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Fake driving licenses a shocker

By: Drivers Staff

Date: Wednesday, 23. August 2006

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A U.S. congressional investigation team got a rude shock when they checked to see how difficult it is to get a fake driver's license. Not only was it not difficult to obtain a license, in some cases the state DMV officials were quite helpful!

The investigation began in July 2002, when a team from the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of congress, set out to test the system that issues driver licenses. Agents operating undercover in seven states and the District of Columbia, were able to obtain driver's licenses at every agency where they applied. In many cases the identification documents they presented were meant to be clearly fake, but in every case, the agents were able to obtain a license.

What was of particular concern to investigators was that, even though the fake documents were spotted in many of the locations where the agents applied for licenses, the fake paperwork was never confiscated, law enforcement officials were never notified, and in some cases the agents merely left the motor vehicle office, fixed the documents, and re-applied - often on the same day - with success .

Security implications

The findings of the GAO investigators have serious implications for anti-terrorism security measures. In recent years, despite strong protest from civil liberties groups, the issue of a national identity card continues to be raised. However, the specter of individuals being stopped in the street and asked for "their papers," in the style of authoritarian countries raises hackles in the U.S. and other democratic countries. Driver licenses have come to be widely accepted as de facto identity cards, but the ease with which the GAO agents were able to obtain fake licenses will undoubtedly increase demands for national ID cards.

For some, national ID cards would go a long way toward solving the problem of security and terrorism. Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison offered to donate the software needed to create national ID cards soon after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. However, opponents say such cards would endanger civil liberties and give the federal government too much data about individual citizens and their whereabouts. The American Civil Liberties Union says calls the national ID cars a "misplaced, superficial quick fix."

ID Cards, says the ACLU, would not, for example, have prevented the September 11 attacks, since the attackers had legal documents. Criminals, the ACLU adds, can always get the documents they need. National ID cards would be expensive to implement and would merely be "a simplistic and naive attempt to use gee-whiz technology to solve complex social and economic problems."

The main threat of a national ID card, says the ACLU, is that "it would require a governmental database of every person in the U.S. containing continually updated identifying information it would create a system of internal passports that would significantly diminish the freedom and privacy of law-abiding citizens. Once put in place, it is exceedingly unlikely that such a system would be restricted to its original purpose." After all, the ACLU adds, "The original Social Security Act contained strict prohibitions against use of Social Security cards for unrelated purposes, but those strictures have been routinely ignored and steadily abandoned over the past 50 years."

The government of Ireland recently abandoned a proposal for a national identity card. While recognizing the advantages of such a card, Ireland's Data Protection commissioner, Donal Linehan, observed that the cards would pose "very serious privacy implications for everybody."

Nevertheless, there's enormous pressure to introduce the cards. Last year, the British government unveiled a controversial proposal to introduce compulsory identity cards. Home Secretary David Blunkett told Parliament that he envisioned a universal "entitlement" card, for which everyone in Britain would register to gain the right to social services, benefits and employment. Many Britons see the card as a way to control a massive flow of illegal aliens that is costing the country about 2 billion pounds (about US $3.2). Civil liberty advocates see the 'entitlement' label as nothing more than a clever device to get the cards accepted.

Driver license as ID card

Over the years, Driver Licenses have become a sort of de facto ID card, accepted for many identification purposes such as check purchases, travel identification, banking. It comes as a shock to find the system of issuing them so lax.

The shocking thing, according to privacy expert Robert Douglas, is that DMV employees didn't do anything about the forged documents. "That means there is no risk to the person trying to obtain the false drivers license."

Douglas, whose American Privacy Consultants firm advises banks and other financial institutions on identity theft, will be testifying before the Senate hearing on national security, feels that this is a serious risk to security. It means that criminals or terrorists can keep probing at the system until they find a vulnerable area.

In California, which seemed to have the most vulnerabilities, agents managed to complete the process to receive three temporary state drivers licenses within two days, using the same fake information. No one at the DMV noticed that two individuals were simultaneously using the same fictitious name and same fraudulent supporting paperwork, according to the GAO report.

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fast fish,

Who Is Eddie?


well said, someone is posting here just to wind someone up. Stop reading and go about your biz elsewhere. My dad is bigger than your dad. Black Diamond I can see you are responding to mrhunts post but can't you see he's having you at it, "question marks" "like the riddler" why don't you just say he's grown a beard and label him Bin Laden. I think its way out of line posting all that and the mods here should remove it.


what a load of old bitches you are here, the forum administrator should have better control. Perhaps you should could consider this post's topic "Fake Driving Licences Shocker" what the hell has that got to do with throwing crap take your pathetic e-war outside the arena.

kpna - scum is something that collects around the side of your bath, you want to think about that.............


