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BC's impaired drivers face indefinite licence suspension

By: Peter McPherson

Date: Sunday, 20. August 2006

If you're a safe and responsible driver, chances are you've never heard of Indefinite Licence Suspension, or ILS. But for more than 11,000 Canadians in British Columbia province whose dangerous driving resulted in a criminal conviction at some point in the past three years, ILS is very real.

In 1996, half of all B.C. drivers who died in crashes had been drinking, and the vast majority of these were over the legal blood alcohol limit. The tragic consequences of impaired and dangerous driving led the B.C. government to introduce ILS in 1997.

ILS is a tough road safety initiative that imposes automatic and mandatory driver's licence suspensions on B.C. drivers convicted of motor vehicle related Criminal Code of Canada offences such as impaired driving or dangerous driving. It's making a difference in getting dangerous drivers off the road and keeping them off for extended periods of time.

Impaired driving is among the leading causes of death and injury on B.C. roads. For many years police have seen the terrible results of impaired and dangerous driving-needless deaths and injuries to innocent people who had no idea they were sharing the road with convicted dangerous drivers. With ILS, police have another way to get dangerous drivers off the road and make B.C. roads safer for all road users.

The ILS program is based on a simple "three strikes and you're out" model, with drivers convicted of motor vehicle related Criminal Code of Canada offences receiving suspensions that increase in length on a second or third conviction. A first conviction results in an automatic one-year driver's licence suspension. A second conviction within ten years leads to an automatic three-year suspension. A driver who receives a third conviction, within 10 years of an earlier conviction, receives an indefinite suspension, which may not be ended for at least 10 years. And the person must successfully complete a remediation program to address the impaired driving or other problems that led to their convictions. The B.C. government is currently developing remediation programs. More than four out of five people receiving ILS program suspensions are convicted of an impaired driving-related offence.

When it was introduced, the ILS legislation was one of the strongest steps ever taken by a government in Canada to get dangerous drivers off the road. Today, the ILS penalties for repeat offenders remain among the toughest in the country.

With the ILS legislation nearing its third anniversary, just over 11,000 ILS program suspensions have already been issued, more than 9,000 of them for one year, 1,700 for three years and close to 500 for an indefinite period.

This summer, B.C's driver licensing computer systems are being updated to make ILS even more effective. Starting this July, police computer systems will automatically provide police with up-to-date information on the status of drivers whose licences have been suspended. This will make it easier for police to enforce ILS program suspensions and to make sure people with suspended licences are kept off the road. Anyone who ignores their suspension risks being charged with Driving While Suspended, which has penalties that include 10 driver penalty points, fines and jail time.

The combination of strong laws, improved information for police and consistent enforcement is making a difference on B.C. roads, and over time is expected to reduce the number of British Columbia families affected by the tragedy of needless death and injury.

For more information contact:
Peter McPherson
Senior Communications Coordinator
Ministry of Transportation and Highways
Telephone: (250) 387-6770
Facsimile: (250) 356-7706

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All you people need to stop your complaining, you do the crime you do the time and pay what you have to. Think of your actions, you could have killed someone.

If you move provinces, yes the offence will follow you as all provinces communicate before issuing a license in a new province.


i got a 90 day suspension...then i made a bad choice by driving to work because i missed my bus and i was afraid of getting fired. a lady didnt shoulder checke properly and hit me. told me she wanted to handle it privately, now she made the claim to icbc, icbc wants a report from me. i dont know what to do, the accident im pretty sure is 100% her fault but im the one driving without a license. does anyone have any adivce. i have never committed a crime, went to bcit and im a working tax payer, i just dont want to do to jail


It's sad when a government poorly plans laws and then, as a result, people have to suffer because of them. There used to be a quota on traffic tickets for cops, so they would just pull over anyone for whatever reason they could find if they needed more tickets. Poor law.


Drove son to his truck one Sunday morning. Because I told him not to drive that night because he'd had two beer,got nabed eleven am.pulled up to a house on cop radar. And yeh,you know what's next, never had any run'is with cops in twenty five years,not a ticket of any I'm public enemy number least that's how I feel...I hadn't had a drink for ten hours. Be carefully freinds..they want our money .and they'll take it,


after reading through a bunch of comments, you have to wonder. Of course drinking driving is wrong, and dangerous. Now a few comments state that what if you killed someone. Now, some dumass decides to allow bottles of wines to be brought into restaurants. WTF...don't we have enough problems with drinking driving already. Also currently we see an R.C.M.P. officer up on killing a motorcyclist under the influence, yet.....he was suspended with pay..WTF..what puts a cop above a civilian in any way. He should be jailed and fired without pay, and punished to the fullest just as us civilians would. Our justice system is a bloody joke, and in Toronto a guy can open fire at a barbeque killing 2 and injuring 20 or so, and get a charge of unlawful discharge of a firearm..another this how are country thinks, that you are a hardened criminal with a DUI, but a murderer can get away with murder, a cop gets full pay for the exact same charge that costs us civilians everything we own. 83 bombs, 37 guns in Barrie Ont. in a residential neighbourhood. It is our justice system that is the weakest link in this country...363 people killed blown up on a plane..charges 9 years for purgery. Thats mere months if that for every person killed. Now you all tell me this is right or makes any sense at all. Just remember, don't drink and drive, and also, if you smoke weed, dont drive, because a blood test will put you in the exact same situation. I don't drink or smoke weed..............anymore period...simple solution actually


