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About getting a driver's license

By: staff

Date: Tuesday, 06. June 2006

What is involved in getting a driver's license? There's no straightforward answer to that question. It depends on where you live and whether you already hold a driver's license for another jurisdiction.

For new drivers there is normally an age requirement (usually 16 or 17 years in the USA and Canada). There is also a medical check, which is usually a simple vision test to see if your eyes have the minimum capability. And most places have a road test, to see if you can actually drive a vehicle well enough to operate in traffic.

Those are the basics. But the details of getting a drivers license vary from place to place around the world. Countries such as Germany and Japan start drivers at a later age (18 years in Germany) and have rigorous training and education requirements. And there are still places where getting a driver's license is as simple as applying for a permit to practice on public roads, waiting a few days, and then taking a very simple road test which may consist of little more than a drive around the block.

Getting tougher

However, with today's busy traffic and high-powered automobiles, there is far less tolerance for incompetent drivers. States, provinces, and countries are, one-by-one, opting for licensing systems that check new drivers more thoroughly and require them to obtain license privileges gradually. In Canada's province of Ontario, for example, new drivers can get a learner permit at age 16 years, but their driving must be supervised by a qualified licensed driver for the first year (eight months if taking a driver education program), and learners must pass a second road test within five years in order to get full license privileges.

Whatever the official requirements, every aspiring driver should have his or her own personal requirements. After all, it's your life, your license, and your future that are at stake. So why not set out your own requirements so you can plan ahead? Here are some suggestions.

Steps to getting a license

The official steps or requirements are about age, vision tests, and road tests. However, there's another way to look at steps, and there are steps you can start on at an earlier age! We will discuss this later, but first here's a suggested list of steps for young people who are approaching driving age:

  1. Be ready!
  2. Reach minimum age
  3. Prepare for theory test if one is required in your area
  4. Organize practice time with a co-driver
  5. Obtain documentation (birth certificate, identification documents, etc.)
  6. Obtain a learner's permit
  7. Study, train, and practice for the behind-the-wheel road test
  8. Successfully complete road test
  9. Do the paperwork (and plan your driving future)

Seems complicated, doesn't it? But these are the steps that drivers typically complete in order to qualify as fully licensed drivers. It doesn't pay to short-circuit any of them!

1-Be ready.

People are different. You don't have to get a license just because you've reached the minimum age! Many perfectly normal teens postpone driving for a variety of reasons: they're too busy, they don't feel they want to, they don't feel ready. It's your choice.

Getting a driver's license has often been described as a "rite of passage" to adulthood, and it is. Driving is not for children! When the minimum driving age is 16 years it comes at a very interesting time in your life-when you are part adult, but still part child. There are lots of advantages in being a child a bit longer.

Taking on the burden of responsibility, for your life and the lives of others, is a huge part of getting a driver's license. But young people like to have fun. Oprah Winfrey demonstrated on her television show a few years ago that even the most responsible teens can get a little crazy behind the wheel when they're with friends, and when parents are nowhere in sight. Having fun with friends is normal for a 16-year-old. But fun while driving can create dangerous situations. So dangerous, in fact, that many jurisdictions are introducing "graduated licensing systems" that restrict circumstances in which teenaged novice drivers can drive. Examples include parts of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, where longer "learner" periods and restrictions on passenger carrying and night driving are becoming common.

2-Minimum age.

In parts of the world where automobiles and driving are necessities, driving ages tend to be lower. For example in rural U.S. states such as Arkansas, Arizona, and Iowa, the minimum age to get a learner's permit (at the time of writing - Dec. 2000) is 14 years. In Connecticut, Washington D.C., and New Jersey it's 16 years. The age for full licensing in Arkansas is 16 years, but in Massachusetts it's 18 years. Also, many states require that a learner's permit, which requires supervised driving, must be held for a suitable period before full licensing privileges can be granted. A state may require anything from a few days to 180 days (for example, New Jersey). Ontario has a minimum age of 16 years for a learner's permit, and a minimum period of 20 months before a new driver can get a full license.

3-Prepare for theory test if one is required in your area.

Most places now require novice drivers to pass a knowledge test, and this is a part of the licensing process which you can start early, even a year or more before reaching licensing age. But don't rely completely on information from friends and family members - they might be wrong. Most places have an official "Driver's Handbook" which is often given out free or at low cost. Throughout the USA and Canada there are only minor differences in traffic and driving rules from state to state and province to province. The state of Florida has an excellent driver's handbook you can read for free.

4-Organize practice time and a co-driver.

You've got to practice. This means convincing parents, family members, or friends that you are ready. The first three steps go a long way towards achieving this. For more detail read our " Learning to drive: a guide for parents" online booklet. This was first published in 1985 and has been used by school boards, driving schools, and major web sites such as CNN.

5-Obtain documentation.

Information about documents you require will be provided in your local driver's handbook. This typically includes proof of date of birth and something that positively identifies you such as a passport or other personal identification document that includes a photograph.

6-Obtain a learner's permit.

A "learner's permit" is usually required before you can practice driving on public roadways. It will have certain restrictions attached to it (depending on where you live). Many jurisdictions require you to drive with a learner's permit for a certain period of time before you can apply for a full license. You'll find a link to requirements for U.S. states in our licensing section.

7-Study, train, and practice.

Our "Guide for parents" booklet has lots of hints on this. But a word of warning! One of the biggest criticisms of licensing systems is that they only qualify drivers to drive, they don't require a thorough preparation for dealing with modern traffic conditions. This is true. A good professional training program will show you how much farther you can take your driving skills as you train and practice, even after licensing.

8-Successfully complete the road test.

Most people think of this as the toughest part: but it's not, as long as you prepare properly. You need to understand what driver examiners are looking for. The best source for this information is your professional instructor.

Nervousness is a big problem too. Some beginners get very nervous, and driver examiners understand this so they may make allowances for it. Examiners probably worry more about over-confidence, which can be dangerous. Passing the test is NEVER guaranteed, no matter how good you are. Things can go wrong and it may not even be your fault. Sometimes things happen in traffic that even a highly experienced driver might have difficulty dealing with.

So don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to pass (for example, telling everyone at school you're taking the test tomorrow and you'll definitely pass it!).

9-Do the paperwork (and plan your driving future).

This will be described in your local driver's handbook. Remember, once you've got that piece of paper in your hand you've completed the first stage of becoming an accomplished driver. Now comes the part that most experts agree is the most difficult and dangerous - building driving habits.

Here's an important piece of advice: during the first few critical years of building driving habits you will probably build as many bad ones as good ones. Constantly search for the bad ones and catch them before they catch you.

The bad ones will be things you get away with so you think they're OK. You may not even be aware of them but they'll be there, waiting to catch you out. If you're lucky, being 'caught out' will be a mere "incident" - someone honking their horn at you, or a near-miss where you just manage to avoid a crash. If you are unlucky it could be anything from a "fender bender" to a serious collision involving injury or death.

Hardly anyone escapes these expensive lessons in driving. The best way to do so is to be "proactive"; that is, to continually work to improve your driving techniques and habits.

You'll find information about advanced training in our Training area (click the TRAINING link in the menu at left). If you choose to begin the steps to getting your driver's license now, we wish you good luck, and a safe driving career!


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I had my g1 before and it expired. i've recently got it again and was wondering if i had to wait the full year again before i go for my g2 again.


i have my permit been had them but i'm so terrified to go back and take the road test even though i kno i need my this common?


if i lost my drivers license in nova scotia,and i live in bc. if i had a unpaid fine will that affect me from getting my license back in bc?


if i lost my drivers license in nova scotia,and i live in bc. if i had a unpaid fine will that affect me from getting my license back in bc?


Can u get ur license without having a diploma


Can a adult with an international drivers license be the legal supervising driver for someone with a driver's permit?


If a Chinese national is coming to live in Texas for six months, does he need to get a Texas drivers license, or can he use his Chinese license?


I live in north Carolina I'm 21 never had a learners. Permit do I need it to get my license


I live n canada nd i wanna tak mi drivers test n the U.S can i tak it over there thn mov bck to canada evnthogh its a waste of time.


If someone lives in Canada and they want to take it in the U.S could they take it there?

A. Cross,

I have driving licence in South Africa for the last 40 yrs am moving to Ontario, Canada do I need to get a new driving licence in Canad


If your 17 , & didnt go out for your learners permit. Can you go out for your before 9 licenses without having your permit first ?


If your 17 , & didnt go out for your learners permit. Can you go out for your before 9 licenses without having your permit first ?


