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International driving license called a scam

By: staff

Date: Saturday, 26. January 2008

One driver in Minnesota had his license revoked in another U.S. state, so, hoping to avoid the prolonged waiting period to get a Minnesota license (which he needed to find work), he turned to a friend. For $250 he purchased a laminated plastic, official looking "International Driver's License," that indicated he was from Guatemala. However, he was conned, say local police, who are seeing an increase in the use of these alleged licenses. "We don't honor them," said Sgt. Chris Dybevick in the article in the Worthington Daily Globe . An insurance company representative concurred, saying that they have rejected several people trying to use similar ID cards to purchase insurance for their cars.

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OK a lot of scammers on here. I will only post on this forum once and no one that uses my service will post on here to verify. If you want a UK licence, email me, i dont charge anything upfront, you only part with money when the licence comes through YOUR front door.


UK licence, will cost you a fair bit but only money upfront is for DVLA and DSA fees.

Syed, claims to provide license valid for a maximum period of 3 years? Is it possible, as local agents tell me the maximum validity they provide is 1 year. Please advice.


Is a fraud


the international license has really help me alot


if you lost your current driver's lincence,on the application do you nessarly have to provide it-can't you give photo id rather than the licence?


how can a person find out that the idl company is register legally when they show you that they have a permit or certificate to operate this bussines with the state?

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