I have been without a licence here in B.C. for 4 years due to the ridiculous costs associated. I was not in a vehicle, and the said vehicle had no keys in it. I however made the mistake of pleading guilty due to the fact I needed to transfer from a gulf island court, to chilliwack court. I have paid royally since, and attended the responsible drivers program, and upon completion sent a long detailed letter to the Super of MV. I was allowed to obtain my licence back without an INTERLOCK system due to the R.C.M.P's almost illegal activities on Salt Spring Island. However, my last hurdle is an $863.00 fine at chilliwack court. I have contacted the courthouse, our local R.C.M.P., and even tried to talk to a Judge in person there. No answer even after all that. Do any of you know, can I serve jail time instead of paying these crooks more money, as I've had to pass on 4 jobs in the past month due to their incompetence to supply me with an answer of any kind. Thanks


I've moved from Manitoba to British Columbia. In Manitoba, I had a DUI (this was two years ago). I've done all requirements to get my licences back. I got my licence back in Manitoba. Now, I want to apply to get my license in British Columbia but they want me to redo all the requirements. I do not want to spend anymore money. What can I do?


Can you get your license back yet? Have the courts dropped everyones FAIL charges yet?


when do the people who got a fail blowing get their license back? Do they still need interlock.Have the courts made a final decision --- Anyone know?

Bruce Colburne,

I agree to an extent... For those of us who have had a suspended license the hoops that we have to jump through are crazy. The date I lost my license was April 8th. I have taken the RDP and spent an exuberent amount of money to do so, now I am told that an additional six to eight weeks are needed to "review" my file. I have no idea why after my sentence has been finished, tha I am still being punished. After all, if a person gets out of jail, he is free to do as he pleases, that is of course as long as he doesn't reoffend. Why is driving any different ?

b c,

iam trying to sell my truck and need to remove this interloc device so i can sell it to try and give my kids a decnt xmas as iwas was walking and on cell phone calling a taxi after 2 coolers when aressted and made to blow and when asked to blow again threatened with jail right then and there but now that this goverment money grab has bank rupt me i need to get this out to cell my truck any help would be greatly apriciated


MY husband drank nite b4 n he was parked at a gas bar waiting and 2 cop car parked n told him get out n blew a warn ,they took his truck 24hrs n didnt take finger prints nothing,he hasnt been charged yet been 6 months now ,we phoned icbc n he has to take the driving course but what if ge gets charged after he takes that n doesnt get his licence back that would b waist of money,does he have to be charged b4 he takes the course? and he was hungover that morning .

Katherine Anderson,

My son didn't even drive and drink and had no intention of doing so but was punished to the max. He made the mistake of starting his truck to charge his cell phone and put on the air conditioner for his father who was going to be driving the truck. When his father and myself arrived to do drive him the cop had him in the back of the car blowing. We later learned if you are impaired and are not even in your vehicle but beside with your keys you will be charged as apparently the cops can read your mind!!! This is absolute CRAP and a money grab and our cops are thriving on the power after all it is up to their descredtion. Oh and yes in our community you can wrap your truck around a power pole leave the scene go home knock back some alcohol and be told from the cops we know you where impaired but your a fireman so we have to stand together???? He got 24 hour suspension! Our justice system fails us because we have idiots like this that call the shots sad but now everyone will and can just leave your vehicle and run like hell and if the cops dont catch you you got it made. By the way this has happened a couple of times since! What an example to set!


does icbc follow you to alberta.

IF you need to get a breatheralizer down in BC can u go back to alberta and get your full lisence if your a citizen.


My son hsa just had his drivers license taken. 3 "warns" in a period of 5 years.
The second time he did get a breathalizer but the police officer, "wiped it out" because my son appeared to be a nice guy. He just said,"tsk you know how much you blew?" No he didn't so he thought whew, I better sign.
He didn't know that it was going to result in the .05 being the limit. He thought that he was still going to be working with .08. 3 years later he gets a letter in the mail, stating that he is a dangerous driver because of the 2 warns. He also got a copy of the ticket and the police officers report. The report said that he was driving erraticly in a neighbourhood he wasn't in and that he must have been high on crack because he was pacing and fidgety. Therefore they did not administer a breathalizer. Yet on the ticket it said they did. My son has a generalized anxiety disorder, he paces all the time and this is an anxiety producing situation. He has never done drugs, he won't even take an aspirin.(the thought of drugs produce a feeling of anxiety) It was one a.m. He had his infant daughter and wife with him. They just left the in-laws. He had fallen asleep on the couch. The in-laws would have driven them home which was 3 blocks away, had he been demonstrating signs of impairment. His father iin-law is in the emergency response field.
My son has never had a speeding ticket or an accident in 13 years of driving. Now with the latest roadside test blowing .06, twice in 30 minutes, he loses his license, his job(which involves driving) his wife has to support them all on a part time wage, him and two children. They will probably lose their is this helpful? He was not impaired, did not show any signs of impairment. 2 drinks for a 180 pound 29 year old man...not impaired.
And by the way, thanks for being such a careful driver for 13 years.
Oh and they lost their vehicle to impound so how is the wife going to get to work since there is not bus service in this rural area. After fines impound fees and the rest, there is no money for the mortgage, food or anything else. Now we have two children living in poverty. So lets wait until things get so bad that we have to aprehend the children because there isn't enough food.
No that isn't going to happen because we will have to support them, the two sets of grandparents. We won't see our grandchildren homeless. In the end who is serving the consequence and how is this better for society.
Mandatory treatment and free programs to get the point across... perhaps the government needs to look at the drug they are peddling(alcohol)that they make a killing with, and stop gaining from "ill gotten gains". They need to provide across the board drive home and get back to your car programs.
Most people will not be able to climb out of the hole created by the strike three plan and will drive without a license and without insurance. Now that's better. :-( Boooo It isn't helping in the long run. It takes away the obvious and creates a bigger problem.