I'm 24 I've nevreally had a permit or a license I live in the state of family and job just wanted to know we would I have to get a permit first.


if i renew my drivers license a couple of months after i turn 21 will i have to redo my drives test?


i have just moved to canada from ireland i have a full irish driving licence could i used that licence over her in canada or do i have to retake all the driving tests again


Nice tips.. Thanking you !

muhammad uzair,


muhammad uzair,



My daughter left her drivers liscense in her apt. at her university in western PA. We live in norhtern va. Can she obtain a tempoary one from the DMV while home for a month?





Hey, So i am turning 16 next monday and I recently transferred to a new school so I missed the sophomore Drivers Ed class. Right now I am a Junior and I thought the process of getting a permit is studying the handbook and then setting an apointment and going on your birthday to the DMV and take the written test? I am extremely confused what do I do!!!


if your a highschool dropout, how do you recieve your learning permit?


If you were born in 1996 and you get your permit do you have to wait a year to get your drivers licence?


im 16, ive been 16 since june 13, do i have to get my temps, and how long do i have to keep them, before i can get my license??


I failed my permit test 2 days in a row can i go try for it again a 3rd day in a row?


ok, so i'm 20 and i've never had a license or permit or anything. i'm trying to find out if i need to get a permit at all since i'm older, or if i can just get a license.
i live in tennessee.
if anyone knows anything, please let me know. i've been searching on this for a while now. thanks!


I am 18 do I still need to get my learners permit ? if so is there a way for me to do it online. I live in South Florida by the way.
reply @


if u get ur permit at 16 do u still have to wait 6 months or 4 months to get urm lsence?


I live in Washington, and ive had my permit for a year and four months. Do i have to do anything to get it renewed. Do i need to get it renewed?


i just got my drivers license and i was wonderin if you have to wait 6 months before you can drive all by yourself?


I do not have my permit yet, and I am turning 18 in December of this year. What do I have to do at the DMV to get my license? The road test and a written test? Or just the road test? I live in NC.


i have had my learners permit for over 2 years and havent had time to get my licence. i still have all of my paperwork when i first got my permit. what do i have to do to get my license because i took my class time and written test in a school my sophmore year of highschool. will it effect me from getting my license? and how much will it cost me to get my license.


i have had my learners permit for over 2 years and havent had time to get my licence. i still have all of my paperwork when i first got my permit. what do i have to do to get my license because i took my class time and written test in a school my sophmore year of highschool. will it effect me from getting my license? and how much will it cost me to get my license.


I failed my road test. so when i take it again, do i still have to bring my card or not?


i have a permit and i know i have to wait six months till i get my license. but as soon as i do my behind the wheel does my six months of waiting start then? or whenever they said i could get it?

El Calderon,

Abby- assuming you live in the states,
read the drivers manual,learn the rules of the road, pass your permit test, spend hours driving and gaining confidence, and schedule your road test.


I just want to,go get my drivers licence what d do i need to do first....besides learning to drive

El Calderon,

Some of these questions are a little redundant no offense. For a license,which I got over a year ago, no matter how old you are, in the US you will always be required to get a permit first before you want a shot at the driver's license. No permit no license opportunity. BTW in NYC(not including Manhattan) its pretty standard to own a car,not all that media hype that NYC has a great mass transit, thats bulls*it,I live here,hated using it so I know what I mean.


im 18 and i live in kentucky i want to get a license but i dont know if i have to get a permit first


im 21 and want to try for my learners license in canada ,alberta. but the thing is im not sure if i have a warrant for my arrest. will that affect me getting my license?

Andrea MC,

I am 19 and I had apermit but it expired. Do i have to have a permit again before I get my license? or can I just get my license as soon as I take the road test?

Please help. Thanks.


Im 22 & never had a license, do I have to do driving classes or could I just takes the writing test & driving test?
If you could please tell me!
I live in Texas


If Iam 18 do I still have to wait the full 9 monthes in Virginia .




im 17 if i pass the permit test can i go and take the test rite away for my driver Ls?


I have a friend who cant read but they have to take the computer test is there a way that they can get the answer read to them


Do you need to do a driving test with a driving school before you can send your learner's book away to get it approved? I've done over 100 hours and have friends that didn't have to do a lesson and they have their p's. So I'm confused if i have to do the lesson or not.


Im 19 I never had my learners and I was told that I could just take my Road Skills test and get my license is this true


hi im going on 24 do i need to take a class to get your driver's license i really need to now


Do you have to have car insurance when you get your license even if you not driving. for example once I take my driving test and past do I have to have car insurance already before you let me sign the paper saying I have my license in cleveland ohio?


why should they take a different test when it adds up to the same thing and the 16 and 17 year old only need to take a eye test that is not fair it should be equal for everyone


i failed my behind the wheel test friday can i take it on monday?


if i have my learners in bc then move to alberta will i have to have my learners for two years or still one?


can we transfer california,s licese to canadas license or not


I am able to now get my license after a DUI and need the interlock in my car. Do I need the interlock in the car to take the road test in Mass?


does a college studentlicensed in iowa have to get a minnesota license while in a minnesota college


does a college studentlicensed in iowa have to get a minnesota license while in a minnesota college

Melissa Noel,

Ive had a Fl Dl before but moved to PA and switched it to there 5 months ago. I passed everything with fine colors. Now Ive moved back to Fl and want to get my license switched back. Do I need to go to the DMV and retake the eye exam or will they wave it due to me passing such a short time ago?


I am 19 of age I took the driver's ed class when i was 15 and i received the paper to get my permit but, i didn't want to do that. Now that I moved to a different state I want to know do I have to get a permit to drive. That would defeat the purpose of me waiting until I was 18 or older....


If i am 17 nw n ive had my permit for about 9 monthes wen i turn 18 can i still get my licese or do i have 2 waiit until tha day i gt my Permit..


Can a person not from the U.S. whois here on a J1VISA get a Minnesota Drivers License if they do not have an International Driver's License?


If i was born in 1996 will i b able to get my permit when im 15 and 9 months(2/6/2012)


and i live in Portland,Oregon.


i meant i just turned 18 in July!


i just turned 18 about two months ago,and i was wondering can i get me driver license,and do i have to retake the permit test again,just wondering.


Im 18 and have had my license since i was 16. I'm thinking about moving to north carolina(currently live in ohio) and was wondering how that works, like if you have to redo your drivers test again?


if i failed my road test can i go and retake it the same day just at a different facility or do i have to w8 a sertain period of time before retaking it


The people on here need to learn to spell before they get their driver's license. At least articulate yourselves properly if you're going to ask questions.


so i got my permit, it expires on my birthday and im about to be 18 i took driers ed i just didnt complete the driving part. Can i still get my license without the required 7 hours of drives ??


Have not purchased **


I got my license yesterday, however I have to purchased the actual card. If I have the paper saying I passed and my learners permit can I still drive by myself?





It depends on whether you are using US or UK spelling


License ! Do you mean Licence?


if you drop out of school and get a GED can u get a liscens?


I am 40 years old and living in Florida. Am I required to take the learner's permit test in order to obtain my license for the first time?


I took the adult drivers ed and completed it. Then i took it up to the DMV and my 90 days expired to take my drivers test do i have to complete adult drivers ed again?


im 18 and im getting ready to get my permit, how long do i need to have it for? i live in the state of nj.


I can drive, got my learners, to do the licence, must I write the theory test and can I do it on line, thanks


im 20 about to be 21 do i have to get a learners permit b4 i can get a drivers license?



omar Rodriguez,

Sooo how much im supuse to wieght for student driver license in maryland or washington D.C
And hiw tall do i have to be? ?? And how im supuse to be???


my son was driving without licence and was stopped for speeding his only 17yrs old. Would he be able to get his drivers licence at 18 or would he be penalized?


hi my name is devin how many questions are u allowed to miss on the california dmv written test..

Cecilia Gurule,

Complicated question: I'm Swedish living in Europe with my American husband. He works for the american embassy here in Belgium and I live under his status but I'm not yet an american citizen and I've never lived in the US. Would it be possible at all for me to obtain an American licence when not a citizen or live there but just married to an American citizen?



what if i failded twice last year & now I'm going to take exam this year will it be counted this year? i took the exam last year in arlington va.

Robert Trca,

Hey. I live in europe, but just moved to Wheaton Chicago to go to university. I am 18. What do I need to do to get an Illinois drivers license?


