day to day performance of these examiners is questionable.


PRIVATIZED EXAMINERS - Ladies and gentlemen, after a recent experience with one examiner and one road test, it is clear the landscape regarding licensing in the Province of Alberta has radically changed. To start off, may I say that It is easy to dismiss the comments made by those that were not successful on their first attempt(s) at successfully completing a road test in Alberta. The result is usually deaf ears in symphony with inaction when it is mentioned that one did not meet with success regardless of one's thoughts, ideas and reality regarding the road test experience. The water is tained from the start they will say. Then politics muddies the water once more. The truth is the road test is much more difficult than in pervious years. The truth is the standards are much higher than in previous years. The truth is the requirements to pass a road test are far more dependent on the individual examiner, the geographical location of the test and the degree of challenge built into the road test course. The truth is driving and riding schools do not adequately prepare their students for the nuiances of the examiner, knowledge of the actual paperwork that the examiner must use, the road test course itself or even the rules of the road that will most impact the road test.

M Deep,

Hi friends i would like to know about signal test for truck . I have six year old licence [ GCC ]


These people at the privitized registries have a distinct knack for being hyper critical and biased especially if you have to rent thier car(which is all thiers given the location).This never before occured during the time which our Canadian Road-testers answered to our canadian goverment.You want your drivers?Be prepared to pay large!It really is a cash grab for them in that situation.And it pays them the rental of the car ($40)everytime they say...."You will get it next time my friend."I had my drivers for 10 years already but could not renew it after all my "breaking-up" bills were sent via small claims to the registry!!I've had to re-take my learners and to date I've spent for 3 learners tests,3 drivers exams(plus vehicle rental)and I still haven't got it.I used to drive a long trailer move truck in downtown traffic!Now i wonder how long and how expensive it will be to get past the people at The Registry Depot on 17th ave s.e Calgary.......


Happy to have come across this thread. I have had a class 5 for 18 years, first got it in Quebec, on my 3rd attempt. Now I want a class 4, paid $178 for road test at Southland. basically same test/car as a class 5. No demerits in the last 10 years, and I was failed automatically for failing to slow down at an uncontrolled crossing in a neighbourhood- fair enough, but it was not obvious to me. Then we review my other errors, i got deducted 30 points for not knowing Horton Road,right by the registry even though there are no dotted lines, counts as 2 lanes and you should be aware of this when moving/signalling. Also, parallel park on a hill, tires pointed to curb-but not hitting the curb- 10 more points! So either way they were failing me-I have never driven so well in my life, but they found 55 points somehow. Someone not paying attention will easily rack up 100's of points, but the vibe I'm getting is they don't care, as long as you are over and can fork over more cash again.

What shocks me is I'm moving to a rural area to drive taxi, and I'm wondering how all these guys got it- they paid for a favor to a private school, obviously. Totally corrupt system IMHO


I was trying to take a class 1 road test at derek brown with an examiner named kevin he failed me because he did like the way I do pre trip test which I already passed few weeks twice at a very popular truck driving school in the calgary area. Simply because the steps of pre trip checking are different between the two schools he didnt even let me do unhook and hook simply because I didnt mention the items that I will be mentioning afterwards. Too much greedy not contended with Lexus he is driving avoid that hungry examiner


I have a question. I qualified (in age) for the Drivers Ed class i am taking. (14 1/2 by course ends) however, i am too young to take the TELL test when they are offering it. so, i have to take it at the dmv. do i still take my driving test at the end of the course or do i take it at the dmv


I wonder if Amie's middle name is Ginger ;)


Richmond road registries is a great place to take your drivers. Ginger is a great examiner. She is very good at giving good clear direction with enough time to do it. Anyone is lucky to take the test with her. I passed my first time with her. Maybe a little more practice is needed for some if they don't pass the first time. Don't worry and keep trying you will get there!


I am looking for advice. How do you spot uncontrolled intersections?

I just failed my advanced test, because I cruised through 3 empty uncotrolled intersection. I try to look for the absence of stop/yield signs, but they are bloody difficult to see in the first place.


Shame on you people. Richmond Road Registries is propably one of the best in the city. The comments regarding Ginger are narrow minded. I am a retired Driving Instructor and School Owner. If you did not pass a road test with an examiner such as Ginger then you did not deserve to be on the road bottom line.


why Driver Examiners must establish an affiliation with an Alberta Registry Agent or Agents?