How about everyone in this site complaining of the stiff laws take a step back and imagine for one second your life without a family member or loved one. Your stupid actions of driving a vehicle while having even a few drinks could have WAY worse consequences then you having to take a bus or pay fines. You break the law, be an adult and deal with it.


CONTINUED FROM FIRST POST......I am taking my little life into control too and I refuse to pay anything nor will I ever pay anything, I did nothing wrong and the criminals are still driving around doing the same thing over and over. I will still drive, buying myself a little beater and will still drive myself around as we have no bus services and honestly they cannot take away what I don't have!! My rights a Canadian Citizen is the right to be innocent until proven guitly! All the Government is doing is sucking the life out of the little guys and nailing us to a wall...but you have the right to not pay, we also have the right to not VOTE. I know I will not vote anymore and if I could I would have the biggest protest I could...the government should be paying us not taking our hard earned money and giving themselves a raise and increasing their own pensions. I have always had respect for the law and government until the last few years they can make thier own rules and regulations and us who work our butts off are taken advantage of and our rights taken away. I am all for the wrong side of the law now I see why people decide to go criminal ways, what else do you have, you are not considered a person with a life you are automatically convicted without a second thought and you have never done anything against the law in your life!! I now cannot look at law enforcement with any ounce of respect. I think we should all hit the Social Assistance for a free ride on the money we have contributed over the years. Well I am just jibbering now, so back to the point that I do not feel this system is doing justice for the real criminal drinking and driving folks nor do I feel it is fair that a police officer can pick and choose who he wants to give a warning or 90 day to!! This little machine has too much power and we do not know if the police officer has dropped it, messed with it in anyway, how much radio and cell phones can cause a mis reading, medical conditions such as GERDS, prescription drugs, and many other things could and I know for a fact can cause mis readings of the knew machines that dictate our lives!!! Time to wake up people, DO NOT PAY!! They can arrest me for driving with no license, free room and board, but they will get the hint sooner or later that I will never pay anything for I still maintain my innocense!! 3 drinks with a meal over a 2 hour period, walked around the park and took in several events over another 5 hour period and still blew a fail?! Cmon and interrogated by the officer because I thought I was lying and then handcuffed for what reason I still have no idea except to scare me into a second blow and asked over and over if I was spelling my name right as he could not find any record on me! Then yelled at me if I was lying to him??? Now this is our respectful justice system, I gave it right back to him as I had enough of being bullied and do not believe that after being cooperative and honest that I deserved to be treated or bullied by a man just because he has a badge or uniform! And then you are left in the middle of nowhere to find your own way home, now what if I was drunk and fell in front of a vehicle driving by, are they responsible for you as that would have been the last place I was, you know that a bar or homeowner is responsible for you after you leave their establishment or house and you have an accident!! Awwwwe...rights are only for criminals and the law makers!!!!!!


I have a hard time with this new money grab.. I do not agree with driving drunk as I have lost many people that way, but I also do not agree with that you can not have a drink with lunch or dinner when you are out! The most unfortunate issue is that the the regular drunkards that are in accidents or kill someone are the ones that are still out on the roads, off on technicallities or time already served. The only ones they are getting off the streets are the ones who may have a cocktail with their meal! I refuse to pay any of the money grab as I was judged by my eyes (which I have a medical condition) have had a perfect driving record, very rare have a drink at all, designated driver for clubs in local community, DO Not take my license for granted nor do I misuse my PRIVELEGE in any way! And to top it off I was considered guilty first and no chance of representing or defending myself... Now I have talked to others who blew a fail twice and officer said I am giving you a warning but if you blow a third time and read another fail I will have to take your license and give you a 90 day? I mean really must be nice to blow a fail and only get a warning...Now this is what I mean, the officers have the right to do whatever they want! Take a taxi home after your night on the on the town, but when you go to pick up the vehicle the next day you blow a fail and lose your license? The worst thing the Government did is give a bunch of badges TOO MUCH CONTROL!

Auto repair Vancouve,

In this blog nice this share information for The tragic consequences of impaired and dangerous driving led the B.C. government to introduce ILS in 1997.
ILS is a tough road safety initiative that imposes automatic and mandatory driver's licence suspensions on B.C. drivers convicted of motor vehicle related Criminal Code of Canada offences such as impaired driving or dangerous driving and all other information is very nice. I like all information.