Hey, I am from India. I had an Indiana license which expired last month while I was in India. I am moving to Texas now and cant renew the Indiana license. I do have an international permit and indian license however. Do I have to go and redo all the tests again in Texas to get a new license?


If you are 18 years old do you take a different written drivers test? If so how many questions is it and how many can you miss?


Lassy, I think it can depend on the state your in. I know in California, it may be 3 times or so, then you have to wait a period of time. If you fail, you also have to pay a retake fee. Cathy, in my opinion, I don't think you are too strict. A lot of teen driver's tend to get a little over excited when their friend's are with them. Especially the ones who get their license's early or right when they get it. That may cause accidents here and there. Even for the responsible drivers.


But that's just for the license. The DMV may ask questions about that one.


To Bob -

I do not think you have to get your permit again after you are licensed. They would just change your card figure and information to their state's model. It may last a few days or so, or maybe even the same day.


i lived in wisconsin for 6 months, took drivers ed there, and passed it, but then i moved to texas. is there any way i can skip taking drivers ed here and just go for my permit?

Robert murray,

I moved back to California after 8 yrs in another state,Icurrently have a Texas class A license. Ioriginally obtained in in california,do I need to take a written test to get one back in california?


Im South African living in USA, about to move to Toronto, and was wondering if my USA licence will be valid.would i have to go through the whole process to obtain a canadian icence?


i just turned 16 and im going to va and i have my license , do i have to wait till im 16 and 3 months to get my license back?


how many times can you retake the driver license


My 16 year old just got her license one day ago. She wants to drive all over the place with her friends!! She doesn't have her own car yet, so she would be using our cars. (Mine and my hubby's) Am I being to strict in not allowing her to drive all over the place with her friends so soon after she's gotten her license?? Advice please!!! Thank you for listening

steve k,

i have an 18 year old who took the drivers course on line, took the paper work to the dps and recieved his permit.

he recieved his plastice card drivers license and is now telling me he does not have to take the road test.



Hi...I had my G1 ABOUT 5 years ago or more, and it expired, i had it for 3 years before it expired..Now im going again at the end of june, but im wanting to know if i have to waiT A YEAR to get my G2 or can I go right away considering I had my G1 BEFORE. I spoke to someone and they said i didnt have to wait, but then others are telling me i have too wait. whats the right answer?? Im in ontario canada.

Jake Leonard,

Currently 24 and getting ready to get my license in Illinois since I will be living in the state full-time again beginning in late summer 2011. I currently carry a for-hire chauffeur license in Missouri, where I currently spend the other half of the year as a resident.

Since I have had this part-time residency for the past two years (and IL Driver Services haven't complained about it), will I have to retake the written and/or driving tests (despite having seven years of driving experience under my belt)?


I am 19yrs old. I live in the state of texas.I want to learn how to drive and therefore I want to take driving lessons. To my understanding you need to have a permit or take a class to get adult driving classes. Is this true? If not what are the steps?


I currently have a G1 License from Ontario. I live in British Columbia now and was wondering if I could take the Class 5 Road Test and get the N License here in BC.


An elderly lady whom is on oxygen wants to re-new her driver's this possible? She has a portable machine to carry in the car, but this does not seem safe..what are the laws on this? She lives in Illinos. Thank you


is it true that if your born after 2000 you have to wait until your 18 to drive?


Hello, so i just recently moved to Australia about 3 months ago and i have an American licence from washington state im only going to be in australia until december and then i go home. i live with a host family and she just broke her arm and i need to be able to drive her around for the next month and i need to drive for work. can i drive with my washington state licence while im here or do i need to get an international licence or something? and if i do need to get an international licence how do i do that seeing as im already in Australia?


I moved from indiana to illinois got my illinois drivers license and now I am moving back to indiana does anyone know if I have to retake the test?


I just got a question. I am moving to Ontario from Alberta. I have my class 1 truck license in alberta in nov 2010, when I move to Toronto, can I get the AZ driver's license? Are there any restriction on getting AZ?

cristina flores,

hey i need to know how to drive man


I took my necessary paperwork to get my permit. i just recently turned 16 and have had my permit for 6 months. i was wondering if i had to take any more papers up there or if i could just go get my license????


I just moved to Pennsylvania, and I've never got my license. I am now 22 years old and I figured it's about time I do. Can I just apply for the license without a permit? If I do need a permit, do I have to log the minimum 50 hours or is it different being I'm older.


I have a temperary professional driver's license from virginia, how to I transfer that to a Illinois driver's license?


my dad was very ill in hospital in august 2010, during which time his drivers lisence expired. does he need to redo the whole learners and drivers test again. he is 76 years old!

Dante Caldwell,

is it possible to just take the test and get the learners permit, with doing drivers ed? (p.S. im from Columbus Ohio)


The only reason i'm posting here is because i'm from Manitoba and over the weekend a drunk 17 year old was speeding and texting shot through a red and killed 2 people. Because of this MADD wants to raise the drinking age to 21 (no big) and make it 10 years before new drivers get their full licence which I find rediculous. I just got my licence not so long ago and have seen my share of bad driving and believe me i've seen alot worse than young inexperianced drivers. why should we suffer? that is all....


i'm 15, and my brother's 18 and has his licence, can he legaly take me driving?


How long would it take to get your full license if I was an elder without prior license


I was wondering when you could get your license in MA if you didn't go to driving school. I got my permit at 16 and am now almost 18, can I get my permit now or do I have to wait until I'm 18 to take my drivers text.


Im 17 years old and I gunna be 18 in december. Im going to get my learners licence tomorrow, I live I florida, do I still have to wait a full year to get my actual license?


Hi/I am 48 yrs old/ and im wanting 2 get my drivers license. I live in washington state. do i need a drivers permit.what do i have to do.. t.y. for any advice.


If you have a junior license in PA, can you drive after 11p.m. if its a school sport?


Thanks for listing all vital points.


Is it true that you have to wait 6 months from the day you pass your permit test in order to take a road test? (its a new law?... could be wrong)


okay so i took my driving school in North Carolina but before i get my permit, we're suppose to move, so do i have to retake the school in Maryland?


if someone has the answer to this or knows who i should contact please E-mail me. at Thanks and I am refering to Ontario laws


Hello I am wondering if someone has been charged with a DUI when they didnt have a license over a year ago, are they elegible to get their G1 now?


if you go 15 years or more without seizues can you get a lic. and learn to drive


if you go 15 years or more without seizues can you get a lic. and learn to drive


I have a question: If you go 15 years or more can you learn to drive and obtain a lic. in the state of indiana

Drivers staff,

Hi Kaitlyn - you need to really check with the DMV in Maryland as usually you cannot transfer a license from one state to another.


I have a question actually. I am 17 be 18 august 6th i got my permit in North carolina when i turn 18 can i get my full license in maryland? and of course go threw all the actions. or do i have to get the provisional one first then my full one?

somdutt sharma,

i want to international licence


Driving licence services. Fast track route. Contact me

r mendell,

at 94 years old can I get drivers licence


My friend CANT read.Can he get a license


Okay, so I live in North Carolina and I am supposed to get my license on the 14th of May. But I do not know if I have to wait until the day after or if I can get my license the same day I got my permit last year. Please reply.




if you get a dwi in jersey can you get a licence from canada and leagally drive in jersey?


what's it cost to write my drivers's g lincense?

John F.,

I got my license 3 weeks before I turned 18. I am an Indiana resident and I just want to know if I still need to hold my license for 180 days before I can drive those outside of my family by myself. I turned 18 as of today, so this is why I'd like to know.



requirements in bptswana


i live in ontario


i let my G1 expire after failing my G2 when i write my G1 again do i have to wait a full year again before doing my G2


I already took writing test and i failed
knowledge test and i have to take again
knowledge test i pay $10.00 and failed. My question is how it cost if i gonna take again the writing test G1 for the third times.


what is the number you have to call to get an appointment to take the drivers test in americus lloyd


i actually have a question i am a week away from turning 18 i do not have my permit i was told that in florida when your 18 you can just get it when your 18.. but i was wondering if i could take the written and behind the wheel all in one day so i can get my license on my birthday.


I lost my license. I am waiting for a permit that allows me to drive to work and school. Can I drive to school while I am waiting? I was told I would be granted the permit


if im 18 already can i just go take my test?


What are all the requirements in order to obtain my drivers license in the US? Is it different in other countries?


Can't i get my license when i turn 18 and 3 months without having a learners?



Yes, you do, at least where I come from (Ontario). you get a temporary one and the permanent version comes in the mail later.


