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Ontario's souped-up driver license

By: staff

Date: Sunday, 25. February 2007

Canada's province of Ontario plans to start issuing new high-security driver licenses by the end of 2007, according to the Toronto Star newspaper.

The new licenses will have security features such as laser engraving, holograms, and currency-like print quality source. The Ontario government hopes the new license will head off a looming border problem beginning in 2008 when the U.S. plans to require a passport as identification when entering the country. Passports are currently required for all border-crossing air travellers.

The American government won't continue to accept Canadian provincial driver licenses as identification at the border because they because they can't be relied on for proof of citizenship, which is a Canadian federal responsibility.

It also fears Canadian immigration policy, which one news agency described as "one of the most liberal asylum policies in the world." And the summer '06 breakup of an alleged Ontario terrorist ring with links to the United States and other countries has augmented U.S. fears about the 4,000-mile long border it shares with Canada.

The border-tightening move towards passport identification worries many border communities and cities where citizens of both countries have become used to easy travel back and forth. However, the move to an upgraded driver license with passport-level security measures is seen as a way to meet U.S. security concerns without requiring passport documentation.

The Toronto Star reports that only 28% of Americans hold passports, compared with 40% of Canadians. However, the new Real ID proposals for national U.S. driver license standards, combined with upgraded Canadian driver licenses, could resolve the problem.

More on Ontario's license

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That's 2 celevr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!


Who ever can get a full real Ontario driving license from the proper authority leave your contact info & let's do business.

No b.s,

Anyone with a contact at the ministry of transportation contact please.

vishnu kumar,

view my d l

vishnu kumar,

view my d l



I got one from
good price and in canada



if anyone can get me a REAL full ontario licence from the proper authortiy contact and lets talk business.

Bad #,

I just noticed that my driver lience number starts with 666. and i want that changed...What could be done?


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Thanks Terry


Look here for your answer!!!


the answer is YES. Our Ontario drivers license DOES HAVE AN RFID chip. However, we didn't get any info on how to protect this information...

I always found it ironic that the USA was soooo obsessed with their military, security and terrorism. Although these are concepts that they have created huge hysteria over, you still can think why are they sooo worried about "terrorism". What makes their worthless country with NO resources so attractive for "terrorists"?

no offense, I'm half white, English to be exact. But you guy's have really effed up our world.

Brave New World and 1984 is looking more and more like a reality than a fantasy.


I just got the new license in the mail, kinda not happy that the police or anyone else can pull up my lifes history and every detail in one little card


Can I drive in Tunisia with a Canadian Drivers Licence?


@jon - You would always be able to market an RFID proof wallet which stops the RFID from getting picked up too!

believe it or not - simple tin foil will do. anyone in denial about the "New World Order" check out Obama's speech in Berlin - July 24th, 2008. read in between the lines.


It's as Benjamin Franklin said, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both."


you guys are crazy. stop being scared of technology.


st catherines ontario you can get the new licenses


Well... it looks like the Bible is once again proofing to us that what it says is coming to pass.
According to the Scriptures, the "mark of the beast" is received on the right hand or forehead. With modern technology, it is very possible that this mark may be directly linked with a computer chip. But regardless if it is or isn't, everyone who is living immediately before the return of Christ will be forced to take this mark in order to buy or sell anything:

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666" (Rev. 13:16-18).
But this mark, which will be universally issued around the entire world, MUST NOT be received under any circumstances, even by Christians! Scripture goes on to say:

"A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: 'If ANYONE worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name. This calls for patient endurance on the part of THE SAINTS who obey God's commandments and remain faithful to Jesus' " (Rev. 14:9-12).


do u know where one could obtain an enhanced license in ontario


Hey Nobody, you're the one who puts up with it. You want to change that, do something about it. Sure it's unfair, but businesses are just taking the easy way out. If you show up with, for example, a birth certificate what can they say?