Confidential access are nothing but scum.

They will rip you off and steal your money.

They are frauds.

safety pin,

Yes no doubt ' you heard through the grapevine ' because you ARE them LOL. Ģ180k a month and you STILL find time to come on here every day LMAO.

Btw if you keep coming up with new names and spamming here you will eventually move the threads up about you publishing peoples personal data and stitching other people up ! Either snitches or a sting site.


CA Are Legit Vendors, have been for years and have outdone any other so called site, that pop up for a few months to grab what they can and disappear,,,, CA have and always will be Tops in Novelty Documents.

You Scam them, You'll pay the price

Simple as that.

total chaos,

"if you complain you get your money back a kick up the arse and told where to go" ? Surely this approach won't get you business ?

Can we PLEASE move back to the topic people ? We're looking for legit vendors of DLs.

fast fish,

here, here

Caxess Control,

and you mac need to come and tell it to our faces, its assholes like yourself that do the ripping on our site and expect to get away with it.


well i think this CA is novmaster if you ask me what a bunch of losers, funny how novmaster are hosting off the same malaysian servers. Use genuine licences people.....

fast fish,

Yeh right really bad puggy, who the hell do you bat for? Do you class yourself under one of these banners. At least they keep their community under manners.

No.1, no member is to advertise, upload posts or photo's or even discuss illegal child porn. If you do, you will be isolated from the community and all your personal details will be passed to the relevant law enforcers. CA do not tolerate anything to do with illegal pornography.

No.2 no member is to advertise or post any subject regarding illegally classed drugs, if you do you will be isolated and suspended from the community and all of your personal details including IP logs will be passed to the relevant law enforcers.

No.3 no member is to advertise any terror related article, subject within the CA private community, CA do not trade with US embargoed Countries. We do not supply any type of document which could be used to facilitate air travel. Any member suspected of supporting or endorsing terror groups will have their personal details passed to the relevant security services.


I think everyone should stop slagging off sites here and lets just do something constructive with our time. This isn't achieving anything.


totally agree one hundred percent mate. They've stitched a few up in their time and this keeps them out of the clink to run the site - hence their '5 years' boast. These clowns co-operate with the old bill, people disappear from their forum and they can conveniently say they were 'banned'. Load of old fanny


one thing that should be added to this is this they have a 3 nos or some shit like rule which means basically if the police contact them they will grass u up in a second stay well away from ca unless you wanna taste some porridge THEY ARE WRONG UNS


firstly, one positive thing that can be said about ca is that when you pay you do get your product however whether it has the right details on it who knows,the licences that they offer , welll let me put it this way my mate is serving 18 months for fraud because the licence failed a test at thye bank and the police turned up.The hologram is the wrong colour under uv and dont let no one tell you it dont matter, IT DOES.As for being heavy east end gangsters, behave yourselfs people, i know who own ca and while i agree they aint white collar mongs they aint in the heavy bracket with some other london gangsters.
y opinion, good for utilities (check all details throughly tho) STAY CLEAR OF DVLA they offer.

fast fish,

playing with fire comes to mind

Tim nice-but Dim,

Ooopss! I just read John Jo's link above and its very interesting. Apparently the people involved in this confidential access site are also into those Nigerian scams as well as making idle threats to people. I think people should have a look before parting with their cash.


Hi all, well got my licence from novmaster today. I must say it looks great, A1. It has all the markings of a real licence. This site can be trusted!!
Thanks novmaster


Is the idea of attacking these server's still open. I am an active member of security forum (under a differant alias) and willing to lead an operation on taking these server's down. Those with knowledge of Retina or Nessus, programming in C or VB, and know how to use a proxy! email me. Other' send URL's with your reason why the server should be taken down.

My aim is to gather together a team of people who are intelligable to take down sites scamming people. Even the fools who apply for Fake ID's do not deserve to be scammed.


I strongly advice you NOT to buy any "novelty dl/id etc" if you reside in UK or the US. Many of these services are under investigation. You have been warned!

Maggie B,

Hi Lilly,

That's totally fine -everyone is entitled to their opinion. I got what I required and only posted to try and help others but I'll let them make up their own minds.

I can't obviously go into fine detail but I merely paid cash in at the Post Office for my order and everything went fine from there.

Each to their own.



"But to all you people, it is NOT ILLEGAL to own a novelty id card"

If you get busted, refer to "Simon"
-How can you say that for sure? Illegal where? Canada? Spain? Nonsense!