I've had my learners for nine months, and i need six hrs of drivers ed in order to get my license, if i go for the road test do i get my license right away if i pass ?


Hello. My sister is 15 years old and has her learners permit, and I want to know if i am allowed to take her driving (I am 18) or can only our parents take her out? We live in Saskatchewan.


can i get it on my birthday or i got to wait day

dave mugala,

can i drive in australia with a class 5 graduated drivers liscence from canada?


she has to get her permit again

Sassy Sand,

My daughter is 19 and only obtained her drivers permit, which recently expired. Can she still try for her license?


oh and I live in Ontario Canada


do you really need a picture ID to go and take your g1?
I lost my wallet with all my picture ID in it. I still have my health card and SIN, but its the old one without a photograph.


Hi. My bofriend is 18 and he needs his license? How does he go about doing that? and oh yeah we live in new jersey.


i have a friend that is hispanic and does not have a social security does he go about getting a drivers license ??


i have florida driver licence and i need to get a ontrio driver licence, how can i do

lil bruce,

this person lost their drivers license
7 years ago due to a auto wreck. because the owner of the car lied and said he did'nt have permission to drive. a judgement was against him. How long does he have to wait to reaply for a new license staff,

Robert, the answer depends on where you are located.

Robert Wells,

Hello, It has been ten years since I have had a license. Is there a way to get a resticted license. My email is, Thankyou, Robert


emma, cost depends on where you are (state/province, etc) .B

emma jean,

how much does your license cost when your 18 and never had a permit?


can an 18 year old who just got her driver's license have passengers right away ie: a 9 years old with her and on a highway?

Brandon Hebert,

they said muh mom passing away wasnt a they wouldnt let meh get in the world isnt that a hardship..when i have little a lil bro n sis?and a full time working dad


i think that the indermedit license needs to be tooken out of the process of geting your license


how old does someone have to be to teach another person to drive in ny state,my step son has nhis permit and his sister is only 20,but only has had her license for one year


i think in Ontario you can get 4 wrong in each section


hey Myley

who told you you needed to weigh/measure yourself, or bring a passport?

someone is having you on.


If I live in Ontario and I'm going to get my beginner's permit, does anyone know who many questions I'm allowed to get wrong and still pass?


Btw, I live in British Columbia.


I'm planning on going for my drivers license in a week or so, so when I do, do I have to measure myself and weigh myself before I go, or do they do it for me there, or do I just take my passport in which will have all that on there??


When taking a drivers license test, how many questions can I miss and still pass. I live in Californa.


no ashbash you dont have to take the theory again, at lest not where i come from


so im almost 18, ive had my permit for forever now and im going to take the drivers test today. If youve already taken the written test and the sign test and everything to get your permit, Do you have to take all that stuff again when you get your license?


Emie, you are in an awkward position. However, you can NOT drive alone on a learner's permit. You would be driving without a license and without insurance. The consequences could be serious.

I suggest a) taling to your local licensing office and b) talking to a driving school which may be able to help.

for more, email us at PDE@DRIVERS.COM


I am 30 yrs old.I want 2 know if I have a learners permit,can I drive alone??I have to drop my child to his school which is 1.5miles from my home and it's just a narrow lane.btw I live in illinois.I don't have the time 2 get a drive's licence in 1 month.I'll just drop my child to his school and would not go to the highway.meanwhile I'll try 4 driving it possible???


wher I live the other driver has to be at least 18 and have license 1 year


ok when you get your permet what is the age that the other person has to be for thme to drive and not get intruble


to obtain your license, you must hold on to your learners for 9 months. therefore, you'll recieve your license November 2. only if you've taken and completed drivers edu.


i got my permit on february 2nd of this year, and i think i'm supposed to be able to get my license on july 2nd, but my parents are saying that it's going to be august 2nd.... which one will it be?


My grandmother is getting her license back. The state of NJ is just handing it to her since it has not been expired 3 years yet. Her vision is so bad, I know she should not be on the road, my family is terrified that not only is she going to kill herself but someone else. Is there an age when a vision test is required for renewal in NJ?


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You need to check if Ontario has a reciprocal agreement with Michigan (I think they do).


I just moved from Michigan to Toronto. I have a drinking & driving offense on my driving record in Michigan from 2 years back. How will this effect my Ontario Drivers License? Will I be able to get the full "G" license?


That depends on where you live and what kind of licensing system.

Once you get a full license you can drive passengers straight away. However, a graduated license system may allow you to drive solo but with some restrictions on passengers in the stages.

For example, In Ontario you can drive with passengers once you pass your G1 test and get to the G2 stage.


How long do you have to wait to drive people in your car after getting your license?


Hey i am 19 years old turning 20 in july and i got my learners just in february and i was wondering do i have to wait the full year to get my license since i am over 18? i currently reside in alberta? can anyone help? please help me!


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With love :-D, Alina.


Hey i am 19 years old turning 20 in july and i got my learners just in february and i was wondering do i have to wait the full year to get my license since i am over 18? i currently reside in alberta? can anyone help?


in maryland if i am 18 do i have to take drivers ed??


I just had my 19th bday 3 months ago, and, I was wondering, when I finally get my permit, how long will I have to wait until I can go back to the DMV and, get an actual license?


Marie, I don't think you have to wait more than a day or so.

marie again,

if anyone can help me out or at lest answer my questions can you please send me an email at ? i would really greatful if i got some help here.

marie again,

ive already been to the main site for texas where im living right now and they dont have the information im wanting i just want a simple stight answer. someone please help.


i am 19 years old, i do not have a permint and i want to know if i fail any part of the test how long i have to wait until i can retest? and how long will it take me to get a license? because i really need to have it by April 15. is there anything i can do?


yup i from new zealand, im movin to canada mid 09, do i have to resit my truck and car licenses or can i get em swapped over by proving i can drive the vehicles my license states??

candie girl,

I think all drivers should be at least 16 because they have a chance to see the world and be happy and there moms can have some mom time if you know what i mean :P


i am turning 18 in 4 months should i wait till im 18 to get my license or should i apply for a restricted one. The only problem is i have to drive with an licensed adult for 12 months i think and if i wait untill im 18 i can drive by myself right away. What should i do? or is there any way i can get my restricted now and not have to wait 12 months just wait until i am 18 to get my real lisence?

Walter H.,

you won't be able to rent a car for the test so your only option is a driving school car. Most schools will offer a package deal with some practice time and the test (if they feel you are ready!)


I was offered a job that involves driving someone else's company car; however, I myself do not own an auto, so how can I get a dl without my own vehicle?

W :(


how much is the fee for getting the driver license done.

Sean Carney,

hey im just wondering is that new law that says you cant get your permit at age 16 now but you have to get it at age 17 and get your license at age 18? if so please email me at


how much is the fee for the truck written test


I am attempting to help a very close friend of mine who is currently out of status. He recently got married and is attempting to obtain his DL in the state of RI. What can and must he have and/or do to obtain this?

nay nay,

all ya nigz are dumb,stop talkin bout bull,dis is a drivers license information site,GET IT TOGETHER!


if u failed ur licence and u havent took it for 3 years do u have to re pay .?

sandra from md, usa,

hello i have friend who is out of status now, can he still get a driver's lisence? she is a beginner.


i have G1 licence but i coudn't taken G2 now the G1 is expired this december so again i have to write G1 to get G2
pls answer me


I'm driving since 1996 but only in our country..i brought my driver's license with me and it will be expired on February 2009..Could you help me what to do how can i acquire a driver's license here in Ontario and if there's any advantage that i have with me my driver's license from our country?



Take a look at our Driving in Alberta site


I have a prospective employer from Alberta, Canada as Bus Driver. I am 40+ and holder of DL for more than 20 years, How can i convert my Philippines Divers License to a Class 4 DL in Canada?



Check out the article at
It's really hard to find a good manual shift driving school since many of the instructors teaching manual don't really know much about it.

I know of one school that does have a very high quality course and it's in Toronto.Check them out. I know they get students from across North America.


John writes:
I wish someone would post a website that has a complete listing of schools and instructors for driving a car with a manual transmission in Canada and the United States. I would like to have some adult instruction on advanced techniques for myself and my sons because I am going to have a sports car soon that I don't want damaged.


License age in California is 18!


when you are 16 can you just get your liscense and not get your permit in california


I mean, if you are driving and you got 5 stop signs and in 4 of the you did every thing right and in the last 1 you forget the handbrick but did all the other things right. would you fail your license because of that?


