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Pssssst: wanna buy a driver's license?

By: staff

Date: Sunday, 18. June 2006

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"Pssssst, hey buddy! Wanna buy a driver's license?"

Have you received one of these in the mail or on the Internet?

Need a new driver's license?
Too many points or other trouble?
Want a license that can never be suspended or revoked?
Want ID for nightclubs or hotel check-in?
Avoid tickets, fines, and mandatory driver's education.
Protect your privacy, and hide your identity.

The United Nations gave you the privilege to drive freely throughout the world! (Convention on International Road Traffic of September 19, 1949 & World Court Decision, The Hague, Netherlands, January 21, 1958)

Take advantage of your rights. Order a valid International Driver's License that can never be suspended or revoked."

A friendly warning from . . . do not be fooled by these messages. The arguments above appeal to the larcenous side of human nature, and you might think "I'll try it, there's not much to lose."

Unless, that is, you get caught in a foreign country with a false or forged document, or at the very least, with an invalid license. Depending on regional laws, it may be legal for these companies to produce such documents, and to sell them to you, but it may not be legal for you to carry them, or to use them as a driving license. Therefore, in the manner of a classic scam, you get swindled out of your money, and you may be breaking the law, but the swindler has done "nothing wrong."

Here's the truth

The "offshore" scam

Another angle used by some of the fake IDP issuers is to use another country as the "residence" country. This is an attempt to avoid the restriction that you cannot use your IDP in the country you live in. This is not to be trusted. Firstly, the U.S. Department of State notes: "The Department of State is aware that IDPs are being sold over the Internet and in person by persons not authorized by the Department of State pursuant to the requirements of the U.N. Convention of 1949. Moreover, many of these IDPs are being sold for large sums of money, far greater than the sum charged by entities authorized by the Department of State. Consumers experiencing problems should report problems to their local office of the U.S. Postal Inspector, the Better Business Bureau, or their state or local Attorney General's Office." Secondly, suppose you are driving in California with a fake IDP from some other country. It shows your residence as being in that other country. Yet the police officer that pulls you over will also ask for your registration for the vehicle, and maybe some other piece of ID. If your car registration shows you to be a U.S. resident, you will be caught in a lie, and it is a crime to lie to an officer about your residence, according to Black Enterprise magazine. You could end up in serious trouble, and your expensive International "Driver's License" will be worthless.

More information

Get more facts about the International Driving Permit and check our list of information by country.

We'd like to hear from readers who have information or stories about IDP scams. You can email us at

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Are there any EU/EEA driving licenses that may be legally issued without further testing or a local residence permit in exchange for a US license from Colorado or Tennessee?

sasha woodcock,

i need uk driver liences ? because i lost my own?


how can I get the Uk driving license


what driving school can theach to drive in romanian hire in england


Realdeal I don't Understand want your problem is?

You don't like the graduated license program in Ontario? Obviously you want an Ontario Licence and for some reason cant go in and get one without waiting the required 18 months to become a full driver.

Only 2 reasons I can see for this.
1. You are trying to get One under a fake name and don't want to wait the 18 months.
2. You've been in Prison and were not able to get a Licence when you were 16. Now that your older you don't want to wait.

I can tell you how to get around either 1 or 2 but this means that the name you are trying to get a license in could never have applied for an Ontario Licence in at least the last 3 years.

Easiest way for you is to Just head over to North Dakota and Get yourself a Licence there. then come back to Ontario and hand that in for a Full Ontario.

That is a perfectly legal way for you to do what you want to do.


oi bom dia sou portugues e tenho 20 anos algum me arranja uma carta de conduçao de veiculos ligeiros por favor!!!!! urgente


i need canada driving lincence

ahmed malik,

Hello ! I do not understand, who you will dend me drivers by cd or whatr ?
regards ahmed

the zoo keeper,

need licence to transport animals and save job animal lovers please help leave e mail details will get back to you

cash money,

uk licence needed asap

Pat Dinlow,

Take a driving test you fool!


how do i get a drivers license

benny qvist,

I lost my Swedish driver licence.Can you get me a new one?
please let me know.

arry webb,

looking for anyone who use to or still works for dvla leave e mail address info need good price paid if correct.

lakers fan,

Hey, i am trying to find out were i can get a californian driving license. If anyone can help let me know thanks.


