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Truck driving jobs on the increase?

Is the trucking industry in the U.S. finally turning a corner? Are truck driving jobs on the increase? With so much conflicting information out there we decided to conduct our own research into the subject. If you are looking for truck or other driving jobs you can check out our jobs section at http://jobs.drivers.com More »

About Driver Certificate in Professional Competence (CPC)

The Driver CPC applies to all LGV (large goods vehicle) and PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) drivers across the European Union. It is designed for both new drivers in these categories and also as a form of continuing professional development for existing drivers. It is now a legal requirement to undergo continual training in order to hold a Driver CPC. More »

Simulators to help Scottish truck drivers go green

The Scottish government, along with trucking companies, has put some major money into hi-tech simulation trainers for drivers More »

Transportation safety and the driver: safety and training programming

Article suggests criteria for a well-planned, successful, integrated safety and training program, for the protection of drivers or employees among other benefits. More »

Transportation safety and training

Article outlines a series of safety and training programs that help ensure that drivers and motor fleets achieve the highest possible safety standard. More »

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Commercial firm sells numerous videotapes on safe driving to truck drivers and others in USA and Canada.

Jack N. Worland and John Pinckney: "Training is our only business; from the commercial motor vehicle truck driver to the passenger vehicle driver." Offering certified defensive driving training courses since 1987

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