Hi all, well I sent info to novmaster on thursday. I now have a tracking number on item. Let you`s know what happen in next few days.


a reputable business do offer card payments.

fraudeters dont īcos you can request a chargeback if the not deliver.

Attn Rexxuss,

We still stand by our offer to despatch a sample to you free of charge. If you wish to take this up then just contact us.

You have challenged our integrity but seem unwilling to give us the chance to prove our legitimacy. Our feedback from customers will speak for itself.


Hi, contacted novmaster. They email me back no problem. I will let you know what happens in the next few day`s.


Hi, all if YOU DONT MIND. I will try out novmaster. I will email them tonight. And let yous all know what happens in the next day or two. Fingers crossed.


Not for a second as stupid as you sending cash to a one week old web site located in Panama. But of course, they have email, right?!

I understand my opinons not is wanted and I will no longer post or visit this site no more.

Happy novelty driving!


Hmmm...Rexxuss don't you feel a tad stupid that these people offered proof they are legit and you have publicly knocked it back ? I'm quite surprised by this to be honest as I'm sure others here will be.

I'm going to give them a try. If we keep listening to you then no-one here will ever get a novelty DL.


Here here,

Rexxuss if these people are offering to send you a sample why not take up the offer and then you can post back here and let us know how it goes ?

I also appreciate you trying to protect everyone's interests on here but do we really want to chase away the only non-scam site here?


thanks Rexxus.Keep up the good work


List of SCAM promotors in this forum posing as happy customers etc:

Maggie B
f4x4tera / Captain Klovinov SCIC
pete l


quite confused by all the talk on here. i wanna buy uk dl. had used foolthem before but no answer from email in over 2 weeks and people now saying scam. checked out novmaster and didn't look too bad but has anyone here sent cash to them and NOT received their dl ?



Duron, cant see the clue you talk about in other post


June B,

- Your friend tells you they are for real - They happens to have the very same adress as a pub i Glasgow(!).
- The ask for payment in advance.

All in all, it seems very reliable, donīt you think so? ( ;


Maggie B,

"Guess what people I just ordered a PS3 for my son from a webiste and they wanted PAYMENT IN ADVANCE"

I look forward to the URL of this web shop asking for cash in an envelope/postal check /Western Union before they send your PS3.

alec albion,

i looked in novmasters site and on the order form they ask 4 ur surname and then ur last name! also the address given is 4 my local pub,the albion way, 179 broomloan rd glasgow, seems strange june b to me, but hey guys pls enlighten us

june b,

a friend tells me novmaster are for real, can anyone back this up ? i understand that u would not want to provide too many contact details, ie authorities etc not sure and its not Ģ25 were talkin about...



Fair enough even though Euepermis is a proven scam. I however fail to find any postings in this thread by "Duron" so what is your purpose?

Right?! Have you heard of free speach? Well, give me the URL and I will give my opinon. Otherwise your comment is of no value.


once again Rexxus don't assume that im talking about euepermis because im not. look at my past post for an idea of the site im talking about. and unless you've used them and they failed you you have no right to trash them.


You are most welcome!

"Only trying to share my own experiences here or is that not allowed" Yeah, right! Keep on promoting!

Again, It very strange how various people feel forced to inform other "I got my Polish / UK DL or whatever card" without providing any proof whatsoever.

Regardless the fact you state you were scammed by Eupermis it did not stop you to send your cash to another web site with a email address as only contact option.

The site you are promoting is plastered with red flags all over, it smells SCAM all the way! Do your homework on safe shopping.

Payment in advance by CREDIT CARD is fine but sending cash /postal check / Western Union to a web site is no reliable solution for a serious business. Keep that in mind.

Maggie B,

Well thanks for the torren of abuse Rexxus!For your information I received my card 3 days after ordering and comparing it to my husbands it looks perfect so very happy with it.

Given the nature of the product we are talking about I really dont' think the company are going to be registered and to be honest I think I've been scammed more over the phone by websites than by email. Honestly if this was more above board then we would all be able to order them from Argos LOL.

I think that by discounting every entry on this thread you are actually doing people here a disservice - some people do actually want to buy one of these. Only trying to share my own experiences here or is that not allowed ? I won't mention the name of the site again anyway as obviously I too am a scammer.

Guess what people I just ordered a PS3 for my son from a webiste and they wanted PAYMENT IN ADVANCE (shock, horror!). That's the way the world tends to work I'm afraid. I've been stung more than most people so I despise these scammers but bear this in mind. Here in UK a few months back was a documentary where the journalist had obtained copies of a UK driving license. So if there are in fact no suppliers of these where did he get them ? Did he make them himself ?