I am from South Africa, what do to when you see that the examiner is fauling you?


how many can you get wrong on you florida dirving test


when i moved to michigan all i had to do was give them my indiana license. now moving back to indiana i have to be tested again!!!


I am from ILLINOIS. I am 19 years old. I have never had any training or a permit to drive. My dad doesnt have the time or dedication to teach me how to drive so that I can get my license. I have a boyfriend who is 20 who would teach me, but he thinks that he is not allowed to until he is 21, does anyone know how old he must be?? PLEASE HELP!


Sarah, check out our TRAVEL section on driving in Nova Scotia


I already have a license from Ghana.I have come to halifax to sudy,how do i get a valid license?


I am turning 18 in about a month. I got my learners in MD about 3 months ago and now I would like to get my license or provisionals in VA. Is this possible? Since I am 18 so I still have to take driving school? Do I have to hold my learners permit for 6 moths?

I would appreciate anyones help.
Thank you.


Depends where. In Ontario it's one year (8 months if you take driver ed) to get G2 license and drive solo


i am 20 years old and i got my permit in april how long do i have to wait til i get get my license?


if i have a junior driver's license, (in PA) can i drive out of state on my own?

Walther H,

You can practice off the road, under supervision of course. Most places highway traffic acts apply to pubic roads.Lots o fkids learn on farms at a much earlier age ... but watch out. there's lots of bad accidents on farms.


im 15 and im not turing 16 for another 10 mounths i have read the booklet and i want to practice actually driving is there anyway i can do that


I live in BC where the driving laws have changed because of too many people who drive like idiots. I've been trying to pass my road test to get a class 5 license, but they keep failing me for stupid mistakes, mostly shoulder checks and scans. I find it really pathetic how I have to pay a price for so many stupid people who either look the wrong way or don't look at all on the road. 90 percent of them don't deserve to drive. Any advice?

Ronjala Abney,

If you had a permit that expired over a year ago, after taking another permit how long do you have to hold the permit the second time


Clickon our link here
and then click on FLORIDA for all the information you need

Amanda Sowry,

Hi I am moving to Florid and I am 22 I want to get a drivers licence but what do I need to do? Can I please have some advice? Also, do I need to get a learner's permit? Please help!


I live in canada and currently have a g1 licence. i will be planning on goin down to florida soon and was wondering if i am still aloud to drive even though i will be in the states


i have a few questions can sumone help me answa dem


I have recently had a revoked drivers license in the state of North Carolina. Is there a state I can go to now and receive a drivers license? If so, which one and what do I need to do?


I'm from Ontario, my G1 licence expired in last august (2007), I was wondering do I need to bring documents again to prove my identity, signature, etc. or can I show them my expired drivers licence?


I am from Minnesota and have a current Minnesota drivers license. I am in the process of immigrating to Canada, and living in Quebec now. I know my drivers license is valid if I am simply vacationing in Canada, but at what point should I seek transfering my license, and does it transfer, or do I have to take the written and driving test?


im 18, do i need to get a permit or can i just get my licence without a permit or do i have to get a permit first?


Nope Shaqueta, you gotta take the test


im 15 and live in illinois and tomorrow which is may 17,08 im leaving at 9:00 am in the morning to go to granite city i havent took any drivers ed classes at school but i have read the road book will they still let me get a permit tomorrow or what cuz i havent took nun of the tests can sumone tell me if itll work or not

Princy kalra,

hi l am princy klara....... l wanna make a new driving licence..... could you please tell what type of papers(doucments) need for it


I have mi license!!

Walter H,

Meg, you don't have to wait the 18 months (or one year with driver ed) between taking the G1 test and the G2 test, like other beginners do.


Ontario - I failed my G2 exit test which i booked after the expiry date. So i lost my license. I am looking to begin the process again. My examiner said something about having to start at the beginning but not having to go through the wait time between tests? does anyone know more about this???


Do you still have to wait 6 months (Arkansas) if you sixteen and already got your license or do you have to wait only 30 days?


People are getting up tight about spelling and maybe it's a problem, but there's errors in even the best publications these days. No one is taking the time to either learn spelling or check their stuff before posting. But hey, folks, let's not get distracted from the REAL ISSUES.


To LIl Red:
Hahaha!!!! I love how people try to humiliate others on their spelling. But they can't even include the right spelling in the "humiliation process"!!! Oh God... what's happening to our generation???


I used following site to prepare for my Alberta (Canada) Class 7 test, not fully covered the area but still good free resource




It's all in the driver's manual. The permit test is easy but you've got to know the signs and stuff. Most important is the laws on seatbelts and drinking and driving


I'm 15 and should be getting my permit soon. But I'm not sure I took all the classes or tests yet. What do I do?


im about to get my g2 and i have no i dea what to prepare for and i so lost


im 15 and about to get my learners permit(in florida) but i am moving to georgia in about 4 months. can i get my florida permit swotched to a georgia perrmit without having to take the tests over or paying any fees??? please help me??


Depends on where you live. Check here

find you state/province

Jennifer Elder,

I am 19 I just got my permit last mouth and I was told that because of my age I dont have to wait the six mouths. Is this true?


im nervous bout takin the test and when i do that i freak and mess up on studyin im almost 19 any suggestion on how to get over my fear?

holly homicide,

all of you are idiots.
and stop asking where to find test
its called GOOGLE!!!!!


tyrus mills,

what can i do to get help from someone im 27 years old need help getting my learner permits for then my driver licences can you help me please


im 18 just finised drivers ed but havent held a learners for 9 onths can i get my liscense still


i've tried the road test once, and failed and from that im worried to try again. i dont know if im ready!

Caroline Bennett,

I have had my license since the middle of my junior year of high school and I love driving!! I am 18 years old I am from Spokane, Washington and took me a while to get my license but the only thing that really stinks is that when you get your license you can't drive any of your friends in the car for 6 months with you unless you have a parent or someone older than 21 years of age in the car with you. then you can have friends in the car. But after 6 months you can have your friends in the and it is so much fun!!


I am 16 years old...I am from arkansas.I havent passed my written part yet and I am about to take it for the 3rd time. Now that i am 16 how long do i have to have my permit in order to get my license

Reggie in Georgia =),

Hey, I'm 17 and I live in Georgia. I don't have a permit, but I will be 18 in a few months. Does anyone know if I will have to get a permit to get a license, and wait a full year, or can I just go and get it? Or, do I have to get a permit, and wait a shorter period of time?



Hey guys I'm 19 years old and living in the state of New Jersey. I can't find the answer to my question anywhere on the internet. If I'm 19 and I want to get my permit do I have to wait 6 months to get my license or can I get my license earlier because I'm over 18? I really need someone to answer my question because I have school in 4 months and I need my license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathryn, go here and click on Oklahoma link


I just relized today that my licence is almost 6 months exspired. What do I need to bring to get it renewed and do I have to retake any test? (I like in oklahoma)


Gina, I think you are going to have to get a new beginners license in B.C.


Hi, Im from Nova Scotia, and Iam moving to Vancouver soon. I have my beginners or learning license down here, and I was wondering how I would go about gettin my license up there?? help please


I don't think there's a height limit. At least I've never heard of on but you've got to be able to reach controls so you may have to make adjustments to your vehicle.


is there a height limit in getting drivers license?please reply..thank you


yea dude be nice to people .....o and im just bein bored in my study skills class so i don't have much to say .... im not even aloud to get my permit yet ... yea i no it sux.. well teachers commin bye pplez

It doesn’t matter.,

To unknown
It doesn’t matter if some one spells a word wrong or not. You are being very immature. I mean your no genus, anyone can use spell check and grammar check. So cut the crap and stop Cridesiseing people. If all you do is examine everyone’s post to find little mistakes, then you need to get a life.


t need to change my drivers licence over to ny do i need papers or just the ols licence


im trying to get my drivers licence and i just turned 18and im still in scool so do i have to get a permit or can i go ahead and get my driver licence?


For you Lil Red, You spelled Speel, Like Speel. And both of you Unknown Characters, You should watch your own little textual mouths, People come on here for help with their questions. And don't correct something that you make wrong, both of your grammatical senses are poor, even at best. So don't contradict what you can't even accomplish yourself. In addition, Lil red, you are a pre teen girl, don't open your mouth, when you can't type either.


i got my G1 during march break 06' and i have procrastinated with the lessons. How long do i have before i have to redo my G1??