The bigger question is why is a driver's license the only form of id accepted? Us non-driver's are discriminated against since we do not have licenses and therefore are turned down for credit cards, denied access to venues, etc. Apparently I have to drive in order to watch tv (i.e. buy a receiver) How stupid is that?


just to let all interested people know the new licences in ontario do have all and i mean all of you information on them.I have traveled to the U.S for many years almost 20 now and had no problems.Well that all came to an end this weekend as i now have a new drivers licence and a charge from 18 years ago has now showed up on my new licence.I was denied entry and not treated well at all at the border.It was a misdemener charge that was dealt with at the time and i had no idea that it was on my record until now.They are now telling me that i have to apply for a waiver to enter the U.S and pay them 545 dollars to file it and even then i am not guaranteed to be allowed in.This is something that everyone should be aware of and no one knows this so dont be surprised if you have something that happened 20 years ago show up.


The Ontario driver's licence today doesn't have an RFID chip in it. A new one is being planned that will have RFID. It will be for people who want to use it to cross the border. They'll still issue the old one without RFID.

Calm Down,

Geez people. Way to work yourselves into a froth over nothing.

How on earth do you know the RFID chip ib these optional licences will have any data on it? Oh wait, you don't. You're guessing.

Guess what? It doesn't have your data on it. You can also just not get an RFID licence. RELAX, noble vanguard of civil liberties! LOL ...


The scariest thing is how complacent people are to give away they're civil liberties in the name of security

Little brother,

WELL SAID MAGE! We're out here my friend. I'm one of many, and I know EXACTLY what's really going on. I've put in my t.v. hours, believe me, but I see clearly the distraction from reality that it is. I am a wide awake Canadian.



We are in the midst of the biggest form of fascism the world has ever seen. Many are incapable of conecting the dots because they're minds have been so programmed from thousands of hours of t.v. Be patient with them. There is a very real movement happening right now against the New World Order and we're not just a bunch of conspiracy nuts (thats just a conditioned reaction/ aversion to the truth.) For those of you who know... I commend your courage. For those that do not... please do the research before reacting. Apathy and Ignorance are an epidemic thats killing the planet. WAKE UP!

Paula H,

open up your eyes it's spiritual warfare that we're dealing with!The dark one is very clever and disguises his self as an angel of light! What may look innocent right now will take on a whole new meaning later.Ask JESUS into your heart (providing that you havent already done so.)The foundation for antichrist has reared its ugly seven heads and ten horns.If a person is decieved in taking on this then the mark of the beast isn't going to be that hard to take!I'll be praying that those who think that this in some strange way will be an added plus to your lives will have their eyes spiritualy oppened! thanx PH GODbless


RFID can be a tiny little ant-sized thing - they don't have to look like a chip or be obvious.


I have the new Ontario license and as I understand from contacting the MTO, there is currently no citizenship data or social insurance information stored on the card.

I'm not the most technological person in this conversation, I'm quite sure. But, as I understand RFID, it is a physical chip that is obvious (gold, etc.) My new license does not have anything of the sort. It does however carry a second set of numbers that I am not sure of, called DD/REF and some pretty high tech security features.

I was amused with the new license actually and contacted both the US and the Canadian Border Authorities to confirm that it was acceptable proof to cross by land (without other documentation.) The US says that it is not at this time and the CBSA says that it is.

With that said, there has to be some form of citizenship data associated with the card for the CBSA to allow it as an acceptable entry document by itself.

As to the debate of privacy, I remain neutral. I just wanted to add the information that I have been able to gain.


yep i agree with "el_capitano"(if that is your real name.. HA!!)

just wait and see what happens in 10 years. these next years are just the begining of the end of "freedom" "privacy" etc... we will have no say in anything. mindless robots almost.


If RFID chips can be read at a distance away anyone will be able to access your information


soon rfid will be an implant not on a card anymore.

Justin F.,

This is hardly an invasion of privacy. It's simply a better version of the ID we already consent to. There are enough legitimate purposes for this ID for the masses (us) to benefit from. I do hope you realize that the majority of places that examine ID have access to the information on it - this is just to ensure you are that person.