Maggie B is a liar and

-No company name
-No company reg. no.
-No address whatsoever
-No phone no.
-No fax no.
-No card payment

And as usual - only email as contact and of course PAYMENT IN ADVANCE!



Hi, MaggieB.
NO luck with post yet?????????


Any site that claims to run a forum is a scam, I got taken by a site that was a "forum" but it was really just a bunch of bogus reviews so that people would believe them and buy ids.

I got scammed by that fraudulent forum. It was just scammers writing the posts.


thanks for reply. I will wait and see how you do. Good luck!!!!!!


Rexxus, hi got caught out twice! 1 st eupermis then excodus2002. They are making a packet of me. Is there nobody I can trust?????????/



"i think that site is way to precious to let the authorities close it"

Yeah, I bet you do! But I trust there are other people who disagree!

Happy driving!




Yo Duron,

I pass any judgement I want and I know a SCAM site when I see one.

If you are refering to the SCAM site euepermis com or/ands itīs cloes you are lying! Itīs funny that "customers" of the various SCAM-SITES feel that they have to argue about their sweet deal instead of using their brand new licence! Get in you car Mr SCAM PROMOTOR.


yo Rexxus i did get my uk DL in under a week need more details email me because i think that site is way to precious to let the authorities close it. but dude seriously u cudnt possibly have tried all these sites so dont pass judgement on wat u aint sure about.


I lost money trying to get a DL...Can anyone tell me if idcards4u can be trusted? I can't take the chance again on being scammed...PLEASE can anyone help me?



I am sorry to hear you have been ripped off. And no, I do have a valid DL and have not experienced problem with any scam sites.

Please understand that the SCAMMERS from EU-docs and other SCAM sites ( "Simon", "Captain Klovinov", "Lisa" and itīs clones most likely are reading these posts, including this.

Harry Flashman is a fake name. I suggest you contact the HQ of the Raffeisen Bank bank in Austria and inform them that their fellows Budapest is keeping fake accounts holding money from SCAM SITES.

You may also contact the fraud dept at Google and inform them they do list these sites. Good luck!



sorry for people,

listen i sure wish all of you luck, my hubby is in cituation where we was rooked into a 3rd an 4th dui. we were not married at the time now 17 yrs later he cant get a dl due to florida,s bs. he has not drank in 17 yrs, its taught him that this world does not forgive or forget. this world is not GOD. if one has changed their life style for the better they should be able to have a fresh start in driving. dont listen or try to et fake licences. it will haunt you in the long run. turn to GOD an try to get a judge to expunge your past driving record. any thing else will soon catch up with you in the long run. GOD be with each of you an remember this world is of evil. the LORD is coming soon to remove his children!!


ed the person who came in to your bank may have moved from florida to philidelphia and not changed his address


i live in london , if anyone know better please do let me know on thanks in advance .


any one tried idcards4u ???????/

Lisas Mom,


But they sure want advance payments by like all the rip off sites:

7) Pop the lot in an envelope, along with your Cheques / Cash / Postal orders

Another SCAM! Forget it.


Thank you, Bru!


Yeah, right Loretta!!!



I reside in Paris with my two ogs-
I can offer any licence, ID even CIA and FBI licence you want at 50 % of all other prices offered at this forum. Of course this is not a scam. Payment in advance by WE - the most reliable payment solution in the world.

Dont hesistate - send me your money.






Captain Klovinov NKVD,

And rest assured I will continue watching YOU and other scam promotors. The site you are promoting are plastered with red flags and is of course a SCAM. Itīs funny how "clients" of various SCAM sites, feel they need to post on various forums how happy they are with their purchase and blah blah. Pay russians in advance with WE for fake passports, DL - yeah right! And as you are such dedicated customer, you will of course argue you liar! And to you other people - take you money and run from KGB!


sorry rexxus.
i didnt say that but it seems like people like your self.
makes my job a little harder to doo.
we all know about scams.
but some people happen to test such scams trace a paper trail if any.
electronic tagging black tracing and sat tracking.
to at least stop such people but no we get the common person giving us a harder times.
well all i can say is if you paid got no return then tuff.
stop taking the easy root an take the bloody test like normal people.
"O" sorry did that hurt .
you know every time we shut em down within the hour there back up there taking ya money.
you stupid stiff's never learn..
Well bye for now.
iLL be watching YOU .

Captain Klovinov SCIC


sorry i ment to say they just don,t do russian they do others as well hell the'l make you a real cop for the right price....
go to the site click english version unless you can read russian because there is more on the russian site then the english one .
i got mine exchange it to a french dl then came back to england and exchanged here for a full english one .
mind you ive herd some here has friend at swansea dvla and for a price will sort the dirty deal for real....