These examiners minting money under supervision of alberta transportation.


If you go to Richmond Registry to take your exam, request a male examiner. This will ensure you get Bill and not Ginger. I had both (Ginger first) and I don't believe she marks fairly. She seemed to look for something immediately to fail me for, then after she said if I requested her again she'd take me on the same route. IMO it's a scheme to get people to take multiple tests from her. Maybe there is something to it, maybe there isn't but to be safe, just request a different examiner.


In Alberta, you have a right and responsibility to report examiners or instructors who are not professional. Call Alberta Transporation, Driver Services - Edmonton or Calgary office through the govt. RITE line @ 310-0000. All complaints need to be faxed in and then they will be dealt with.
The Alberta class 5 road test is designed for a minimum qualification for a driver. Generally examiners are well qualified. The road test form is simple and easy to understand. When I recommend a client to go for a road test, I expect that they are at a level of proficiency to pass the first time with 40 points or less. If a driver is the minimum pass of 75 points, this is not a driver who is proficient enough to drive independently. Driver compentecy is a public safety issue, not a right to drive in Canada. Get proper driver education, not driving on a road test route prior to the exam. Any instructor who takes their students on a certified road test route, is not doing thier job, they are only practising the route. This is actually a put down on the student that tells me that the student cannot drive independently and they are only wanting to pass, not to be safe. By the way, have you noticed how high insurance premiums are? The more unsafe drivers, having collisions and injuries, increases the rates for all drivers. I do not want incompetent drivers on the road. So, the bottom line is, get quality instruction and lots of experience before taking the test.


Dose anyone knows a Driving lession instructor or a school located in Fort Saskatchewan. Thank you

john pier,

The only thing what road test instructors are going to do is they're going to slap you sooo hard to your wallet!!!!!!!! First time no mater what you do (mistake or no mistake) they are going to fail you ,that's first $160 away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that second time if you don't kiss their ass good they're going to fail you again,that's second $160,so far you gave them,that specific registry $320!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know you're good driver,you know all the rules,but they are like fat pig who want to ripped you a part and still all a lot of your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please help stop this ripped off citizens of calgary!

john pier,

The only thing what road test instructors are going to do is they're going to slap you sooo hard to your wallet!!!!!!!! First time no mater what you do (mistake or no mistake) they are going to fail you ,that's first $160 away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that second time if you don't kiss their ass good they're going to fail you again,that's second $160,so far you gave them,that specific registry $320!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know you're good driver,you know all the rules,but they are like fat pig who want to ripped you a part and still all a lot of your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please help this spread for shawnessy registry office!


no one expects you to be happy after failing a test....but why not practise & become better.....rather than complain about the test. Good safe drivers pass, those needing more practise, confidence & glasses don't


I have failed my at Ellersile registration as well.Discrimination by Chinese
I had chinese instructor and I think they already knew I will not pass. I am driving for 8 years already (in another country). Just needed to get my AB licence. I have passed theoty test at the same registry with no mistakes. I thought driving is going to be easy. They were so strict paying attention only to my little mistakes and trying to get me failed. Try to avoid this place. Plus I paid CAD 149 when other registry places only charge you CAD 105


whoops...I forgot Im taking my lessons in Edmonton AB. My instructor is very good.


I was driving in Uk on the other side...I have started to take driving leesons, I have had 8 hours and said im ready to take a test....I just dont feel Im ready and dont want to fail by taking it in a hurry! What should I do?


hi everyone/i have booked my basic class 5 road test for the 3rd time, i failed once at mojo registry due to the old lady of 70 yrs old, she freaked out about averything and failed me for non slowing down at an non controlled intersection, the 2nd time i did not even get to do my test as they said that i was late and that they couldn't even refund me but i wasnt late some of the stupid ladies gave me an appointment for 3pm but booked me for 1 so i showed up at quarter to 3 but wastold that it is a non showup with no refund wich pissed me i am booking to take it at Southland registry,...does anybody knows the route? i so need yr help...looking forward to hear abour southland registry.


Don't book your road test at Ellersile registration 971 james mowatt trail SW Edmoton AB T6W 1S4
Discrimination by Chinese

I had 3 consecutive experiences. I got fail I am agree 1st I did mistake but 2nd and 3rd time my examiner were Chinese. They told me even examiner fill unsafe than they will fail you. Even I didnít do anything wrong. 3rd time my examiner told me to do parallel parking on turn. However in book says leave at least 5 meters. I told him that I couldnít park here so he replied me that I can do.