Good morning.
I'm Italian nd my wife is Chinese; we live in China.
She holds a Chinese driving permit and I would like to know if it is possible for her to get an International one alowing her to drive in Italy.
Thanks for your attention and best Regards


You have his phone number George.


Here here...

Seamus Ray,

Deck Hand ...


looking for someone who can get a REAL full ontario drivers licence from the proper authority... NO fakes, novelty`s or replicas please. contact if you can.


It's called poetic justice.


Who are you keyboard warrior? Let me guess: DC Xinaris, Inspector Clouseau, James Bond, Big Brother - maybe even the scary monster under my bed!


People will make up there own minds. Your comments are gettign tiresome and even more desperate by the day.

@ Cyber cop,

CA have made their intentions clear enough I think.

@ Cyber cop,

Ok come and get me for breach of copyright, and see if even that sticks.


@Conor, thx for help


bitter, bitter, bitter...

Where has my business gone,


You can also dial 999. That's the emergencey number.


De är gröna kompis ! Read about it on Flashback forum. I'm very happy with what they sent me.


why cant i grt an email through to you wnedy


Yes it does Wendy


Don't be worried we're cool ... sound familiar ?

@ CA,

On the one hand, you say on the forum you don't want to jeopardise J's case, yet all you seem to be doing is pissing off the authorities further.


We have the means and the will to take out any server based in Iran. Ever heard of Stuxnet ? Shalom !


looking for someone who can get a REAL full ontario drivers licence from the proper authority... NO fakes, novelty`s or replicas please. contact if you can and lets talk business.

@ Zorro,


the story,

VERY interesting... Thank you so much for sharing that jose. I hope more people follow your lead and share info like this to protect us from these kinds of low life scum. I totally agree with you that everyone should work toghther. Thanks again.


looking for anybody that deals with driving licences in Canada... more specifically ontario... contact and lets talk.

the story,

Hey jose can you tell us exactly happened with you and arjs? Did you do the whole skype thing with him and work something out and he ripped you off? There was a guy on here answering questions on arjs behalf claming arjs was 100% legit but I guess it was probably was arjs himself... either way I know I would finally like to hear the truth about this whole situation.


Biggy and Westridge are spot on. There's gold in them hills !


yes jose wait for u thks


What about a German drivers licence ? No money in a German ID.


hi i looking for a licence full not fake let me know please on 07407144578

- kaylaah ♥,

anyone who knows how to make NZ Drivers license or anything i could use too get into clubs here or knows someone who could make me one , email me please;

i have no photo ID anymore ): in desperate need lol


looking to buy a full LEGAL ontario drivers licence... just name your price BUT be warned I will be able to tell if you are legit or not. So i am ready when you are.

in a pinch,

looking for a good quality us driver license. if any one can help, please email me.


Hey becky, steven got my cali license it scanned and everything. The guy backed up what he said. So if anyone has questions email me. Cant say to much on here but i do wanna help people that were in the same prediciment as i was.


Hey becky so i emailed the guy about the californian license from the dmv and well i sent in my info and i guess i will report back with in the week. I got to speak to the guy so that gave me confidance and now will just wait and see. they charge nothing upfront.


Anyone on here have a hook up in the Ontario driving minstery?

Frank F.,

@doing without

hi, i can help

@passport -now,

Hilarious, you've just out a smile on my face!

Frank F.,

i see no difference
great work


UK Passport's in perfekt quality
2800 € for travel and more


anyone know anything about aldalegal? There website looks very professional and legit but I still have my doubts. Has anyone actually ever gotten a licence from them?