NO the Law was changed about 6 months ago I was living in Tenerife and it was all over the radio about it


I just wanted to know is there any law that any spanish tryin to change his UK licence dont need to give or show licence to authorities????


getalicene com is of course a scam!


Ok I take it all back, eupermit is genuine after all! My mate just got his. GO EU PERMIT GUYS!!!! YEEHAA WAY TO GO MAN!!!




Hi thanks to all of ya i just saved myself, if they are genuine why do they sites keep closing and they keep reopening by a diffrent name now is known as uepermis before getalicence and plenty other names also what they say seems genuine any innocent would believe them, but beware they are fraud i just spoke to a friend he has waited 2 months they reply you first because they want the money once they got the money they dont wanna know the bastards they have they pictures too i would fly out to budapest and batter the shit out of em dont be a fool and give away your hard earned Ģ300 away unless you doing vat fraud


We can provide you with VALID UK DRIVING LICENCE AND COUNTERPART OR EU DRIVING LICENCE EVEN INTERNATIONAL ONES.....WE ALSO DEAL WITH FAKE ID`s FOR ALMOST ALL COUNTRIES and payment is through legit way PAYPAL CREDIT CARDS BANK TRANSFERS everything is acceptable,not like other scamming sites.if anyone of you are interested just email we can guarentee you that you will recieve driving licence.Cheers!


Looking for a fake DL in michigan


Is fluxcard a scam? as I havnt recieved my id yet and I sent away for it a week ago.Their tracking order doesnt work and neither does their email.



Request a chargeback if you paid with card.

katie x,

iz der any site dat actually sends the id u order?

jimmy uk,

and on the driving licences they do have the DVLA logo and the DVLA hologram on it !!! and the same with the passport !!! check out the guys in spain who got caught with fake dl in TONY BLAIRS NAME and his picture !! it was in the papers one or two years ago !!! they are good !!
but remember it is a fake so it aint registered !!


So is there any site that give fake ID not the realone?>??



Sorry to hear.
Most likely the name "Vassilis Balodimos" a made up name. Again, no serious business uses Western Union and never never ever pay in advance.


Alex you amazing man!

I got scammed by ukfakeid last year. I am seriously tempted to fly over to Greece and hurt the man. Could double it up as a holiday.



Heres some info about the guy. ill try keep getting more for you guys

Fax: +1.6613102107

8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Westchester, CA 90045



Off topic.


Sounds like the lesson to be learned from Thomas is that even if you pay a huge amount of money to get a fake license, breaking the law, in most cases the very first time you use the fake ID, it will be confiscated. Or worse if it is a police officer.

Why waste your time and money? Driving, or going to clubs, is not all that much fun anyway. After you have been to a dance club 100 times you will be so bored with it that you will wonder why you thought it was so important!!


Morons! Do you not know the old saying that con artists cannot con honest people?

Duh! So here you all are trying to do something illegal, WHINING about the fact that someone else did something illegal to you and stole your money.

Stupid suckers. You deserve it.

Virtually all fake ID places steal your money.

Do you not think the police authorities can just track them down and shut them down constantly?

Whine away about your lost money, suckers!


Hey, the Dude from L.A. that say,s he know,s someone in downtown that can hook you up with a fake, give some way to see the work he does,with out risk of the Fed A whole's tracking anyone down,I live accross the U.S. I wish I saw this before I moved away from would have been easier, then again this could be a Fed



"drinking and driving" is a very bad combination. Ask your friends to buy you a beer!



Heres the situation: I'm 19 (almost 20) and British. So have been legally drinking and driving for a few years now.

However, me and my mates are going on a road trip in the USA this summer. We are nto quite 21 (my eldest mate is 21 in sep). We can handle are drink etc etc so it's very frustrating that we can't drink over there...

So, i'm looking for a fake, accurate uk driving license, as mine states my real age of 19. I need to bump it up a year so i can drink with my mates in the USA this summer...

Anyone know where to go cus it's scam central out there...


Hello freinds
after reading all the messages,I;m very afraid,I'm in the U.S.and will accept all sypathy,ha!home land security has kept me from abtaining a license because of somthing that happened in 1979,all the computers linked up,to tell every state that I didnt take care of somthing,and now it's in the thousand,s with gaining value,I paid my reintatment fee and before I knew I could't get one in the state I live in now,which I left with a good record,I need to obtain a fake I.d.that wont rip me off,any advise would be extremly welcome.


wantt to buy a driver licienc


Ok, thank you.



There is most likely no web site which are able to assist you getting a DL. The ones mentioned in this thread are all SCAMS.