After all arguments I ask for complain form. They told me we donít have any complain form. I said you must have it government suppose to gave you but still they said government nothing gave us.

I observed that registry 2 days after all happed with me they passed all Chinese people. They maximum fail all white and Asian people.


Does Alberta really take act upon complaint about driver examiners?
I am really concern. An examiner at North town registry Jim I want to report.
He fails me first time saying i did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign and i drove too fast.
The second time i was so conscious I didnít think I did anything wrong He said this time i drove below the speed limit and also accuse me of not stopping at the sign long enough when we return to the registry he came out the car and slam the door.
I have been driving for years everyone was shock including myself that this man keeps failing me? What can i do?

Also Ripped Off,

Ginger is not a fair driving tester. She told me that I was a good driver about three times before she told me I failed. The mistakes that I made seemed very minor. For instance - 1 was 1 second behind a car when I should have been 2 seconds. I would recommend being tested at another location. She is at the Marda Loop Registry.

Ripped off,

Ginger is an old b***h who is on commission to fail you and make some extra money. She has failed me two time already, the first time I don`t blame her but the second time it was totally unfair.

who ever you book your tests with, don`t do it with her. She always passes people on their third try. She just wants you to come back


I am here to share my very negative experience with Forest Lawn registry: I am a good driver with previous experience (drove all over Europe)... moreover, I took driving lessons here to get familiar with automatic transmission and local roads.. so when I came to the test, I was sure I will pass. The examiner (East Indian)was like 40 min. late, he came very irritated, and started picking on me RIGHT AWAY... like everything I do was wrong. His behavior was simply unacceptable - making all kind of faces while I was driving, raising his voice at me (???). He made me very nervous with his attitude, and because of that I might have made couple of mistakes, but not to the extend of failure. His car was a piece of old crap, and he was unhappy with my making "abrupt" stops and so on... like - dah, how I suppose to manage this piece of junk??? The driving test suppose not to be such a negative experience - but probably I shouldn't have gone to Forest Lawn at first place.


i took my road test at 18 av ne. the chinese examiner is okay. i did fail because honestly i messed up. haha. the 2nd one was so horrendous! the 2nd examiner is named don (or dawn). i was doing all the turns great but i since i didn't have my own car, i had to get the old clunky car from prepared driving school. it has problems with the accelerator. did i have an F on my form? none. but the examiner hit me really hard on the gas! he said i was driving too slow (but it was 45 on a 50 km zone). so he took at least 40 points because of that and i failed again. funny at the end, he told me that i should practice more or pay him to do the brush up for me. this is such a scam!! careful!


im 16 went to richmond road registry and failed my first time, which was kind of expected hahaha. the thing that really bugs me is the expense of the test. YOU'RE providing the vehicle and the time, and making YOU'RE schedule open to take the test, and the examiner is there...cuz it's their JOB. i don't know why they charge $90 to take a 30 minute road test, when YOU'RE the one giving everything. im paying for my second time, and im not worried about paying it, but to me it seems like a lot of money for me and my parents just so i can take a basic road test.


There is absolutely no point for the examiner to fail anyone unfairly - there are over 50 testing locations in the city now. Really. I keep reading here about the same examiner who is acccused of being a b.... Well, there is a Government Complaint line, call and talk to the programs administrator! Me, personally, I met the greatest examiner in the world! Even though she failed me, I came back to her - because she was so great at explaining what I did wrong!!!


This information is very outdated. 10.07.28


I neeed to renew my drivers license that has expired this morning and heard there is a location at marda loop in calgary...where is it if anyone knows and what do I need ? Can I just go there this morning and renew it ?


Wow, just surprised how many ppl have wasted their money on that ginger b****. She failed me for similar and stupid reasons as well. Before she went for her next road test, she told me she has been doing this for almost 15 yrs. I so wanted to tell her that she must have had ripped so many ppl off. But I didn't coz I thought that would hurt her feelings. I should have searched online and looked at the posts here, so I wouldn't regret to not saying it to her.

Failing Road Test is really not about money in this case, she really made ppl feel depressed in their lives. it's just paying money and get treated like s**t.