As for those paranoid about the security of it. All of Canada's conservative major banks are soon to be implementing similar technology. Don't think for a minute that our banks are dumb enough to jump into it without determining that risk is incredibly lower than what it is today [note the distinction from being fool-proof].

For the record, most ID theft isn't because of corporate insecurity, but our own stupidity.


Can someone please confirm that the new Ontario licenses do or do not have an RFID chip in them. I'll keep my "way out to the left" views to myself, I'm simply looking for a straight answer ... yes or no on RFID?


I really get sick and tired of people saying that since they have nothing to hide then they don't care about our civil liberties being destroyed. You may have nothing to hide TODAY, but what about TOMORROW? In the future things that are legal will be illegal.

When the average Joe thinks of fascism, he or she thinks about Hitler and the related genocidal acts.

Fascism is not necessarily related to genocide. It is not the only form of government that has committed atrocities. What about the 1 million people who starved to death due to the sanctions imposed by Bill Clinton on the citizens of Iraq? The USA is supposedly a democracy, so how could this happen?

Fascism is corporate control of government. Can anyone deny that politicians are in the hands of corporations and lobbyists? Do you really think they are passing laws in our best interest?

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” - Benito Mussolini

I'm sure that the "good Germans" thought they had nothing to hide too. Stop being naive! Stop trusting the government! Do you really think they're doing this to prevent identity theft? Think again.

The Canada we know is slowly being destroyed by incrementalism.

"Politicians have learned to excel at the practice of incrementalism. They achieve astonishing transformations undetected and unopposed because they are able to slice the transformation into minute pieces, each of which passes unnoticed through the body politic. Moreover, the exercise of using incrementalism is often cloaked in the language of that supreme democratic virtue: compromise. Today's compromise is tomorrow's creeping incrementalism." - Chad C. Knudson

It's just like the proverbial frog in the pot being slowly boiled.

As a couple of previous posters stated - this is simply the next step to a North American Union ID card. Google "North American Union" and "SPP". See what you find.


You would always be able to market an RFID proof wallet which stops the RFID from getting picked up too!


I concur with PresCat, with regards to identity thieves...there is nothing you can technology advances so do criminals...with regards to the government this is probably just another page in the book of government therefore you can only wait and see....i got my tickets to australia in case the US pisses off the wrong people


Thanks for your imput Jay, I'm sure you're info is correct, however in today's world, no encryption is ever 100% hacker safe. Hackers are generally one step ahead.


PresCat, instead for looking at the basic level of information, why not look in to the subject a little more before making comments like you just did. Fact is that the RFID is only one part of the equation, if you were able to decrypt the data you would find that it is a unique identifier and not your personal data, the unique identifier can and will be used to look-up your data in a database that is protected by the government. The main fault with prior ID was there was little cross validation that the ID was real, now looking real and being real are not the same anymore. Anyone can fake a document or an ID, but good luck getting access to the database that verifies the ID. If you think I am incorrect simply buy the scanner and try for yourself, you will NOT collect private data, the best you will do is capture an encrypted unique identifier. How dumb do you think the people behind the ID is? Do you really think they would design something that would put themselves at risk? Not a chance. In the security world, the best security experts are the most paranoid people you will find, and I am happy they are that way. At the end of the day you are better off with the new ID and as a normal everyday person, you will not have trouble. As a person of interest or someone who the government is interested in finding, good luck hiding now. One day all cars will be scanned and a valid driverís licenses in the car will be required, if no license is found the car will be pulled over and examined. One day all public transit purchases will require ID. So with that said one day no one will be able to travel without valid ID available, the only option will be to walk or be a passenger in a car, other than that you will have no options. This will go a long way in to finding people quickly and following their movements, and I for one welcome this.