I noticed that most questions aren't getting answered...why is that? I have been looking at people's questions that are in a simular situation as mine, and it's annoying that you can't get an answer!!


i have an impair in bc. can i drive in ab?
this is my first offence. the officer told me it would not show on criminal record. any thoughts?


do u have to do the interlock and course even if its been a year since the 90 day is up


we are a communist country now might beat charges in court still have to do all the b.s. to get your license back


Too bad BC's Premier isn't on the list. We had a drunk run the province for so many years why not make the laws tougher.
The real problem is how the government of BC uses statistics to their advantage. What does a stupid quote like "half of all B.C. drivers who died in crashes had been drinking," have to do with car crashes involving death? I have a beer some idiot crashes into me and the crash involved alcohol right?
BC has become a nightmare to drivers because of ICBC, get rid of ICBC really teach people how to drive.
If you think I'm exagerating go for a drive in Richmond and explain to me how 3/4's of our ethnic friends received driver's licenses.
Go for a drive in Surrey. We don't even have four way stops in Surrey anymore we have all way stops...think about that one.
Canada already has one of the toughest laws for impaired driving laws .08, how many states have .1? Everyone is in favor of getting true impaired drivers of the road but this is getting to be utter nonsense. And when did ICBC (I mean the province of BC) get off writing criminal code. The criminal code is explicit "you must blow over .08 to be impaired legally in Canada.
We need a revolution here in BC the idiot Liberals have to go, ICBC has to go.
I tell everyone make them give you a breathelizer. When some stupid idiot ignorant minded cop asks if you have been drinking say NO NO NO. If you are not impaired make them make you blow.
I think they would have a damn hard time explaining to a Judge why they didn't take a breath sample.
All the rest of the bullshit is a money grab let's fight people let's get back some rights.
contact me if you feel the way I do.
In closing my license is clean and I have never had an impaired charge in my life. I'm 62.


I think all jurisdictions should abolish the permanent revocation for repeat offenders of more than 3 convictions in 10 years. The maximum suspension should be 10 years. Killers can get out of jail in 20 years but someone with 4 convictions is never allowed to drive again...for LIFE!!! That's rediculous!
I have a friend who has had a serious drinking problem who had this happen. He was charged with 4 DUI's in 4 years and only had to see addiction services ONCE prior to his fourth! Out of 4 convictions he only had to spend a few weekends in jail!!
He's been alcohol free now for I think close to 4 years and is even a member of AA and Mad Canada. They won't even let him participate in the alcohol ignition interlock program.
He acknowledges what he did was wrong and has paid the price for his actions. He spreads the word to educate those who are falling to the disease of alcoholism.
I feel bad for the guy for how he is being treated by the powers that be.
PERMANENTLY losing a licence??? Cumon!
Court suspensions are different than the Registry of Motor Vehicles??? There's two different parties (courts & RMV) that imposes totally different sentences???
WTF is wrong with this picture.

Caring Friend


look at the daily court list its 90% dui and refusal to blow. This is criminal ,its a plot to make you lose your job and free them up for the next wave of loser gov peons


these draconian laws and fines are ruining families and risking peoples health and the ability to even get to work to pay these huge fines.I was arrested locking my dog in the side door of my van 3 years ago and have paid over 7000$ already without getting my licence back yet then icbc still wants 1500 a year for the next 5 years. But when they insured me they said i was a roadstar.LOL

ryan smith,

hi i messed up pretty bad in the past an i never have even got a drivers license i owe 3100.oo for tickets many driving without a license an a few driving without insurance now i have my life togather an i want to get my learners do i have ta pay the 3100. in full before i can even go get my learners license?? thank you


what evidence is ther to back up your claims that the roads are safer since this BS came into power?

are there less deaths, less accidents???



I received a 90 day suspension,500 fine,1000 for course, 1200 for ignition interlock. I had 4 drinks that day and was called in by a vendictive family member! I have never had any other charges EVER on my DL. I am now a single mother who has now lost her job,spends 12.50 a day taking her child to school, cannot afford the money to pay to just get on the waiting list for the course,will be selling my car, but it wont even start to pay it all off. Does anyone know where I can talk to someone about ANY options I might have? I would have rather lost it for a year and been criminally charged!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been pulled over 3 times in the past 3 days and have recieved tickets for things that i feel are just a cash grab for icbc, because i own an older vehicle i feel that i am a target for police, 100 dollar ticket for a defective vehicle come on people this is a case of thieves in suits taking my hard earned dollar!!!!!


now this is a very large cash grab by the government from drivers who wont be going to work if a bus is the means to get there /ross
and it is looking like most of the bars in bc are going broke now so where did the lets make smoking pot legal come from ?thats a joke

Dave Smith,

How long is the average waiting time to take the irresponsible driving course after I pay my $980 money grab fee to the government. Is it a set number of days or does it depend on the temperment of the idiots from India that give me the information over the phone,,,,,(What's the number)? I just want to drive again and make it easier to get to my AA meetings


got 24hour two years ago,and another in nov 2010,will it affect my class 1 licence

Sahir Ahmed,

I confessed to a DUI charge in the year 1997 and ICBC paid 30 K I do not have details My take was that it was not such a bad accident .
I do not drink any more since the accident , however I have a school going child would like my DL re instated but ICBC wants to settle the debt for 15 K WHICH i dont have since I am on welfare can you assist you may reply to an email c/o and I WILL GET THE EMAIL.


if you have an impaired on your drivers license in alberta does it show up in every province in canada on a drivers abstract?

tony delagarde,

I am a convicted Impared driver in b.c. I was convicted of the offence just afted ther new responsable drivers programme came into affect. I fully understand the ill ramifications of impared driving as I was suspended for a year. However, I have since not driven for a total of 5 years due to the inability to afford the remedial drivers course. This "provincial" mandate has made it impossible to maintain a living after the first year of deserved suspension causing health issues, depression, family dispair and a host of other things in my life.
Yet, I continually see others who are absolute drunkerts and habitual offenders reinstate their licences to drive drunk on a daily basis. Some of these guys are a hasard the moment they wake in the morning and are able to do it because they can afford to subvent the rules and continue such behavior. I have definatly learned my lesson however have little to no chance to drive due to affordability of the course required. It is my feeling that there is an inequity in the system without provisions for those who have learned a lesson and suffered financial harm due to their ill behavior. Not all convicted are going to re offend or not learn the importance of not having that pint or two before driving.
Personally I am astonished at the offenders who never get caught or just keep getting a 24 hour suspension over and over, while people like my self walk tens of miles a day to make a living,,,,often whilg going with out the basics in life.
if you have an inteligent response you can e me at


Got a second DUI charge five years apart. Definately guilty of second charge and Highly aware of the damage I could have done. Deserve to have the book thrown at me. I no longer drink. Question. If I move to Alberta will the DUI charge, criminal record follow me and can I get a Driver's liscence?

kc mitchell,

I was wondering if there is a time limit between what is ones ist. offence and 2nd. offence (DUI)? I had heard it was eight years but where do I go to find out?


