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Risk Management - Featured articles:

Excerpts from Target Risk

Brief excerpts from the book that outlines the theory that proposes that individuals have a target level of risk that they accept in their everyday lives. More »

Should teens ride with teens?

Laws limiting the number of teenage passengers who may ride with inexperienced teen drivers are highly supported, says a new survey, but just half of the states have such laws, even though they seem effective. More »

What works in changing road user behavior?

This report reviews published research (to December 1994) on behavior models that have been used to attempt to explain road user behavior, and it summarizes the results of efforts to change that behavior using four broad classes of tools--Legislation, Enforcement, Reinforcement, and Education. More »

Reviews and comments on Target Risk and the theory of risk homeostasis

Several well-known experts and journalists provide brief comments on the book. More »

Young novice drivers, driver education & training

A scholarly review of the original, well-publicized document, from 2003, by Engstrm, Gregersen, Hernetkoski, Keskinen, and Nyberg. More »

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