In response to the lastest comment by 'eric', who seems very optimistic about the new driver's licences having RFID chips imbedded in them, I would like to look at the facts... An RFID chip can be read up to 20 feet away as per the following site ... secondly, an RFID scanner can be purchased by just about anyone willing to dish out the approximate $4200, as per this site ... now putting it all together, everyone carrying all of their personal info on an RFID chip located in their licence, including your name, address, citizenship, social insurance number, date of birth, drivers licence number, and eventually bank account and credit information; is subject to invasion by anyone carrying a scanner past their house, their work, rush hour traffic, movie theatre, you name it, reads all your info, selling it for a minimal cost, can make back in no time the $4200 they spent on a scanner in the first place. So don't tell me that after thinking this through that it could ever possibly be a good thing for the government to have access to all your info and put it into a single piece of ID in your wallet.


I just got my new license. It's pretty nice. I'm not sure what you guys do that you have to keep it hidden from the government, but I couldn't care less about what they know about me. I want them to know I cross the border every month and that I'm not affiliated with any gangs or terrorist groups. I own a house, I bank with BMO and I buy my socks at Walmart. The more they can know about me the better. As an honest, tax paying citizen this card benefits me. The only thing that could better prove who I am is my fingerprint and I'll be thrilled the day they put that into affect. Collection of information does not constitute a police state and the useless comparison above to Nazi Germany is cliche and tacky. There is a slight difference between border control and genocide. When they use your "papers" to dictate what rights you are entitled to, then you can march on parliament hill. There are greater injustices going on in this country that you have all conveniently overlooked. As it is, the government is just letting you know that they are remembering the information that you're giving out. Information that anybody could readily observe if they really wanted to. You live in a public society and the public has eyes. You are condemning the government for actions that it has the capacity to make, but has not expressed the intent of making. Which is exactly the type of prejudicial stereotyping you are fighting for them not to do. Congratulations, you're all hypocrites and I'm glad someone is keeping an eye on you.


Can anyone find a picture of the new ontario drivers license? I work in a bar and we are having trouble with identifying the new id's. We have never seen the new one.


Honestly my sister in law is the first person to get the new license. It is pretty sick! Like when she got we were all like hooolllyy lee!


This is crazy! It's just one more step towards a new and scarier form of ID card or "papers" as they were known during the World Wars.


Sure, that's a worry - unless it's suitably encrypted!

There's so much information flying around now that it's a losing game trying to hold it back. We need to concentrate on ensuring that it is protected.


GET READY FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION PEOPLE!!! this is your NAU de facto passport. Worried about ID theft, well the RFID tags will only make so much easier. Anybody with a rfid scanner will be able to read all your info.


goes to show you that we are becoming one step closer to the north american union, soon everything (our identity, money) will be on chips, and every move we take will be tracked


It is important that the United States have proof that the people entering the country are registered Canadian citizens because this means they cannot have any ill-will against the country.

Enhanced security features will ensure common imposters will have difficulties. Only powerful, well-financed organizations will be able to hack the system and reproduce official documents.

As to can we trust those collecting and using our personal information: the relationship between watcher and watched is inherently skewed. The one behind the security camera, the authorities with the guns, are hidden and unaccountable whereas we are exposed and vulnerable. Is this fair? Is this right? What can be done about it?

Unaccountable because most politicians, certainly the ones the get into positions of power, lie to get there. Dalton McGuinty has broken all his election promises so far but, lo and behold, he is still holding the reigns. I think he should at least be fired. In a court of law, lying is perjury. It is a criminal offence punishable with jail time. How is it then, that some one whose decisions are highly consequential, affecting large numbers of people, can get away with impunity.

Is this democracy? If it is, who would want it? BTW, two wolves and a sheep are on a desert island, they take a vote to see what's for dinner.


how secure can they be???
People are hacking in everything they can get their hands on and they will put all the personal information on this licences so callad high tech licence what if someone hacks in to it whta then who will take responsibility??


I guess a lot of our personal information will now go into databases on both sides of the border. The question is - who has access to these databases and can we trust them?

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