I heard that their changing the law in canada so if your born after 1990, you can't get your g1 till your 18..does anyone know when that law is being changed?


how many questions are you allowed to get wrong, and not fail?


how long do u have to wait when u get ur beginers to get ur full licence ??????????????????


how much is a learners permit in ontario

jess, i got my permit in indiana, but we moved right after out to i need to retake my permit written test here too, or can i just take the driving test to get an arizona licensce with an indy permit?


how many times can u fail the g1......i know its $10 each time i failed twice i wanna know how many chances we have


I have a (South Africa issued) International Drivers license. How long can I drive in Vancouver, BC, Canada, before I must obtain my Canadian license ?
My wife (44 yrs) and daugther (24 yrs) have South African licenses. When we move to Vancouver, Canada, how can they convert their licenses to drive there ?
My 17 yrs old daughter would like to obtain her license when we get to Vancouver. How would she go about doing so ? Where & Who do one contact ?


I want to know how much would a license cost if it got lost and a Florida I.D. card, if anyone would know.
Please help me!


If you go to get your license and they don't let you because you've missed too much school, how long after do you have to wait until you can go to get your license again?


Jeff,I think you will find that Ontario has a similar set up and it may be even tougher because Ontario has a graduated system with two tests.

Jeff Sutton,

Residency requirements for Ontario license?

Originally from Ontario, nine years ago I moved abroad from Alberta and am still a non-resident of Canada. Alberta has a residency requirement for their driver's licenses therefore I was not able to renew it so I obtained a license from the country I was in.

I've recently moved to another country and am considering an Ontario license as it is my birth province.

Does anyone know if Ontario has a similar residency requirement as Alberta, or whether a non-resident can obtain a license?


Walter H,

Stephanie, don't be embarassd to fail again. You won't be the only one!


Hi my name is stephanie and i have had my permit for about 2 years and i want to get my license. I already took it once and failed and i am embaressed to fail again what should i do?


i wanna get a sample or practise test for auto driver licence written exam for new jersey coz i`m having my exam on monday.



you idiots with DUI's and DWI's should never be aloud to drive. Get off the roads


If you have a European licence do you have to take a new test in Saskatchewan


... I am simply appalled at some of the people on this website. That's all I have to say.


I took my G2 test today an failed.I had poor observation skills. But it's so hard to look around my left and right without losing control and crashing to someone infront of me. Ahhhh.....!!! Any advice for me?


hey im 16 yrs old. I went up to the local DMV the other day, hoping to get my license but they wouldnt let me drive "my car" because its an '05 aston martin with a V12, and 24" on it. They claim its not street legal but my parents wont let me drive theirs, and the DMV officers wont let me operate any of theirs. what am i supposeded to do?


how do i get my parents to make an effort to actually find a behind the wheel class so i can get my license. They're just letting days go by...


Ah yes DW, I am located in Ontario. Thank you very much.


When you mention G1 test I assume you are in Ontario, Canada. I dont' think you have to wait at all. Just go back and retake your knowledge test.


Hi, I recently failed my G1 written test (14/20). I was using my dad's old handbook and there were some signs that I was totally unawared of. I got the new one that just came out. Can someone enlighten me on how long I have to wait in order to retake it and how much I have to pay for retake(s) :p . I already paid the full $125 for both tests and 5 yr licenscing. Thanks!


how many questions can you get wrong and not fail your permit test?


I'm fifteen and eight months I live in Arizona and need a manual I can use to study for a permit test. My email is if somebody knows any usefull info please email me thank you.


I have been wanting to get my learner's for sometime and have yet to do so because I thought that I had to take Driver's Ed. first. Is that true?
I'm from AL, if anyone can help me out.


I have instruction permit of WA state and try 2 attemps for driving test but I failed now I am moving to california so this 2 attemps will counted when I will give driving test to CA dmv ?


I have instruction permit of WA state and try 2 attemps for driving test but I failed now I am moving to california so this 2 attemps will counted when I will give driving test?


i had my learner lic from florida since aug 2000.and now i got my driver lic.from florida in 2007.i am trying to get my insurance in MA,in the insurance system they are saying i got my orginal lic. since aug 2000. i want to find out according to florida dmv if you are above 16 when you got the leaner lic is it count as a original lic or not?


Shauna, did you take any training or instruction for the G2? Lot of people feel they know how to drive and then fail because they've forgotten what's correct or have developed bad habits


I am 22 year old mom of 2 young children...I have my g1..and did the road test for my g2 twice and failed...I felt so bad and embarrassed..and never went back..Now I want to buy a vehicle but I need my license...I am soo nervous abt failing again.


do i have to reinstate my license in a other state before getting license in a different state


Only with a licensed driver in the passenger seat beside you


can i drive to school and work with a learners permit?


Im 19 and i dont have my license.In highschool i did take drivers ed and passed but never did the road test some1 plz help what should i do
i really need my license how should i go about getting them???


I am 18 and have already had a learners permit. But i dont have a lisence. Will my permit make it easier to obtain a lisence? I also took a state drivers ed course before i got my permit>


I just wrote my g1 test a few days ago and I now I'm just wondering when will I receive the license card with the valid photo ID in the mail?
by the way, I'm in Ontario


i heard the new law in canada to get ur begginers is changing to nineteen is that true?


i am almost 18 and got my learners permit when i was about 15. my permit has expired now and i haven't taken behind the wheel or my drivers test yet. do i have to go through drivers ed again or can i just take my drivers test with going through it again or taking behind the wheel??


I am 52 , have been driving in the US for about 15 yrs but now wish to reapply for my Ontario DL. My US DL expired last month. what steps do I need to take to obtain my Ontario Dl and how long will it take


your telephone reception sucks


Hello, I am 19 and I start school in fours days. I don't have my license yet and I am nervous as hell about the road test, but I want to start driving on my first day of school. I keep wondering what the road will be like and how they take points away. Don't get me started about trying to reverse

jeff lawson,

lol getting ur starters is easy..dont even worry,...theres 40 questions and your only aloud to get 4 wrong on each page...all multiple all ur rules of the road...the rules of ur g1 licence and u should be able to pass...i didnt study but 1 try i got it..if u need help just add me on give u help.


in maryland you have to be 15 and how many mounths to get ur learners permit


This year Im going to be an exchange student for 10 months, can I take the drivers lisence in Iowa? My Visa is only valid for 10 months! Please help if possible!


okay.. so i have been doing alot of looking on the internet to find the answer to my question but nothing will answer it. I am 17 i don't turn 18 for another 10 months!! it is so hard trying to get to and from school, and work especially when you dont have a license, and have never been issued a learners permit. Is there ANYTHING at all that i can do? can i somehow get a "restricted" license to drive to and from work/school without a permit? what about a motorcycle? can i do anything?


ok im 15 and iv bin told that i half to be 17 to git my licencs in pennsylvania and i was just wondering if thie is true or not


I have already my florida driver licence but the thing is, it will be expired on october.I don't have a valid ssn,how should i do to renew it. thank you.


Relax Chelsea. If you studied the book at all it will be soooo easy


I am going to take my drivers permit tomorrow (for the fisrt time) and i'm a lil bit nervous... i'm not really sure what the test is gonna be like, i don't know if i'm going to be timed? Or is it multiple choice? If anyone has had any experience or advice please let me know [:


tyrus mills,



can I buy my drivers license, Even thought I am a good driver I'm afraid I will never pass, b'cus examiners are mean people!


I believe its 4 on each part. anyway they're easy of you read th ebook at all so no worries.


ok i'm going for my G1 on tomorrow and i'm so nervous...
how many questions can you get wrong i rad all the other responses to this question and its really confusing some people say 4 total on both parts and some say 4 on each part... but then my brother's friend who is an arshole any said that you can only get 2 wrong on the whole test

btw i'm in ontario


i was wondering on your g1 test how many mistakes can you do all together? is it 4 or 8?


um......i just turned 16 and i would like a full practice test for FREE! is that even possibe? Well good luck to all others looking forward to passing this test!


My license has been revoked in MN for DUI refusal. Due to the circumstances, I am without a license for 3 years. Can I obtain a canadian drivers license? I am willing to move and work in canada temporarily if I can get a license there. Anyone know the answer to this.


does anyone knoe how much u gotta drink til ur concereded drunk when driving?

antonio martinez,

How do I go about getting a Canadian CDL? I already have a USA CDL. I would like to know what I need to do.
Thank you,
Antonio Martinez


I'm an orphan. I've had my permit for almost a year now. I'm getting around to taking the behind-the-wheel, but have no viable means of transportation to actually take the test in. Do you know of a rental agency I can rent from? Any insight on this matter will be sincerely appreciated.


If i`m over 18, how long do i have to wait with a permit?