I finally passed my Class 5 GDL. After two failed attempt, the first being the worst day of my life, the second so-so, the thrid time truly is the charm. I had 3 different examiners, first one was a jerk, the second one so-so and the third examiner was really great. He gave me a lot of pointers before we started and was very calm and collected unlike my first examiner who was freaking out on me. All is good now. I had a great time during the test and passing it was the best. Good luck to all. If you live in Edmonton, try the Argyll Registry, the examiner there is awesome. =)

Chelsey Edwards,

I took my class 5 GDL road test today, and was failed unfairly. I am a great driver, and have several people who have rode with me saying how well I am. Unfortunately, I made the WRONG choice of going to Provincial Registry in the Northeast of Calgary. my suggestion is that you do NOT take your road test there. The guy who took me on the road test was bragging about being the owner of the place, but I thought owners couldn't be examiners? He failed me, after he found out I hadn't taken the driving school before taking the road test. Nice cash grab buddy! $83, for him to basically forget it was a road test and start instructed me on things that I was doing fine! I am VERY a**l about going 30 in a school/playground zone, but he wrote down that I was going 37. Im just writing this to suggest that no one take the test through this guy's place, as he is very biased if you haven't taken the driving school from there.
The whole thing is just another cash grab, and I am outraged!


When I took my first test, I was sure I was going to pass. I knew all the rules, knew the route ahead of time, and felt confident. When the test came, I was a bit nervous so I ended up bumping the curb at one point during the parallel parking... nerves.

Anyways, she promptly failed me for that saying that I was being unsafe. She also said that I didnt slow down at a school zone.. which is true, but only because THE SIGN WAS BLOWN DOWN!!!!...

I can see why I'd be failed from the above, but what pissed me off the most was when she said "you PEOPLE are all the same. You think you know how to drive at your age. You think you know everything about the world." ... Yeah. Cause ALL of us 20-year-olds don't know squat about responsibility.

Don't go to Richmond Registry unless you want a life lesson from a grouchy, narrow-minded old lady.


It is alright to fail a driving test as long as you know you are fairly evaluated. A person knows in himself whether he or she really makes a mistake. Your conscience would tell you that. What is really maddening is you know you made it but somehow the examiner failed you on mistakes you know you did not do... maybe to get another testing out of you (that means another fee of $83 dollars.... in whose pocket? ... I don't know).
I have my license already, however I am doing this for my girlfriend who has been learning her driving for a good long time. In fact she has been driving to and from work... Northeast Calgary to Southwest a few times a week with me of course...that is why I know if she could drive on her own or not yet. She could already drive on Deerfoot and that is always the route to take anyway to go to work and to go home.
The first time I heard that you always fail the first test.. I thought was not true until she did not make it the first time. Her mistakes was 35 points which is considered a pass except she failed 2 important items...which was hitting a curb coming into the shopping center and for not observing the right of way in an uncontrolled intersection.
That was acceptable...and so she took another test less than a week after from the same registry from another examiner. This time the examiner mark her with 130 points for mistakes and 1 unsafe action (which is considered a fail right of the bat). She was tested on the same area and she knew if she had made mistakes or not. How could there be too much discrepancy from one examiner to another. Looking at the sheet of mistakes... you could tell she never did something right with this examiner.. Mostly everything she did was wrong. Yet with the first examiner she got the comment that she was a good driver. What I considered horrendous was when she was told by this examiner that she would pass the next test after she has taken two hours more of brush up from a certain lady from a driving school and another road test from him
again. This souds like corruption that I have heard off and maybe it is true.
So how could new learners who have the good and acceptable skills in driving pass their first test if there is this sort of corruption in some of the registry in Calgary. Is there an ombudsman a citizen could speak with to report this kind of practice that is going around? If there is none ... then all student drivers are in for a long haul. What I want to know is how much go into their pocket from the $83 fees for each test that an applicant takes.If you go to another registry, how would you know that this practice is not being done. Nobody would know who to trust anymore.


Noone has seen unfair testing until you have seen mine:

I failed for improper use of the cluth IN MY AUTOMATIC CAR


can i get my licence with a transit ticket


The complaint number is 403-297-4210

Larry Gibson,

It is now 2010 and it takes in excess of a month in rural towns and small cities. The going cost is $75. Rumours abound that at the price, they like to fail you once for a return visit at $75 - although I have no proof of this.


