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Positive peer pressure

Teens recently created 30 second TV commercials to convince other teens to buckle up. The excellent and funny results are here. More »

Teenage drivers restricted by GPS curfew

For more than 20 years now, drivers.com has published an online and hard copy booklet - 'Learning to Drive: A Guide for Parents'. Amongst other things, this guide addresses the issue of heightened risks that teenagers face when driving after daylight hours 'some of the worst accidents occur at night and with a group of young people in the car. If alcohol or any other kind of impairment is involved the risk in this situation is magnified several times' More »

Should teens ride with teens?

Laws limiting the number of teenage passengers who may ride with inexperienced teen drivers are highly supported, says a new survey, but just half of the states have such laws, even though they seem effective. More »

Are licensing systems biased against poor?

This exploratory study of the everyday driving experiences of adult novice drivers found that graduated licensing may be biased. More »

Foiling attacks on driving examiners

Attacks on driving examiners who fail learner drivers have prompted French authorities to require a 24 hour wait for exam results. More »

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