Does anyone know if a 24 hour suspension will appear on a driver's abstract? (driving record Check)


im at end of my 6 month sentence of my 18 months was convicted of impaired driving causing bodily harm on aug 09 a neighbour accused me of runninig over her 3 tims in my parking space 1 prevease record and perfect drive record. she has now filed $240,000 insurance claim aganst me and lost everything because of this could you pleas tell me if i can appeal my case 130 1st blow and 000 2nd blow when taken to the station she also filed 5 other charges against me but wer dropped case went for 2yrs 6mons now over.please help**!!


How does one contest a 24 hour suspension?


Hey, i've been living in b.c. while im in school, but still have a alberta drivers license. I was charged with a dui, and have a court appearnce coming up (where im likely to plead guilty) I'm finding in myself in a weird position. Will i have to go through the hoops (interlock and such) or will I just reapply in alberta after my year is up? If anyone had any info id appreciate it? my email is


I really hope some man I don't think ill ever drink and drive again I feel terriable


looks like you just got the 24 hr suspension. i thnk you're OK


but the officers did say that I could pick my license at the cop shop the tommrow


Hey guys I need your help I was stupid enough to drink and drive couple nights ago, I blew a .44 I have my N and they gave me a 24hour license suspension and that's all I got to park my truck on the side of the street, but the officers didnt say anything about losing my license for 90days will this happen? Iam 19 will I get a criminal record Im very worried.

Melissa Raey,

If a person is caught driving while they are under suspension they should be subject to fines not FURTHER SUSPENSION, This is absolutely rediculous. If the person is caught driving DRUNK while suspended then that makes more sense, but If they are bone sober that is just Over the top. ATV's And the like should be left out of it. They are not used in the same manor as a car/Van/Truck, so why on earth do they count. It is my opinion that this is flat out Wrong. What about the citizens rights? If they are not drunk then they are not causing any more harm then the person without a suspension.


I have been searching for hours for just a simple answer to a DUI question i have can anyone help?

If charged in BC or suspended for DUI and you have to move because of work to another province does the ruling stand only in BC or right across Canada?


hey..i got a 24 hour last week...i went thru road block on a friday night after coming back from school studying! and the cop made me pull over to check my blood alcohol content because my N was stolen from the back of my car and i did not have it displayed. i never drank that night nor do i even drink... and i was sick with severe pneumonia i had a lot of trouble blowing into the machine and finally it worked and i had alcohol in my blood?!. the cop got my car towed and gave me a 24 hour with no criminal charges. i have a N and i don't know what is going to happen to me. i don't know what i did to have alcohol in my system i feel that the system has failed me ...i am going to appeal this ticket. am i going to lose my license? and what else can i do? by the way i have like 3 weeks to go until i can take my class 5 road test. this is absolute bull****!!! what to do?!


My husband has lost his license for 2 yrs from the court-ordered, but icbc has not sent any letters to him if his license has been suspended for 3 yrs.


Hey, I got a D.U.I. went through all the hoops to get my license back and now have the letter saying that I can get my license back. The only thing is that I now live in Alberta. I still owe ICBC fiens, do I have to pay them off before I can get a license in Alberta?


they took it and sent it away, so I guess I'm scr**ed


"Hey Tim, you should get your Alberta license back"

Apparently they take it and you are unable to get it back until you go back to Alberta?


Hey Tim, you should get your Alberta license back


I have a quick question, I was visiting my family in Ontario and I have an Alberta license. I had my license suspended for 3 days for the first time. A "warning" for blowing a 0.05. Will I be able to get my license back from the MTO or will I have to switch over to an Ontario license and insurance just so I can drive back to Alberta?


Hi, I have a question.. Lets say someone get licence suspended for drink and drive for a month. During the suspension period she/he still decide to drive and get caught. What will happen?


Might be a good idea to contact some of the advanced driving schools in your area and inquire about courses that might take off some points. They would know the possibilities.


I did not lose my license due to driving drunk. I lost it due to too many tickets. I have my "N" and I have received 4 tickets for speeding. So it was pulled for four months. I was woundering what steps do I need to take to get it reduced to one month or maybe even two. I just can't loseit for the full term due to school and work. THNX!


fyi, driving is a right, not a privilege.

the government being allowed to regulate, remove, change, etc... our licensing, including suspending our right to drive, is a privilege.

one that i wish they would stop abusing.

i've never had my license suspended. nor have i got a ticket in the last 5+ years.

but the horror stories...


its not a surprise you blew more at the station. the machines are more accurate. You need a lawyer1


I have my N and the other night I was pulled over and blew a .07. After being taken down and waiting around forever I blew 150 and 160. Seeing as at the time of operating the vehicle i was under the legal limit but breaking the no tolerance. Would it be possible to plead a lesser charge or somehow avoid a criminal record?