Ripped of by Ginger.....Wait a year if you have to, she didn't like the new wheels on my vehicle and slammed me on everything. Hit me for a pedestrian that wasn't even near the road or cross walk, hadn't even stopped walking yet. Said I ran a red!! like I'm running a red with or without an instructor, an outright lie!! Richmond Registry is on the re book for extra cash plan as well....Buyer beware!

Former Examiner,

Ripped Off - point taken. It just goes to show that testing should not be conducted by the private sector.


Hi there.
Can anyone tell me if there is a coarse offered in Calgary, Alberta to become a motorcycle driving instructor.


do u have to be 16 to book a road test?

Ripped Off,

Former Examiner to your second paragraph. In most locations outside the cities you only have 1 place to go and they cover several communities. You have no choice. You have to go to them twice and they know it. Its hire them to teach you and give you the run down or fail the first time. They (the government) won't even allow other agencies in to compete. It is a monopoly in these communities no 2 ways about it.

Former Examiner,

I was one of the examiners that Ralph Klein pushed into the private sector. I tested for several years in the private sector and quit in disgust because of the rampant corruption. Several driving schools and examiners have lost their licenses in the last few years, because they were selling licenses.

To those that think that the examiners are failing you, because you think they want to make more money off of you give your head a shake! Once you fail you can book your test at another registry serviced by other examiners.

Testing should have stayed in the hands of the government. Yes there was only one location in Calgary, but you were assured of getting a fair and consistent test from a supervised examiner. Now you can be tested at over 50 locations in Calgary - where is the consistency in allowing road tests to be conducted in different areas of the city? A fair and consistent road test implies that the government is concerned about public safety. Is it?

Ripped Off,

They say above the going rate is $15 to $20 for a test and you can get an appointment for a test in a day or even an hour. Try over $50 to over $100 for a test and your lucky if you can get one in a week. I had to wait 2 weeks.

And now I got to do it again because because the guy dosen't like bikers with custom made bikes or something (this guy new nothing about bikes except how to follow them from behind) and likes to make twice as much of each client he tests. I feel Like I'm in a corrupt third world country. I bet if I slipped him an extra $100 I would have passed. I wish I had a video or recorded what he told me, but I don't so Im screwed. As soon as he signs my pass he is going to get an earfull. I am going to get his name and number and have him checked out and I got the form from the first test where he actually writes that I failed because he did not see my brake light at an uncontrolled crossing even though I looked and slowed down to less then 40km using the engine. He also wrote that on the bridge I was in the right side of the lane and should have been on the left side of the lane. I held my lane position and did not go back and forth. He wants me in a dangerous position on this bridge next to on comming traffic and hitting the joints of the bridge deck and pot holes nearest the oncomming traffic. The book says use the safest lane position is and I quote -Experienced riders know that they must constantly adjust and readjust their lane position depending on changing traffic and road conditions.- He did not know this clearly in error for calling this wrong.

This sheet and the comments on it clearly show they write and do what ever they want. They think no one will say anything because they want to pass next time and they wont because we are hostage to this treatment. We cannot appeal and take them to task on what they write even if we have evidence that they were wrong. But after I pass I will make waves and show my first test sheet cleary indicates errors and poor advice to a biker. Clearly they were just looking for a reason to fail me and make another $90.

I had a runin with this registry agent before for a major overcharge and the did not know the rules. They did not know that I work in a regulitory job that used registries all the time and have that access. The argued and tried to pull the wool over my eyes but I have 30 years experiance working with this stuff. The alberta government stepped in and made them give the money back. They also lowered the fee we were charged from $20 per request to just $5 per request. They got in trouble from the goverment, but there still there. The private sector should not be handling necessary services in this way. It was shear pettness and jealousy that people they didnt know had such access. I do know who to call when I am ready.

Look at the people who work at all these registries. Are they all checked out. The go trough staff like mad. These people have access to all registerd document on all Albertans including birth certificates. They can change things on purpose or most offten by mistake. I know a guy who got a class 6 on his licencse when he renewed from another juristiction and he took no written or drivers test. She just asked him if he drove a motorcycle. He said yes and got a class 6 lic. This is where the Identity and false ID makers start and beleive me Im sure its easy for them to infiltrate.

As You can see I am pissed off and shocked because I didnt realise this was going to be a shakedown. Keep quite and maybe next time they will pass me. By the time I get my test it could be snowing. There should be an appeal process here to protect the general population from this kind of scam.