Sorry for second post, i forgot to mention the ID i'm asking help for is, the UK Driving Licence, Thank you again.


Hey, thanks for all the information you have given it has been a big help.. and although the information is a big help, there has not been a website with positive feedback mentioned. Is this because there are none? Or is there just not one mentioned?
Thanks for your help.


Well I still haven't gotten ANY answers on a trusted site to obtain a DL. Doesn't ANYONE have a safe site that I can go too? THERE HAS to be at least ONE OUT THERE. HELP!



Jays Mother,


Why should any person try convince you since you already spent your 299 so well?!

"I am not sure they are scammers"..yeah right! We will not be surprised to hear from you later stating" I got my DL and it Hungarian/Polish whatever.


hey does anyone know of any sites which sell decent looking fake driving licences which aren't scam sites?as i'm finding it very hard to get in to bars as i'm 17!


phatism is real, received my card today.


EMM, I think you better take Rexxus advise and stop the transfer before your good money goes to waste. I had posted some warnings above some months back with rgds to ripoff site at europeandl com If you look closely at both sites, europeandl com and genuinedocuments com, you will find both sides are similar. SO BETTER STOP THE MONEY TRANSFER ASAP!

Good luck EMM...


hi, i was thinking about using genuinedocuments but have seen this site, anyway is there a way to do what they were going to do but do it myself?



rexxus r u from the uk?


I will pay top US Dollars for a fake IL DL. can anyone help me?


Talk with your bank/card issuer and ask them to withdraw the amount if they have failed to deliver.


how do you request a chargeback if they dont deliver? I have a visa electron.


is fluxcard and phatism a scam?


Here we go again. "Simon" and his scum friends is trying again to rip off people.

Wherever you see their banners or ads, immdeiately contact the serch enginge etc and inform them the are promoting SCAMMERS!


dont look like nothing is promise what we need is a real ligit license not no fake to go to jail need someone who works inside the dmv to make us real icense i'm not going to jail over no fake i will just have to pay and take the real test and if you all was smart like me you would want real real real no fake proven data


alot of the uk sites seem to be legit, but alot of the american ones ask you to pay by Western Union, which is VERY VERY risky. never try and pay through western union!
Olivia you should look for 'novelty' fake id's because these are not actually copies of real driving licenses.
do a search for 'fake id's' in google is your best bet and just have a look and if you've got common sense make your own mind up.



Never pay in advance either by cash or check, Western Union etc. This is big red flag and you have no chance to get your money back. If they do not accept cards - forget them. Apart from that, I do think it is pretty smart buying fake IDīs in the US these days.


Sorry for additional post. So basically I am looking for companies which have an address and phone where I can send international money order or check to? And sites that say something about "novelty id's"?

Some of the sites I seen insisted on international money order and sending it via global priority mail (i'm in usa). Chances are sites such as these are a better gamble than the others correct?


Royal Mail are theiving Bastards!!!


Cheers m8
i sent off 30 quid a few weeks ago... Still hoping i get them. They seem to be replying to my emails though which is promising. I sent money in the post though and you never can be sure with Royal I'll tell you if i ever get them :)


it looks pretty real m8, and if you're paying by cheque then you know the address of the person you are buying off of. the ones which are real are the people who offer 'nobelty' id's, which means they r not like a real one.
it looks overall pretty promising but you'll have to make ur own decision


I'm from Western Australia and I was wondering u can get a fake drivers' licenses...


im a person who doesnt want one to drive, just to get into pubs and clubs because i am one year too young!! im 17 if anyone knows a good site or email address of someone who can get one please leave a message on here. thanks


i need a website that can give me a good fake driving liences that i can get.


I live in Los Angeles, California and i know someone in downtown who can get fake driver`s licence, fake id`s or fake green cards.

I`m not a company, I don`t even have a web site.

If u need anything email me

You will not send any money whithout seeing ur id or dl.


i just wana go clubbin ill be 18 in a year but i dnt wana wait
is it worth gettin a fake drivin licence online or will i just get ripped off??
any good sites?? wb


Oh stop being a JERK c the light!!!!!!!!! Go get a new LIFE!

c the light,

weu u practice 2 decive u get what u all get decived



Could you please post the payment instructions you did receive from EUROPEAN DL / EU-Autodocs in this forum?



"Sarah" - You liar!

Yeah, right! So they have an email address! Wow! And a PO Box! Amazing!
Must very hard to get! Lol!

A reliable payment solution is NOT a check or Postal order. Why do you think no cards are accepted?! Let me guees - "Too much fraud" or "avoid chargebacks"

But of course, you can "assure" the are real! I wonder why are are so persistent to "inform" all readers about this SCAM site?

