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Countries accepting International Driving Permit

List of countries that have agreed to accept the 1949 United Nations Convention on road traffic covering acceptance of the International Driving Permit More »

Holy roundabout, Batman!

Only in England, you might say - a roundabout appreciation society! But then they've got Swindon's "magic roundabout" More »

That ice hotel really exists

The fairytale ice hotel featured in Volvo commercials really does exist; guests sleep on ice beds, and sit in ice chairs, all in a hotel that melts each spring. More »

The International Driving Permit

Planning to drive in another country? You may need an international version of your license--but watch out for scams. More »

Top Tips for Airport Parking and Car Hire Insurance

We've scoured the Internet and come up with some great tips for you to use the next time you are thinking about using airport car parking facilities or buying car hire insurance.

More »

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The Wisconsin-based National Motorists Association (NMA) was founded in 1982 to represent and protect the interests of North American motorists. Grassroots organization "believes in freedom and responsibility to make choices, not in "one size fits all" legislation, ticket cameras, unfair driving taxes, revenue-motivated traffic courts and speed traps. The NMA supports traffic laws based on sound engineering principles and public consensus - not political agendas."

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