Ripped off,

Fred one qualification is that you have to be able to tell highly intellegent people that they failed for something they made up that is not in the book and make them believe its not the $100 they charge each time. In fact I can find in the book where it states the opposite of what the tester put down. I am taking the book next time and showing him if he does it to me again. I am going to ask him before I start if he wants me to shoulder check on a single lane street when turning right on to another street (In other word he said I had to shoulder check on all turns). He also said I must brake at incontrolled and unmarked intersection even though I have the right of way. So I will ask him if he wants to see my brake lights at all intertsection without signs or controls. Even though I slowed down and looked I was failed because he didn't see my brake lights. He should know you can slow down without the brakes. In fact with a motorcycle the book says to use the engine and gears to slow down. The book says for a motorcycle to pick the best lane position based on the conditions which he didn't know I had experianced hundreds of time. I Know this bridge and is holes and joints I have been accross hundreds of times. He Said no that I had to keep in the left side of the lane Nearest the oncomming traffic on a narrow bridge full of holes. He said I can only move to the right side of the lane for big trucks. I beleive this is dangerous on this bridge but will have to do it next time if I want a lic. I will also have to light up my brake light at unmarked (no sigh saying the road is meeting the one I am on) intersection meeting the street I am on. I hope its the same tester because a new guy who read the book might fail me again.

You cannot appeal the test or anything. They got you. You can't argue cause they will probably be testing you again. I couldn't believe what this guy was telling me but I had to remain calm. I have thousand of miles on the Bike I was tested on and know the road very will that I was on.

I'm Sorry but this experiance definately tells me that this is a money making scam. The fee they can charge is unlimited. The province gets $5 and they get the rest. No wonder there driving expense SUV's.

I am keeping everthing and am going to look and getting my money back for the first test once I am all passed and everything. Right now I have to grin an bare it because they got me by the short hairs. They Got me for $200 already. Its to bad there is nowhere to complain about these bogus failures.

Ripped off,

Its A money racket. The instructor failed me because he said I did not slow down at an uncontrolled crossing. I said I did but he said he had to see the brake lights. Your suppose to slow down and look. He said I have to apply the brakes also. He said he didn't see my brakes so this is why I fail. On a DANGEROUS BRIDGE I picked the best lane position because of traffic and pot holes which the book says to do. He said no that I had to be closest to the centre line next to oncoming traffic on a narrow bridge. He also said I have to shoulder check on a single lane road when turning right onto another street. This is not in the book. If I complain they Just fail me again. They just want another High fee they can charge. There is no limit to what they can charge for a test either. They are given the incentive to do this. It should be salaried government testers not Testers licenced to make money on peoples need for a license.


how do get qualified to become a driver's examiner


There's more than safety to the driving test. The training and examining system gets drivers operating from the same set of driving protocols and rules. The GDL system, if it is properly used, will tune in new generations of drivers, and also drivers coming in from other provinces/states/countries to the official rules and procedures of the local area.

Privatized testing is something else. I don't think it should EVER be used.

Aurangzeb Shah,

(Replying to Doma). I took my test in Calgary. I have ten years driving experience in USA and was a courier drive. At least 200 miles a day, 5 days a week in midwest USA.
A driver with bad driving habits, will definitly be involved in an accident if he has to drive so many miles for 8-9 years.
USA is not a third world country.There driving rules are almost similar if not identical with Canada. I would say driving is much harder in USA than Canada because of more volume and higher speed limits 40 miles (not km) city streets and 100 miles/hr (not km) on highway. Cases like me just shows that how an initiative (GDL license) with good intention can be misused to make money when privatized.
When I came from India to USA, I have no driving experience in USA.. I wanted to earn decent living and government run driving testing facility gave me license on first attempt. They were just there to judge whether I can be a safe driver . They were right and just and I had no accidents in USA inspite of 8-9 years in courier business.

A good driver can be involved in an accident by someone's else mistake. But it is impossible that a driver with bad driving habits would be accident free for so many years especially when his job demands driving 200 miles a day in midwest's winter.


Drivers coming from other countries often feel that just because they have experience and have not crashed or been ticketed for violations they should pass the test easily. This is a BIG mistake.

FIRST - the test is not really about safety. It's about showing examiners that you know the local rules and procedures.

SECOND - years of experience give you driving habits that may not be acceptable to examiners. You may not realize you have them and it is not easy to change them just for the test. This is why is it almost essential to take a lesson or two with an instructor who is familiar with the test requirements and can coach you in what's needed to pass.