My buddy got a 24 HR in 2006 but just barely blew over's just because he has an N - to police said they had to give him a 24 hour. Then they sent him a letter suspending his licence for 3 months but was able to get them to put it to only a month. Just two days ago he was caught for another 24 hour (not DUI) - is there a major difference? But the police let the tow truck tow the car back to his he's waiting for a letter in the mail telling him his licence will be suspended for a longer period of time and perhaps he has to attend a 'Impaired Judgment' class....but we don't know ....does anyone know the penalties of a second 24 hour on a N Driver?


what happens if you have your N, and you get a 24 hour, and then a month later you get a 12 hour?


Phil, what were you driving? How far did you go on the road? this all matters. I think a good lawyer can get you off though, or maybe one of those paralegal guys



Yes, it is just. Being in command of a motorized vehicle while drunk is a crime in most of North America. This is true whether or not you think the road you crossed was busy.

Laws are not adaptable to every imaginable circumstance people. They must be applicable to a broad section of society, otherwise the system would be unworkable. If there are some really unusual circumstances, that is what lawyers are for, to explain them to the judge.


If a person is caught driving a truck alonge a busy highway or through town with above the legal limit ,as apposed to someone crossing over a public road say in northen alberta going from one field to another with the same amount of alcohol in their system and being on a motorized lawn mower or dirt bike. Is it fair is it justice that thay should both face the same prohibition penalties and subsequent costs with icbc

sage 101,

A 17 year old totals his truck with 3 friends inside. One ends up in a trauma unit at the coast. Seems all were drinking and no seat belts. Rumor has it weapons were found in the truck. Could he have gotten a 90 day suspension as he is still driving.?


Ok first of all anyone who has been drinking a driving need to accept that THEY are responsible. There are 2 situations here

1st - you went out drinking and decided to drive home because you have no regard for the law or for other people's safety.

2nd - you have a drinking problem, you got into your car and drove home because you genuinely thought you were not drunk and were ok to drive.

This message is for people who have NEVER been charged with a DUI/DWI before. If you are DUMB enough to get caught the 2nd time and feel that you are being picked on GET REAL!!

This is for the person who has a problem. Any person with a problem needs to get help.

My goal is to have our laws changed. Alcoholism is a disease and needs to be treated as such. I think that your first offense going strait to criminal court is wrong.

In BC if you get caught drinking and driving you get a 24hour roadside suspension. Then, you have 7 days from the day you were suspended to appeal a 90 day suspension from ICBC. Then, you will have to face court for a further 1 year suspension and a criminal record.

My goal is to change things. Right now from the date that you need to make your first appearance in court to the actual trial date is approx 1 year. So what is the point to the 1 year suspension? I would think it is to get drunk drivers off of the roads? but if people are still able to drive from when the 90 suspension is up until the trial date who is that helping?

The time from when the person is pulled over to the trial time he/she could have gone through a rehab/aa program.

Why are people who have a genuine problem with alcohol are being treated like criminals. Alcoholism IS A DISEASE and needs to be treated as such.

I am very happy with how the laws have become very hard on drunk drivers, but not all deserve to be treated as criminals.

I am trying to get the government to review this. Just listen to me. My repeated attempts to contact government officials have been ignored.

If I am not the only one who feels that things need to be changed or for more information please email me at


Well, i finally did decide to leave the keys for my car home before going to the bar and that night i ended up getting charged with public intoxication and walking on public street drunk .
What can i say they out there to get u no matter what u do .
Moving a broad as well this gov is no different than some african dictors.


I had an impaired two years ago . Waited and waited for cab in minus 30 and finally had enough and drove. Got pulled over because a head light was out. Was a realtor and also had my class 1. I was totally f#$ked! I paid the price and held myself accountable for what I did. Some on this posting have been pretty hard on some who have made this mistake. Having said that I feel for people who have lost a loved one to a drunk driver. What bothers me is how people and employers treat us like rapists when they have in all likelyhood made the same mistake without even knowing it. Truth is most never knew they were impaired simply because they never got caught. Everyone who drinks has done it at one point in their lives. Here is a fact. If someone were to start drinking at 8 o'clock and drink until 2 a;m i.estags, weddings, birthdays.... please don't anyone say they have never drank this much either. ... it happens. If this person was to take a cab home thats great. Good job!!! your so responsible!... and then that same person (hungover from hell) gets their girlfriend or whoever to drive them the next day around noon. Guess what? You were impaired. People are hungover from hell the next day, drive their cars and think their sober? It's that oh!.. I slept 6 hours I'm fine attitude. Wrong. Be careful now all you people out their that think you have never drank and drove. Don't believe me? Do a little research on time that has to elapse for BAC levels to be legal. I did my research.


just got my 2nd 24 hr suspension last nigth. I'm assuming this willaffect my icbc rates. can anyone tell me how much?


I weigh 215 lbs, am athletic and at 48 years have never had a driving or criminal offence. Last weekend I had 4 glasses of red wine over 6 hours. I blew 130 and 120 - after the hand cuffs and jail routine, incl, full photo, fingerprints, etc. My date, a responsible professional, my lawyers, everybody is shocked i.e. they've all done this. I pride my safe driving and am still shocked. Folks, any more than 1 drink and you're pushing your luck in the most aggressive province in Canada. And to all you purity spouters, I've been hit by careless drivers 4 times in 8 years with all of the opposing drivers being 100% liable and fined. Nights in trauma wards, permanent disabilities, thousands in lst income etc etc. Them? A bloody traffoc ticket. The latest, I've launched a civil suit. Had enough of irresponsible drivers - some without a valid license - getting away with dame near killing me! Removing DI driviers, I fully support. But this seems to be all this crazy gov;t cares about. I'm moving abroad to a mature, cultured society. Folks, good luck with the totalitarian state. And no more than 1 drink, unless you want to loose your life.