My daughter is 17 and lives in buffalo NY she is not listed on my ins. policy as a driver and did not take drivers ed.what would happen if she gets pulled over will she lose her license and for how long...


Heres how you pass

1. show up
2. don't answer anything wrong
3. drive right
4. do not ever drive slow in the left lane

Rocket Science


New Driver Admin,
Thank you soooooooooo much for the link

New Driver Admin,

Try our New Drivers section under "study guides"


i want to know how it cost to pass the lisence drive for the big truck.


im in arizona and need learner's practice test, anyone can tell the link/website?


is it possible to get my license a week before my 16th birthday? or do I have to been 16?


Cory, each province of Canada has a different system of licensing. Check them out here


HI i was wondering what is the cost for getting your DZ license typically in canada


I already have an international drivers license, what are the requirements of me getting a florida drivers license?


hi, im 16 and i live in ny. i have my learners permit and i need to know if im allowed to drive in florida with my learners permit. ny allows people with learners to be able to leave ny but out of state drivers are not allowed unlessed licensed. do you know if it is legal to drive in florida with a ny learners permit?


I'm 18, almost 19, found out I'm pregnant, and need to get my driver's license in a quicky. I've taken driving courses locally in the past, having 30 hr of classroom experience and 6-hr drive with an instructor experience. Unfortunately, the test in Indiana is strict and requires, you can only miss 3 questions at most and the test is 50 questions. I'm having trouble passing thr written test. What would you guys recommend for me? I'm stressed and depressed, and people tell me not to be stressed out, since I'm pregnant, its not good for the kid.


To anyone that can answer this question. My license is permanently revoked in the United States for DWI’s. Is there any way possible to obtain a license in Canada (Vancouver)? If so is there a link that I can obtain the information from?

john the mon,

dudez, im getting ma license... gl everyone... just saying peace from downtown ny

NO Name,

They changed the law now! we cant get our licence till we are 18 now! that is messed up! i want to drive so bad! i want to but i dont!


Hello everyone,
Just a quick question for those who live in California (or to those who just may be knowledgeable in the subject).
I'm going to apply for my license in June(by then, I'll be 17 1/2). However, I'm going to turn 18 in December. Once I turn 18, will I be allowed to drive anyone under 25 or will I still have to obide by the rule until my year is up?


Hi I live in arizona,I got my permit a while ago, I am 15 years old, do you half to have your intruction permit for a certain period of time, before attempting to get your liscence??? Or is it just hours???


hi i passed my g1 test and i want to kno how long it would take to get ur g1 license?


I am Canadian, but passed my driver's license in the US (MA). Can I switch my US license to a Canadian one without having to pass another test?


i am from germany i am 16 .what would i have to get a florida license


I despair. Most of you should not be allowed on the road. Ever. Its as simple as that. Unless I've made a terrible mistake and stumbled across a 'special' thread for 'special' people (i.e. retards).

Inability to formulate a logical thought, ask a clear question, spell monosyllabic words, construct a grammatically correct sentence or find answers to the most simple of queries ought to automatically disqualify you from even being allowed to sit your learner's test. Good luck, and please try not to kill anyone out there.


I'm a 22 yrs old college student, residing in Maryland. I I just got my learner's permit like a week a go. But, I was wondering since, I'm 21 do I have to wait six months before getting my e-mail is


Kristie, like I said in my comment of July 06 above, you'll be nervous so don't worry. Driving test examiners expect it. If you are not nervous there's a chance examiners will be tougher with you because they think you're over confident.

So - like I said before, start off slower than your normal speed and gradually work up to it.That way you are less likely to make mistakes and you will gain confidence as you drive.

By the end of the test the examiner will have forgotten you were too slow at the beginning.


anyone online that can help me?

kristie jacobs,

how can i keep from getting nervous when i go to take my test?


Dee-Dee, you don't, and why bother. You don't need to.


how do you pass the road test without any mistakes on the road.


how many questions can u miss on a drivers exam


Its Ontario, Canada and its true but u can get ur learner's permit at 16


Daniel you get your driver's permit booklet from the local DMV.although sometimes bookstores have them. Depends on where you live


I've Heard that in Canada Ontario if you were born in 92 or later you need to be 17 to get you license. Is that true.


I don't understand what the $40 for a level one road test is when getting your G1. I didn't think you drove a car at all when you were getting your G1.. i thought it was only a written test.


hey holly what's with all the naughty language........naughty...naughty.............naughty


where can i get the booklet for the first drivers permit


Failure- No I failed myn 4 times. Not all are the same there is for different ones. Bob-You have to be sixteen or up to get g1



i am wondering what age u have to be to get your g1/g2


are all the tests the same??? and .. does anyone know how long we have to wait to retake the g1.. yes.. i failed the written =______= stupid.. trick quesitons.. i failed the rules, by 2 but.. got perfect on the signs? that was easy... but yeah cause if it is the same, i can jsut do the asme thing i did last time but just tweak 2 answers cause iknow which 2 for sure i did wrong lol


Went for my 4th attempt at G2, fault...i was wondering how many mistakes can you make and still pass? i know major infraction will fail you, i am talking about minor stuff

placerville dude,

ok so im trying to write a paper on drivers license requirements. can some one give me some information please i really need to pass this class ok well if u could help me out thanks. peace


Holly- On the sighns you can only get 4 wrong anything over that you will fail on laws you can only get 4 wrong over that you fail. Its as simple as that.



ok i hear its 4 wrong one both parts...and then i hear its 4 wrong on each part! WHAT THE HELL IS IT? lol...I am from ontario!....and i am going to get my g1 soon i just want to know ....?? how many can u get wrong???

dele ajayi-odekhiran,

i am new and would have to learn to drive here in canada which i know will be fun and would also be the best thing that will happen to me here too.i pray i pass in my first attempt.



Where I live you can just go and talk to the chief examiner and they will test you orally. Have you tried that?


I have a friend who really need to take the Driver's License written test but can't read. Is there any help he can get?


I want get up the drive's license


i'm new at this work with me


Holly, I believe it's 20 questions on signs and 20 on laws and you can only get 4 wrong on each part


quick question how many questions are on the g1 test in onario and how many can you ge wrong?

Robert: Ontario,

Hey everyone I forgot to give this to you all here it is. This is a PRACTISE test for the ontario G1 Drivers licenseing in ontario


Hey everyone I took my drivers test a long time ago in September and I failed it. I herd that it was going to be simple...unfortunatly its no. To everyone who is going to get there g1 you HAVE to study for it I didnt study for it and I got almost all of them wrong. My dad said that all the governement cares about is our safety and others safety. So if there is a qustion on the test (wich this is an actualy quastion) if there is this qustion it says "What do you have to look for when you are about to make a U turn?" A:The Curb B:On coming traffic C:Mirrors. All of these sound right...right? Well like I said the driver people only want to make sure you know that you have to be aware of the people around you. So ti would be A because they dont care if you mess your tire up on the curb. The answer is actually B: Look out for on coming traffic, All im saying is that these qustions are very hard they arnt meant to trick you but they are ment so that you can use common scence and no get killed or kill anyone. So before you go STUDY YOU CANT PASS WITH OUT STUDYING. Im going to re-take my G1 on Friday Im praying to god I passit and If I do I will let you all know:D. Btw If you fail the first test for the g1. You have a year to re-take it until you have to pay $125.00 A retake in CANADA is only $10.00 Good luck to everyone and please DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. Arrive allive=)


I think "unkown" needs to get a hobbie.


can u take the written test and drivng test the same day


Where can I find a practice test to get my G1 in Ontario? I'm going to be 16 in a few days and I'd really like to know what I'm getting myself into.

T- 03 .feb 2007 3:06,

hi everyone,22 years old i am about to take my G1 test,i'm nervous as heck even though i have been reading the handbook for some time now!!i feel really confident about my preparation for the test but still have some nervous feelings cause i don't wanna fail.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


man the bc test is hard u have to have %80 to pass and i have failed like 3 times

Lil Red,

Hi I am 16 and I just got my florida leaners lisence(permit. My mom is syaing that you are not allowed to drive to school and work alone but I previously heard that after 3 months, you could drive to school and work alone. Is this right?
Thank you
P.S. Just some advice to some of you on here; learn to speel and write a sentence Im 16 and my grammar is better than yours, if this is how our generation is now, imagine how things will be in 20-30 years when we are over this country. It will be a mess if people liek you guys can't even spell the word permit right.