As a driving instructor i have seen many cases of experienced drivers failing tests because they had poor habits or wrong ideas about driving.


One question to Aurangzeb Shah: where did u take the test? I am asking because the same happened to me in Edmonton. I held a licence for 15 years and driven in many countries, mostly Europe and one year in Canada on my International licence. Never had an accident, a ticket or demerit. The answer was the same, I was lucky. Well I hope my luck will last another 15 years...
Maybe these examiners are trying too hard to prove that canadians are perfect drivers. God bless all the speeding ones who talk on their cellphone on the streets of Edmonton!They have a licence to do it! Meanwhile I will have to pay another 140 cad and wait a few weeks until I get a spot.

Walter H,

There are some services that should NEVER be privatized - driver testing is one of them. The decision about whether someone is ready to get a license or not should never be a matter for profit.


The system is good. However, when someone meets a bad-tempered examiner, and then he/she fails even he/she performs better than other new drivers.
You know, in the eyes of the experienced drivers, every new driver makes mistakes. So, I just wonder if there are some subjective standards for the driving examiners. Can a new driver have a right to appeal when he/she is unsatisfied with the testin result?

Aurangzeb Shah,

I was driving in USA for 10 years, atleast 10,000 miles per year (conservative estimate) or in 10 years 100,000 miles. I had not a single accident and in 10 year period just 4-5 tickets. Then I moved back to India and then to Canada. In alberta I was given GDL license and later I received a letter to pass Advanced road Test. I kept on delaying it. In Canada, I have driven 60,000 Km in 2 years with no tickets ( I bought a new car, and it has 60,000 KM on it).
But I failed the Advanced Road Test.
In USA I got my license on first attempt with little driving experience in North America. Reasons 1) Driving test authority is not privatized. They go by skills, and examination test fees goes to govt, not to a private company.
2) USA want new immigrants to be productive and mobile. ( my jobs in USA required to have a full valid driving licence)

I failed in Alberta because
1) Testing facility is privatised. ( how can a person who has driven 100,000 miles in USA and 60,000 KM in alberta with zero accidents, can fail advanced driving testing in Alberta)
2) Many jobs available here ( courier driver, school bus driver) requires full Drivers license for which I cannot apply. I am jobless, I have skills to apply for those jobs, those jobs are available but Alberta wants a privatised company to make an unfair 120$ from drivers like me and deny new immigrants like me to find jobs.
I asked my examiner, how can he fail me with such extensive driving in north america for 15 years, with no accidents. His answer was that I was lucky.


My 16 yr old son took a road test about a month ago. He's had his learners since he turned 14 and has a driving course under his belt. He failed the test because, he tells me, his hands weren't "10 and 2". I found this a bit hard to believe and wanted to ask the examiner what else he did wrong so we can practice, but I was a little shocked when the examiner never even came in but hopped in his car and left. I looked at the sheet he gave my son, everything else seemed to be ok, some stuff was scratched out, I couldn't read it all. Why would he not come and talk to the parent? The test cost $83 for 20 minutes of testing, and the office started booking another one. I said wait, I can't afford that every few days. None of his friends have passed the first time either, in fact some have taken the test 3 times and still never passed. One might start to think there's some fleecing going on under the guise of tighter driving regulations for teenagers. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I might not fully understand what justifies over $160/hr for a road testing. Also, according to the paragraph above, an examiner applicant must have a license in good standing and two years without a suspension. So it's quite possible to be examined by someone who has actually had a suspended license at some point. This concerns me just a bit, a driving examiner should NEVER have had a suspended license, and NO demerit points. The kid has to be perfect, something even the examiner isn't expected to be.


Wow! DJ,
reading your comment I get the impression that it's not "ginger" that's the problem.

That was a rant, and wide experience as an instructor prompts me to put you in that category of student driver who will never accept responsibility for anything wrong they do. It's always the examiner's fault or someone else's!!


And this old filthy b***h Ginger kept telling all the time you have to tell me of obstructing traffic and this really broke my driving concentration because the roads were really quite and she didn't tell me in advance what she meant by that and I kept thinking I was doing something wrong that I didn't know. Only later another examiner explained to me that she meant to tell her not only things may obstruct on the raod like construction, emergency cars, snow, rain but also to tell her any signs that are posted along the roads on the right.