Yes, sadly for you - I am Mr Know It All and you are Ms/Mr. Rip-off-site-promotor

I know you will reply defending the SCAM site. Another person would not waste the time! Right?


AND as for Jo... you wont find fake IDs with the REAL hologram on them...
Bouncers don't tend to look at the hologram and what it says they just take note of the hologram being there.
It's rare that they notice things like that where I live.... infact I don't know anyone who has been caught out with their fake id.



I'm NOT promoting a scam... It's not a scam...
they do have a reliable payement solution....
They do have a physical adress....
They do have a company....
they do have a phone number....
and they also have an email adress so you can contant them...
just because you haven't looked through the site properly to spot all the things doesn't mean they're a scam because I can assure you they aren't.
But whatever you're ovbiously a mr know it all! lol


can i just say, wudnt any bouncer with sense no a driving licence wasnt real as fake ones dont have 'dvla' on them do they?! just a thout lol as im looking for a fake id that works!



Im from Europe / Germany and i m looking for a EU drivers license. Where can i get it?




Good work and good luck. Since Hungaria is in EU, this will strongly increase the possibility to nail this low life guy. The bank in concerna is Raiffeisen and most likely the will have some ID or/and other info like photos etc of the he scammers.

Oh dear poor "Simon", if you cant do the time, dont to the crime!


Alternatively, you can send in your complaints to the EUROPEAN UNION POLICE which has it's office located in THE HAGUE,

europol europa eu



Thx for yr advise Rexxus. Will be sending in a complaint report to not only the INTERPOL but to the Hungarian Police as well. Any victims to this scam pls email the Hungarian Police at .Provide all details to them. I believe one needs a form of I.D to open a bank account in Hungary. Provide the police with the address of the account holder and the address. This person or persons at large must be CAUGHT and brought to JUSTICE!!! Last but not least, SIMON, go to HELL! I sincerely believe you do work for the scammers!
All you guys who have fallen victim to this SCAM, pls send a complaint report to the INTERPOL and to the Hungarian Police!!!



You have been ripped off! Donīt waste time crossing your fingers. I suggest you report the bank to Interpol.


Hi, just did a TT of Euro450 over to a bank account in Budapest. Still hoping that I will get my driving licence, Keeping my fingers crossed... If not, Im sure gonna be one very sad guy... Anyone knows where to approach for help? Pls advise


Fuck "Simon" and his friends! They are of course lying! DO NOT send these persons any funds. They have been removed from Google and if they appear again, request Google or the search engine to erase their accounts.


I am sorry for everyone what you all are going through as I am also having a problem but I got good news for all of you, which is there are two states issuing DL for a yr no legal status asked by DMV and these states are two. 1) UTAH 2)OREGON. I myself have a problem and planning to go there but you have to show where you live in those states and probably you can give shelter's address if you don't have one. There are other states can issue driver licence if you show them tax id #, and you can get those ITI # calling IRS office. These states are NEW MEXICA, MI, NH, WA, WI and so on. Go to national ID website, to find more info. Best of luck. I do feel sorry for everyone going through this issue and you should write to ACLU. Take care!



yheaaa pete and simon are maybe the same guy who is indeed the one creating all those cracky sites to ripoff peoples.

maybe a good accusation and report to interpol would be a start in the process to try to track him or them.


papagiaroofdr@hotmail.comi need a good id site..cananyone help me out..never send for any ids where you need to westernunion money to n.cypress ita a ripoff

tony m,

are these any good im thinking of getin one do they real or fake every other one lokks well fake

John D,

Could Michael please let us know if anybody contacts him to know if it's real or scam?


if anyone has ever bought a genuine license from these people then i will buy it from them for double what they paid, and they can get a new one with the money??
any takers (pete and simon)??


Can anyone out thier confirm recipt of a valid legit licence approx within the 21 days, which has been authenticated at the Countrys licencing center ?.

If you look carefully into the EU statutes, the service they claim to provide for Ģ299 is totally legal, this loop hole does exsit.

Any happy customers not Simon or Pete please ?


John D,

ps I am not a competitor ,I work stacking shelves in the UK's biggest supermarket chain

John D,

Similar to Dave I offer 600 pounds sterling to euautodocs or europeandi on reciept of a real Polish or Hungarian driving licence.
I will leave good feedback here and on yahoo answers and anywhere else you like. Interested?


