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Revolt Vs new US national driver license

By: staff

Date: Tuesday, 20. February 2007

On May 11, 2005 the United States Congress passed the Real ID Act as part of its Homeland Security Measures. Part of this act was the creation of national standards for the issuance of state driver's licenses (DLs) and identification cards (IDs).

The act establishes standards, procedures and requirements that must be met by May 11, 2008 if state-issued driver license/identification documents are to be accepted as valid identification by the federal government. Individuals who don't have the new license/ID could have difficulty boarding planes, entering federal buildings, opening bank accounts or perhaps even renting cars.

The move to a national ID card/driver's license is getting strong negative reactions from many states and about a dozen have active legislation against it.

Amongst the issues:

* The law's supporters say it is needed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from getting fake identification cards.

* It will cost an estimated $11 billion over about 5 years to implement it. About 245 million Americans will have to get new licenses.

* Some consider the national DL/ID a way for central government to monitor individuals' movements and intrude on their lives.

* some consider it a boon it identity thieves who might be able to copy a much more powerful document than the current driver license.

The revolt against the new national driver's license began in Maine in January 2007 and spread quickly to Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington state.

"It's the whole privacy thing," according to Matt Sundeen, a transportation analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. "A lot of legislators are concerned about privacy issues and the cost. It's an estimated $11 billion implementation cost."

Some states (Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming ) have active legislation against Real ID.

Missouri state Representative James Guest (R) has formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose or protest Real ID.

Some provisions of the Real ID legislation:

* After May 11, 2008, a federal agency may not accept a driver's license or personal ID card unless it has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security as meeting the requirements of the law.

* In addition to the usual information, the REAL ID will require a digital photograph and physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting or duplication for fraudulent purposes, and a common machine-readable technology with defined data elements

* Proof of the person's social security account number (SSN) or verification that the person is not eligible for an SSN.

* A state shall not accept any foreign document other than an official passport

* A state shall refuse to issue a DL/ID to a person holding a DL/ID from another state without confirmation that the person is terminating or has terminated the other state's DL/ID

* States are responsible for verifying all documents they accept in qualifying an individual for a REAL ID

* For visitors to the U.S., a temporary license may be issued but it will only be valid for the perod of the applicant's stay in the U.S. or up to a maximum of one year.

* The Real ID will be valid only for the period of the applicant's authorized stay in the U.S. or one year if there is no definite end to the period of stay It must indicate clearly that it is temporary and state the date on which it expires

* A state will be required to provide electronic access to all other states to information contained in the motor vehicle database of the state

* A state must maintain a state motor vehicle database that contains: (A) all data fields printed on DL/IDs issued by the state, and (B) motor vehicle drivers' histories, including motor vehicle violations, suspensions, and points on license

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I can't use my passport as evidence of a soc/sec # in New Mexico. This is so ridiculous. In New Mexico we have our brand new 45 day lic. which uses facial recognition technology....HA! and I just want to drive a car in the USA. I am born here in USA. What's it got to do with my soc. sec ? Immigrants in Albuerquerque buy these fake documents every day to get their DMV approved fakes recognized.........see news, ABQ, this day in New Mexico...busted paper pushers...but it will continue, and me, trying to be compliant....have to wait on a slow SSAdmin to process my request for a new card......they don't accept any other evidence........TRUCK!!!!!

Keen man,

What a step in the wrong dirrection. Soon I'll have no indivual choice. It's their way or no way. The future is looking bad. HELP!!


I'm sorry, but any law that regulates and individual freedom or choice, or that gives the Federal Government more control over the individual; no matter the reason, is only one step closer to Big Brother government.

This act is in Direct Violation of Tenth Amendment Protecting the Power of the Individual State. It is also just another control for the Federal Government over the individual citizen.

Those who are willing to give up freedom for individual security, will receive neither. (Benjamin Franklin)

I would rather face the chance of death at the hands of Terrorist, than give up my freedoms.


From what people are writing about the South African system it sounds awful. . South Africa may wind up doing what Ireland did about 15 years ago - giving people their license without a test as a way of catching up.

But then Ireland wound up with a serious problem years later.

I wonder if the South African Government has any idea what bad driving is costing them?


Stop screaming guys. Come to South Africa. Learner licence waiting period minimum 90 days, drivers licence - same. People drive illegally here because they have to. We have one of the most involved, secure systems in the world - and the worst drivers. And our eNatis System was developed for exactly the same reasons Uncle Sam has developed his - I was in the USA - you guys have nothing to worry about when it comes to efficiency compared to third world bereaucracy.


Looks to me like the drivers license is turning into something else other than just a driving license. I don't think it was ever meant to be a national ID card or a passport, or a security document to get into airports or planes.

If the government wants this then they should do it up front and say what they mean.

Giving a driving license to an illegal alien should be just a document to help track drivers, make sure they're insured, and enforce highway laws.

There's so much talk about Barack Obama's support for giving driving licenses to illegal aliens but anyone who's against that might change their mind if they're in a crash with an uninsured driver.

cody brown,

evil people are gonna do evil things. but to use someone elses evil to control your people is wrong. the patriot act, nothin patriot about it, and this national id act, all in the name of terrorism. sounds like a good ploy to strangle hold americans into being controled by the government. all this does is keep good people good. its like guns. when you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. nothin good comes from strict control of a free society.


Though it has it good points, what to stop someone from hacking into the chip, with some type of scanner, getting any and all info about you. Not to mention the fact that now insurence companiea, will have a reason not to accept you, seeing as they will be able to view all your medical records. For theae reasons, this is a very bad idea.

Bill from GA,

Just another way for liberals to control the citizens of the US while letting illegals run rampant. National ID's a specter of Nazism, Socialism and Communism. The archaic 50's look better every day. If McCarthy was still alive he would be investigating the US Senate and US House of Representitives


This is what our President thinks about the Untied States Constitution.

"Quote" November 2005
From a White House meeting with Republican Congressional leaders about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.

"I don't give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."
"Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution."
"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

Refusing this ID card would be the first step in taking our Country back!

Jonathan J,

I don't wanna have to pay to get a new DL from my state just to board a plane, i paid for this new license, and it's good through 2011, they should change the implementation date to something at least 5 years after states start issuing the new licenses

Luis, Dominican Rep.,

Every country allows foreign visitors to use their countriesī DL for a period of three months, without getting a local DL. It will not change for U.S. Citizens, even if you guys get a National DL. Thatīs part of International Conventions. So that, if you are planning to go abroad for a period of time longer than that, you will anyways be required to get a local DL.

David A,

This will help Americans to exchange their licenses in the EU. I spent over 1,500 dollars to take classes and get an EU license at the age of 39. Standard procedures will make it so other countries recognize the validity of US licenses. All Americans abroad are getting ripped off due to no standardization. A great idea!


This is sickening...US will no longer have any rights at this rate!!Look at each civilization over the decades...They all fell to ruin at one point because some type of power or Government wanted to control the people in one way or another...and now their nothing but history in rubble...
Is this really about terrorism and protecting us?? Doubt it! ONE WORD FOR YA:
I believe what someone told me awhile back...They make a lot harder for US citizens to live here and function...Compared to anything else they do...But don't worry they's for your good..Constitution? What Constitution? Soon if not NOW it will only be a peace of paper to look at and consider history...nothing more


strictly unconstitutional. Read the tenth amendment. What a real Hitlerian way to illegally amend the constitution out of existence.

Arnie J,

Can't see why there has to be a national ID driver license if states did their job and checked for duplicate licenses in toerh states

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