If you live in Calgary don't take advance road test in 33 Ave Marda Loop location and the examiner is an old rag her name is Ginger, what a crook, she failed me because she wanted to make another $100 from me. As soon as she failed me she told me are you going to book another one and I said I will think about it. Reasons that this old rag Ginger failed me are stupid:

1/ you drove too fast for road condition ( but I didn't go over speed limit just too fast 45km/h on 50km/h road). The residential roads were empty at 9:30am in the October at this time, all kids were in school dads were working and moms were doing the laundries.

2/ You let the signal light on too long after the turn ( my car turned it off automatically by itself)

3/She screamed when I made left turn and said I thought you were going to hitting that parked car and I didn't hit any car.( marked for reckless driving)

4/ I stopped completely at stop sign before the white line, then inched my car slowly out so I could leaned forward and looked over the corner bush for incoming car. She failed me for rolling over the white line. What a b***h and she was wrong all of this.

I was mad when she said i failed and was numbed and didn't know what to said to this old b***h. Only when I came home and read her notes on the back of the sheet.

I wish I can report this filthy Ginger but I don't know where. Remember her name old filthy Ginger ( and she looks like a witch herself)


If you are having trouble with the computer test, book an oral exam. They charge you about $10 more, but someone reads the questions to you and if you don't understand the question, you can ask questions for clarification. This works well for many people who have trouble with the computer test.


Jaswinder, try here

jaswinder singh gill,

do u guys know any site were can i have a practise test do know about my skills on drving THX!!!!!


Try checking the links here. You will probably have to apply to the companies doing the testing.


I want to become an examiner, what is the process?


hey kassam do your practice on internet websites before going for ama and alberta infrasturcture it.wish you luck.


i m going to take the advance road test in edmonton,some one pls tell me what route does the examiner take while in test & what they exactely want to be a safe driver


I have failed the computer test 4 times and I have been reading hard. Is there a place in Edmonton where they give wriiten driving tests instead of the computer one. Pls would anyone knowing this let me know as soon as possible.


Jerry, Jason and Kelly:
The public examiners are not much better.
The last three students that "failed" from my driving school was because:
1) the student didn't slow down from 40kms to 30kms when the examiner thought she should have for children who were about three hundred feet away.
2) the student 'failed' because he didn't signal comming from a merge.
3)the student 'failed' because when she made a left turn, the back right wheel rolled over the intersecting yellow line. No vehicles in the area.


i want to khow how you can be a driving instructor in city of calgary what kind of qualification they look for


i want to know can i go for my first road test in alberta i have G1 license for 1year from ontario

major brar,

i want to become driving examiner, what are the requirment


well i just took my advance road test and I did make it.i'm really glad.The first time I was driving, the examiner was really quite.He was all the time on his cell. i know i did not make any mistake but he failed me.The second time ,he was more talkative and he was talking about sex with me.I was so shocked.he is 52 years old and he is indian.He is such an asshole.i wished i can go and report him so that he can be suspended.


hey guys the bc drivers test sux but i like the laberta one it is better have any of you passed it i keep failing everytime i take it even if i study it fucking sux


These driver examiners are a bunch of low life crooks. They couldnt pass thier own test. They make up thier mind when they meet you weather they are going to pass you or not. Even by the look of your vehicle. They are crooks and I hate them. They said I ran three stops signs wtf are they saying like I like pissing away money fuck r they blind and could not drive to thier own standards


Who is the watchdog for all of these private examiners? Is someone following the first time pass and failure rates of these examiners. I have heard of many testing locations in Calgary and area to avoid because the examiner always fails first time. Is this a nice rip off the young kid business or what? My son failed first time for not being aggressive enough- no other reason. Is it not more appropriate for young drivers with little experience to ere on the side of caution!


i would like to take it before i take my class five
im in edmonton would ou be able to get me a name and phone number ?



I would like to be examiner for class 5(Edmonton) , I m driving instructor now , I dont have suspension , demerit points , criminal record ...
How to apply , where ...

Thank you .

jasvinder singh,

I would like to know about the test examination deatails in edmonton and dates issued accordingly.


I want to know about the Driver Examiners in Edmonton, sherwood park.
I want to take one lesson prior to giving my advanced road test.
I am driving in Edmonton for past 7 months i on my international driving licence.
Can you give the name along with phone numbers so that i can get in touch with them.

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