I am testing for my "G" license. I want to hear about your experience, especially if your test was at the MTO in Downsview, I would appreciate any advice.


I'm about to take my driving exam for my G license in Ontario and was wondering if anyone had any idea of what I may be tested on, what specifically would the examiner be looking for? So I know where I may need practice prior to the test.


if im 18 n i have a learners permit how long should i have to wait their any kind of agency that will help me get my license quicker?


Im 15 and about to get my permit(in Florida) but i my birthday was july of last year so ive waited my question is how long do i have to have my permit before getting my license?


If I have a license here in Quebec and I'm 17, I want to drive in the USA can I?


I'm not to good at taking test at all in school a teacher has to read it to me because that is the only why I'll understand what the Question because if I would read it myself I wouldn't understand.


I have a picture ID and would like to obtain a drivers license. I do not currently have a valid ssn. Do I have to go through INS first to get permanent residency to obtain drivers license?


Gyanu, We've updated the link for arkansas in our article at or you can go direct to


hi i am in need to get a driving licence and i knew i need to give a learner permit test before hand i am wondering what would be the pass marks for arkansas ?


Where I come from its 25%


How many questions can u miss when u are taking the drivers test

Dan -,

Thanks to your query, We've just updated the Link to the Saskatchewan govt licensing site in our License requirements section.


Hi I have a full UK license and my family and I are intent on moving to Saskatchewan Canada. the only problem we have is the fact that my wife doesn't drive at the moment and would like some information on driving license fee's and tests & regulations for new learners in Canada


living in Ontario, and have been riding motorcycle for over 20 yrs. I know I can drive a car holding this license, with a passenger holding a valid G license for 4 yrs. or more. My question is I'm thinking of getting my D or DZ license I have to take my G1 first or can I go right to the D.?


I am 40 and my Alabama driver's license expired in oct 2006. I am living in Mexico now (Job) and need a renewal. Can I get a license without a permanent residence in the U.S.?


To Ontario: I have a colleague at work that had the same problem he went for his G2 test but failed right at the date of expiry... what will end up happening is that they will re-test you for the G1 road test in order to get you back to G2 level.

need wheels,

well i want to drive a motorcycle really really bad (at learners age) and my parents say learn to drive a car first, but if i do get my motorcycles license first do i still have to take the the written exam for when i start to learn how to drive a car or vice versa?


in ontario


i was wondering if anyone knew a website where there are free practise examinations for your G1...


I'm 19 and I have yet to receive my permet. I was just wondering how long I would have to wait in order to obtain a license after I get my permit since I am over age. I live in Pennsylvania and I can't find the information I need anywhere.


Message from Ontario, I will be going for my G test, any tips, I'm really nervous, Has any one ever increased the time of expiry on their G2, I feel as though I need more time. I have one month before my G2 expires.


what is the new georgi law for recieving your license


im from the uk and would like to do a drivers test here in the states florida am i allowed to do this , if so what do i need to do


you can only get 4 wrong on each part of the test, but its **! i hate the dMV people they told me that as a G1 driver i could have 0.05% alc. in me wehn i drive wtf its 0 for a G1 driver AHHH im going insane i failed twice because of this lady


i was wondering the required passing mark i need for my drivers ed written test and in car test. in Ontario?


i am 18 and have no permit,how do i get a license,

Hi I have a problem at hand. I have my G1 at Canada but am having trouble getting my G2. I had been driving for almost 15 years back home and here things simply do not seem to click. I have given the test 3 times and felt that the last two times I was not at fault at all. But just because of some small problem or something, the license got rejected. I have simply given up and lost all hope to get a G2. Can you suggest some thing? I have taken training so am entitled to give the test within 8 months.


okay.. so i have been doing alot of looking on the internet to find the answer to my question but nothing will answer it. I am 17 i don't turn 18 for another 10 months!! it is so hard trying to get to and from school, and work especially when you dont have a license, and have never been issued a learners permit. Is there ANYTHING at all that i can do? can i somehow get a "restricted" license to drive to and from work/school without a permit? what about a motorcycle? can i do anything?

Unknown again...,

This is for Cory....I hope you actually paid attention to that so-called person who was telling you how to do it right.....


An earlier comment stated is so correct....I'm somewhat worried that there are not too many young people here that can actually spell properly, let alone, form a proper sentence....and these people are getting drivers licenses. It seems that young people today are too much in a hurry, and cannot take the time to do something right, such as properly learning how to drive, and READ...that's right...READ. It's amazing what you can learn when you READ!! I hope they can read the signs on our roadways. As for many of the questions they're asking, if they didn't spend so much time on the internet doing something they shouldn't, and spent some actual value added time doing some research to answer their silly little questions, then I think there would be some hope. Getting your drivers license gives you a sense of freedom, but for God's sake, take the time to learn properly and with good instruction from a certified instructor. There are too many deaths on the road these days, with racing and just total inexperience. PAY ATTENTION KIDS!!


How much is the training book you need in canada and how much is the test?


i have taken parent taught driver's education. i have past the written part of the test. i was told that if passed that i would have to take the driving part. Also i have lost the permit. What should i do?


it is very fun to drive with out someone telling you how to do it right


Also to Sara
I don't know what part of the world you are in but it WOULD be a good idea to follow up. There could be identity theft involved!


To Sara:
Dumb question: Did you ever think of calling the DMV and asking what happened to your license. Bureaucracies are always making mistakes and you need to check. Get used to it.


hi all of you.I am from Romania and I want know how much is valid a drive license in Florida!!!I have visa for 6 months,can I get drive license longer??1 year,2....???I know in Maryland is 5 years(doesn't mater my visa),but I heard in Florida is 1 year!!That's true?
thanks !!!

Dan -,


If you are getting scared it means you are taking on too much at any partiuclar time. You need an instructor who can break down your learning into manageable bits that you can master before going on to the next challenge. This way you will gain confidence.

A bad instructor can do you a lot of harm. A good one will build your confidence. If you need help finding a good instructor I suggest you go to wither the Driving School Association of the Americas web site or the American Driver and Traffic Education Association web site and enquire. You will find these associations here ...


I am 18 and i dont know how to drive i am learning but i get so scared and i dont think i will ever get it. And in a few months iam starding a new job i have to drive what can i do?


ok, I am 17. I passed my drivers test and got that blue paper that my instructor gave me which is proof that I passed. The validation date was august 5, 2006. It expires november 5th. so technically I can drive alone but I still didn't reciece that paper in the mail from that tells me when I should pick it up. It's been almost a month and still I have no license. When my sister got her license, she only had to wait 3 days from her validation date to receive her license and BOOM she had it. I was wondering is it normal to wait that long? I am getting quite frustrated and I need to drive to school!

an employee,

A G1 drivers license in Ontario costs $125.00; $10. - written test
40. - 1st level road test
75. - 5 year licensing fee
If you are unsuccessful you pay the $10.00 written test fee for a rewrite. Identification requirements have changed so make sure you take the appropriate identification with you...Study the handbook, and Good Luck!


i am going to write my g1 test im nervous anyone know how much it cost if you fail??


im 18 and i want to get my driver licenses but i dont have a permit nor alot of training i have to go to school and take my little brother to school then i have to go to work and were do i begin? wanted to know do i have to take some kind of class?


In the U.S. each state has its own driver licensing system, so there is no U.S. driver license. Go to this page -
Check out the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for general info about all of the U.S. and residency requirements for getting a driver's licence. Got to State DMVs for local info.

If you have a license from another country then get an International Driver's Licence before you come. Check this out at

The IDL is an internationaly accepted version of your home license and is NOT a license in itself.


I got my L1 visa and I am planning to come to US by august second week. I would like to know can I apply for a US driving license if so what are the requirements for the same.


to Bebe - not sure what you mean by great driver but I've been teaching driving for years and I know how that works. You get nervous the first time and don't perform, then the second time you are more nervous and so on.

My advice - start your test off slowly, a bit too slow perhaps, and then as you get into it you can pick up to normal speed. The examiner will forget you were too slow at the beginning.

This has worked for a lot of my students.


What is the vision requiraments to get your drivers license?


Im almost 18 and ive had my permit for about 2 years now and im going to take my driving test soon! im a great driver but when i take driving test i get real scared.....what should i do????


can i get a usa driving license sitting here in india




can i rent a car in europe? i don't have 18 yers


is there a page where i can find a practice test for a florida driver license?


I about to get my permit but study is soo boring so I am so unperpare and I don't think I'll get it

Editor's comment,

What kind of help?


i am a beginner at getting my license and i really need some help.

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