I think you are gong to have a problem Zoe, unless there's a computer glitch or something.


I had my driver's licence suspended and I drove. The police did not notice that my driver's licence is suspended. Now I have to go and get my new driver's licence. Do I get into troubles or they will give it to me.


Bob, I don't see a problem if he already has an Alberta license.


I have a question and hope someone knows the answer. Someone in my family moved to Alberta (from Ontario) in July and says he now has an Alberta driver's license. Problem is, my wife and I got a letter yesterday from Ontario saying his license has been suspended for unpaid fines. My question is: Is it remotely possible that he really does have an Alberta driver's license? I thought he would have to surrender his Ontario license to get the Alberta one. If so, then how could Ontario suspend his license? And, is it even possible to get an Alberta license if you have unpaid fines in Ontario? Thanks for commenting.


you might be in big trouble at the border


Does anybody know if you are allowed to leave the country after being charged for driving while suspended>?


Hi to every body.
Before going for the insurance check with the insurance company about they conditions.then go for the incurance.

California DUI


One thing all the people with DUI's on this site have all done is refuse to aknowldge the idiousy of operating a motor vehicle after any alcohol what so ever.
C'mon get fricken real here folks!!!!
I only drove this far.!
I'm out there preventing accidents "stoned".!
How can I shirk all responsibility in another province!
the Gov is wrong to fine me so much!
How can I avoid the conseqenses now that "I" got busted!
all of these way's of thiking are selfish and do not take into account the people who's loved ones are gone forever !!!!!!!that's "FOREVER"...for all you able to rationalize driving drunk or "just drinking a little"these people must get sick to their stomach"s thinking about their losses and reading this "crock after crock Of bull****"
I'm different ,"I can handle it"
EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES,any one of you people ever hear the word"problem drinker!
these so called problem drinkers get suspension after suspension DUI after DUI and all they can thik about is how to get away from the law.

One symptom of the disease of alcoholism is a condition of mind called "being in full flight from reality " at a certain point the alcoholic can no longer defentiate between right and wrong!

in other word's a normal drinker leaves the key's at home ahead of time knowing
that the alcohol will be part of the evening's entertainment .!!!
the "alcoholic " or if you prefer delusion to reality "the problem drinker will take the key's out and drink and start to justify the drive home as they begin to lose control of their judment and ability to think rationaly.....this is the rub can you leave it alone and still socialise or can you leave the key's alone knowing ahead of time you don't stay within the limits of the law regaurding consumption and driving.

If your interested in finding out if you suffer from alcoholism just bite the bullit and go find an AA meeting in your area and go see .
it's free and no one will know who you are or what your doing there,so just drop in and grab a cup of coffee and listen you may find it is what you have been searching for all alone

But please don't take the key's take a taxi.......


my daughters boyfriend who was serving court imposed suspension of one year for driving offences including a 24 hour has now been pulled over and caught driving while under suspension and also got another 24 hour suspension (re booze again). question when this all goes to court what can he expect to get fine/suspension/jail?


Hi everyone. I have ON driving license and got into an accident without insurance. The first time i went to court the judge dismissed the case.So the insurance company filed a reappeal and the arrangements they gave me were very unreasonble, expected me to pay 6000 in 2 months. So now they suspended my license and are telling me to pay 8200 asap otherwise my license will remain suspended. I cant pay this moneyI have asked for an arrangement they are giving me only 1 year to pay 8200. Please help and let me know my options I have asked to pay 500 a month which is already hard to do but the insurance is refusing to accept that arrangement
thanks everyone.



If you think long and hard enough, my hope is that you attribute your situation to the former, the latter we all got, doesn't mean there's gonna be a demolishin derby every night. Go to your initial appearance, in the absence of any lawyer, they will hand you your "file" immediately flip to the yellow page, it will indicate the crown's initial sentencing position. You'll get that before you have to decide anything. ask for a minute to review it, that will tell you what the crown will recommend to the Judge. At that juncture you have two options; ask for an adjournment of a week or two and then talk to lawyer about it, some lawyers will probably offer to look at your file for free maybe and tell you if you have any hope of a defense. Another option at that juncture is to just plead guilty, if the crown's initial sentencing position is 12 months to 18 months [who gives a shit about the fine but it will be 800 or 1000] and you think you're dead in the water you may want to save yourself the 10-12,000 the lawyer and expert witness will cost to roll the dice. If you plead guilty, ask for an opportunity to speak on your defence with respect to sentencing and explain your dielema and that you've learned your lesson. My guess is you get 18 months on the strength of one prior 14 years ago, whether the presence and work of a lawyer can parlay that into only 12 months I don't know. Another consideration is this; If you manage to get into court and sentenced right away my understanding at least is that any suspension will run concurrent to the 90 day suspension you should already be serving, at least that is what I was told by ICBC. Good luck and don't drink and drive.


does anyone have any idea about a second offense charge? I was charged 14 years ago, and unfortunatley due to my own stupidity and a nagging wife i was stopped again this year. I have been told by every lawyer i talked to different things. some say i will, others say i won't. Any ideas?? If i have to hire a lawyer my daughter can kiss her first year of univeristy i need some answers..thanks

this is bull****,

Im loosing my license for smoking weed.... and im a good driver who frequently prevents accidents on the crazy island roads... main thing is i was pulled over during the day entering a on ramp abiding all laws and pulled over when a officer with redder eyes then mine proceeded to tell me my eyes were a bit red and made me step out of the car(i wasnt smoking weed honestly) i did a few tests for just smoking weed one were most people would fail of ignorance the others i passed and they still impounded my car.. I lost total respect for the system.. i can't understand how are own government can rape are pockets like this... there is a law for everything no one is safe if there pockets are low. Sooner or later enough has to be enough....btw another offense of mine was a ticket for a spare tire...


