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Have license, will travel

By: staff

Date: Friday, 19. December 2008

The legal basis for allowing licensed drivers to drive in other countries states or provinces as tourists or as temporary residents is based on reciprocity agreements that are often difficult to find and interpret.

Here at we are attempting to find, organize and interpret these agreements and help drivers with issues about driving as tourists, exchanging their license for a license in another jurisdiction, requirements for international driving permits.

There are a number of articles around our web site related to these issues and we link to them here. There are also many comments and queries about licensing that travelers will find useful.

In addition, we have provided a comments section below for anyone who wants to contribute stories about their experiences or questions they would like answered.

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christopher morton,

i just recently got my bc learners class 7L i moved to grand prairie alberta a week later when i transfer to alberta liscence whats my class and how does the transition work


Hi if I get my licence at 14 in Alberta can I bc and if I move back by 16 can I switch my licence over to.bc right away


All of these aritcles have saved me a lot of headaches.

Denis Carriere,

Can you drive in the united states with a learners license from Alberta Following the ame rules s Alberta


I am living in Germany from last one year and holding a work permit. I want to visit Swiss for one week. Is it possible to rent a car in swiss and drive with my indian driving license


I have a full irish drivers licence. Is there a time limit to how long I can drive legally with that licence in California?


need to know if my Florida learners permit will transfer to Illinois

Rashid Ali Abdul Haq,

Can you please help me to get information that, can i drive a car in UAE with saudi licence having a mission visa.

with best regards

Engineer Rashid Ali Memon

james 420 man,

last week i just got my alberta learners,can i drive in b.c with it?


I live in Alberta by the way


I live in Alberta by the way


I'm 14 and i have my learners can i drive in b.c?


whats does tpx means


Conocer y saber de las actualizaciones de las licencias y cracks


can im drive in british colombia with an indian licence?


Can my 14 year old son drive in British Columbia with his valid Alberta Learner's Class 7 license?


can i drive in b.c with a alberta lerners licence


Can I drive in the states with my Class 7 N license?


i really have a question, if i own a home in louisiana and hold a louisiana drivers license, but have been renting in texas, going back n forth some, MY vechical is registered in louisiana and my insurance is from louisiana, would it be legal to get a texas license and still have my license from louisiana? Please if anyone can help me with this i would be very thankful


Can I drive in the U.S. on a BC learners license, or alternatively, could I with a new drivers license?


With a learner's permit you have to meet all the requirements for the Jurisdiction you are driving in, as with any license of any class.


Can my 14 year old son drive in British Columbia with his valid Alberta Learner's Class 7 license?


I'm trying to find some help in changing the state to state laws that prevent people like myself who are retired and are "Fulltime" RVers spending short periods in several states each year (Less than six months)from acquiring part time work in transportation unless they acquire a license in that state... I'm retired and hold a class A CDL with PTX endorsements and feel I shouldn't be required to change my drivers license every time we travel to another area (and some years we are in 4 or 5 states).. I feel this discriminates against my right to free travel in the U.S. What suggestions would anyone have on changing this discriminatory practice ?



Since Switzerland is a signatory to the International Treaty on licensing you should be able to. However, check out our section on driving in Switzerland.


Can i Drive in Switzerland considering the following:-

1] I have an indian driving licence.
2] I will be there in switzerland as a tourist for a week.
3] Currently on Uk HSMP Dependant visa which allows me to skip International Driving licence for a year.

Kindly advise.Thanks


What is the status of people like myself who are retired, fulltime, R.V.ers and are retired from commercial transport jobs, hold a current CDL, but have no permanent residence but have a legal mailing address in a state? I've been refused part time driving jobs because I don't have a "Florida CDL' or an "Arizona CDL" or "California CDL".. I or others in my situation can't afford to change OLs, vehicle reg., vehicle insurance everytime I relocate which is sometimes three or four times a year..


Clara, I'm sure you can apply for a driving test, along with everyone else, but I doubt you can get an Irish license unless you are resident there. However, check our link on converting to an Irish License on our Driving in Ireland travel section


Can i apply for a test in ireland?


As a french resident can I apply for a driving test in Ireland?

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