What a bull....!!!!You and simon are the one that working for euautodocs. They are totaly fake!!They dont answer your emails after getting paid.They dont give you any phone number as they claim after getting your files.Eveyone i talk to have not recive any Driving licence after several month.Its very intresting by the way how "pete l"and "simon" that call all of us others for "competitors" did get theirs after only 2 and 3 weeks and how similar their letters are.Why also be so "angry" if they did actually get theirs after 2 and 3 weeks thats someone else that didnt anything complains and then calling us competitors????So dont be a fool dont send them money.

pete l,

they are not ripping anyone off, the above posts are from competitors! those international idl's are no longer being bought since euautodocs came up with the real thing and those guys who run the idl scams are furious. I GOT MINE IN JUST UNDER 3 WEEKS AND IT WAS POLISH, so stfu idl scammers


Euautodocs are truley FAKE. Ive been waiting for almost two month now, and sent them several e-mails but didnt get any response at all.I belive too that "Simon" works for them.Its a shame that they are advertising at google "AdWords". I think that you all should write too google so they stop their fake advertisment.So do not send them anything!


If he is ripping people off he needs sorting out,I hate rip off merchants.


I find it hilarious that euautodocs advertises on this page.


euautodocs com is a total and complete scam. if anybody else got ripped of by them and want to find the guy and put him in jail where he belongs email me. I know his name and address and where he lives in England. My email is Maybe we can hire a guy in London to break his kneecaps?


there are just a bunch of ass holes i never got mine either. dont send any money.


europeandl com Are a fake. Do not send. They respond to your e-mails when they want your money and details. After that not heard a thing from them. Sent e-mail after e-mail and nothing. Don't send them anything.

Need to shut them down! Any ideas and who to report them to?


euautodocs is a scam, believe me I know, I fell victim for taken the short cut, lost lots of money and made me really angry, but I was desperate for personal reasons, now past my teat and beats any feeling ever, euautodocs need stopping any ideas how to do this???????


Simon is probably working for Euautodocs.
Think if they are legit, as they say, why dont they have any valid address or office and why dont they deal with any post? Why dont they have a phone number?

Secondly, the way they want money, western union, is the most insecure method for a buyer.


I don't know what to think now with what Simon wrote. I presumed euautodocs was a scam but now I am not so sure.Does Hungary SELL licences ? And does it matter to them as these people won't drive in Hungary?

Jack C,

fakeiduk net seem to sell the same licences as and i have recieved a card myself, there really good actually, not been knocked back from any clubs yet!

Jack Spratt,

First thing, the spelling of several individuals on this forum is diabolical. Obviously if you cannot write properly it shows you lack even the most basic of intelligence. It is no wonder you need a fake licence.

Secondly, if someone hit you, your child, a friend or anyone else close to you, and did so whilst using an illegal document such as a fake licence, then all insurance would be invalid. Your kid will be on life-support or in a wheelchair, all because some lowlife chose to take the easy way out.
Anyone choosing to buy a fake for the purposes of driving is a wanker, and deserves their legs broken before they do any damage to anyone else.


Hi there, I have an expired USA licence and can't be bothered in taking another test in the EU.

Can some one give me some advice of what can be done.

I don't mind paying as long as it is a really good solution.

Please E-mail me


your full of it, euautodocs com isnt fake, i got my licence within two weeks and my friend got his too both were hungarian licences and they are definately not fake. i bet you sell those fake international licences or something, whats the matter? business bad or what?

sippy ross,

i am looken for a n.ireland driving licence if anyone know where i would get one could you please emial me on thanx


Wow ,I found euautodocs yesterday and was thinking about sending off for a licence.Glad I found this site first ,Thanks Winnie you just saved me 300 pounds


I am with you Hawk, lets device a plan to shut fake sites like europeandl com and euautodocs com down. Lets bring these thieving gits to the ground.


europeandl com and euautodocs com are operated by same persons. It is a totally fake site, with fake promises. Don't give them money, its a rip off. If you want a licence take a test.


can any 1 do know, or does fake driven licence
can some 1 let me know please i wantit to use it abrod not for this contry


i just sent my money away yesterday to .fakeidland co uk

whish i came here first







I have sent mony to europeandl and they are not answering my mails. I guess they are just crooks.


plz i need some clarity about europeandl,are they really fake.plz help b4 i fall a victim


hi last wekk i went to pass my test but a coud not pass on reversin if any 1 can elp send bak


AS far as I know you have to be a resident in a state to get a license in that state. However, if you want to check officially check with AAMVA. go to

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AAMVA represents licensing and vehicle administration agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada. This site offers a clickable map with links to local agencies by state and province. These are the organizations to approach if you need information about licensing rules in your area. You will find their link here --


I work in a bank amd a customer came in to cash a check. I asked for ID and the customer produced a florida license but the address was from philadelphia. Is this legal?can someone please reply

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