Hi, Im currently living in Ontario and my husband and I are planning to move to British Columbia or Alberta for work.
My husbands licence has been suspended for over 15 years due to unpaid fines. Can he get a new licence in another province? I no he cant drive in ontario, but can he drive somewhere else? He can only get his licence in Ontario if we pay the fines, but we cant afford it. His fines are not due to any dangerous driving or dui's, it was just driving with no licence or no insurance back when he was young.


Hi I am in a similar situation to Doug. I have my license suspended for 3 years but want to move to toronto are you guys sure there is no way to get a license there? Do they have it in their computer system? I was thinking about starting from a learners license that way they may not check my old license. Does anyone know if that would work???


I have 9 months to go from a year suspension. Does anyone know if its ok to drive in USA? i mean im only convicted here in BC


I was given a 24 hour suspension, and a court date, can anyone tell me what happens at the court date?


You need to talk to the para legal ex cops such as Pointts


I recieved a 24 hour roadside suspension for "suspision" of being under the influence....Not for drinking but for weed....I was NOT HIGH. How can I fight the 24 hour so my rates don't go up, and I dont end up with some friggin suspension? I drive for work, that is why I DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.....please let me know, thanks!


i was charged with duiDec 26

impounded my car, plus 24 hour suspension plus 90 day suspension
Case thrown out of court in Feb. They refuse to recind the 90 day suspension , citing a different burden of proof. Not guilty , charges dropped and 90 day suspension. NAZIS


I have a second impaired pending. This happened in June of 06. I was supposed to go to court in April of 07 but was adjourned until Feb 08.. This is extensive amount of time before being formally charged. I have a lawyer. Do you think they might drop the charges as it has been so long??


I was charged with a second impaired and I received 14 days in jail.(automatic) and an 18mths suspension of my license by a judge. Icbc slapped me with another 18 mths,so I have to take the vision test and the sign test and a road test to get my license back.It has been a real drag walking and catching the bus,but I have since quit drinking and I have learned my lesson.It just is not worth it.


Allan, I think you need a good lawyer. It's a criminal offense so there are serious consequencs you may not have thought about.


I blew over .8(Fail at Ride program then 121 and 106 at the station)..what are my chances...Ontario...first time


if you have recieved a 3rd dui result was an accident with only bodily harm to your self know one else involved does this go on your criminal record? (i think it might) if it does is there a way to get it off?


DUI is not a smart and safe thing to do,however not causing damages,or injuries or death to anyone, has cost me a lot of pressure in my life lost a very good paying job,unemployed at this moment,lawyers are a waste of money still owe my lawyer and the fine now have to pay for a course,to see if i am suitable to drive.Will not even grant a license so i can work and support my family,my advise DO NOT DRINK ADN DRIVE>


First A 1 year suspention at 19,then 2 yrs ,and at 23 indefinately gone.Its now been about 8.5 yrs.I havent been able to drive,without ever being in accident.I am greatful however that no one was ever injured.I am 29 now and believe my licencse is coming this year,after I take test again!I do know someone whom possibly killed a person while under the influence.He spent time in jail,yrs,and ils!It couldve been me or you!



If you are suspended in Ontario, then BC will not grant you a license. But 3 months is not long, and BC has good public transit. You could try talking to government officials about it.


I was charged recently in Ontario for impaired driving,blowing over .8.Totally friggin stupid I know.I'm now coming back to B.C. to work and live.Does anyone know if I can retain a license in my Ontario license is now suspended for three months.By the way if anyone plans on going out for the night and parking their car overnight somewhere,don't do it.Leave it at home or have a designated driver that will keep your keys,and leave you free from temptation.Thank god no one got hurt.


i would just like to know how many penalty points you can have before you lose your licence


Driving is a privilege not a right. Driving while impaired is not only stupid it is an infringement on the rights of others.(ie you are a hazard on the road) Tell your story to someone like me who has lost a son, daughter, friend etc to some idiot who was driving while impaired. I would like to see this strictly enforced and the maximum penalties applied. I support "lifetime" bans for those who are chronic DUI's or who have caused death or injury. For those who drive while suspended the vehicles should be confiscated and then sold or crushed.

David anti cash grab,

To true Max.I got busted and am in the middle of this bull**** program that does nothing but rob one of thousands of dollars.I got busted driving one block in the winter at 2am having made it home safely.I was pulled over in my driveway for no headlights.The street was well lit,and now I have a criminal record and am looking at major dollars to get back on the road if I choose that route.since walking,I've been hit 3 separate times by old folks.I have never caused even close to a accident while impaired.Now I'm being reamed up the backside by this evil corrupt government of ours.Thailand ,here I come!See you later Canada.

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