True. But it's getting louder mate.

CA Oldtimer,

There's been "chatter" about that happening for the past 2 years...


@Mr.Ed you have a prob. with a honest seller ? Cheers from Swiss


Whats the point in him posting a licence with details blocked out? No-one would know if it is his or someone else's id?
It could even be a real one, sounds like a silly idea to prove if the supplier is legit or not?


but still open for posts??


no, sorry.
i won't post a scan of my id anywhere. i do not want my pic and name,etc for the whole world to see. it is identical to the uk licence in every way as far as i can see, all uv and holo's are great.
why don't you contact him and ask for samples. it is not my job to advertise for the man, i am just a customer!


i ordered from blackhatter and received my novelty yesterday. it took about 10 days from start of talks til it arrived, but i was a bit of a pest about what i needed. very pleased with the work done. i would highly recommend.


so is blackhatter legit then or has no one actually ordered from them


Investigation ongoing. Coming soon to Sky News and the BBC. Who me worry ?


Well they are still answering emails and taking money. Just not sending out products.


@ JP what can i do ? Pass for free ?


@ JP

Perahps they are loosening it up for the jail time they are about to serve. lol.


That looks awful. If you are for real why not show a picture of a finished product (and not a real one like you've already tried to ge away with).


nice job ,but where is the holo ?

Dirk Diggler,

Yeah well anybody can show a real and provisional licnce mate. How about a scan of a photo and the info I send you printed on the card ? I won't hold my breath.


Thanks for your support guys and I take your point. I have accepted the hit and moved on. I'm suprised by their reaction that's all. They have done well out of me and should have no reason to be pissed off. I just don't want others too fall into the same trap. Thanks again.


Thanks Nat. Let me know when you get the product, or your money back. I've gone elsewhere now so I just want my money back. Not that I expect that. If they where in proper business they would offer it back to me rather than try and act like kids.


@ JP
I've heard from them today so sure you will soon





Mines been 2

@ Nat,

Over 4 weeks now


Ordered some uk dls from and took 7 days to recieve them just as promised. Just goes to show there are still a few good ones out there.


Need to see the DVLA hologram mate !


How about concentrating on fulfilling your own orders?


Which email address did you use?


how do you make one




We are getting conflicting information. We have an exchange student from Germany who insists that they have been told that they can get a drivers license here as long as it is with a certified driving instructor. On the other hand they have been told by the director of the program that brought them here that they cannot drive while here. Any ideas?


@Alex don't worry mate all is fine i'm sure you'll hear from them soon.


That sounds like sound advice to people thinking they can drive with a fake DL. You most likely will get pulled over by ANPR cameras nowadays for no insurance.

Gary Glitter,

Please help me i need a passport so i can go thailand and visit my girlfriend

No, you're a retard,

You may want to take a look at the Fraud and Identity Acts of 2006 to see how wrong you are, and how things have changed regarding even just possessing a fake DL.


Having examined a friends new black and white DVLA photocard I am confident no-one will be able to reproduce it, not even close. The surname is in raised lettering, the photo is laser etched and the expiry date is now in the form of a hologram which changes to a reference number as well when tilted.


@ Looker
Hi there I still have not yet received the a level cert from them. Wendy did say on the cert, there is a heat spot like the original one. Im still waiting for a reply as well. I absolutely have no idea wether the emails are fake or not :/



Frank F.,

Hi, bei fragen bitte an
mailen,antworte dann.


I was asking a question about if they could do a certain certificate. Normally Wendy answers within a day or so of emailing.


Hallo Frank.F kanst du mir mehr infos senden ? wie ist die richtige email adresse?MFG SAM


@ Mike
Monday ..yet, still waiting!! :(

Frank F.,

Du hast recht mit dem was du da sagst,
wir vermitteln Spanische Führerscheine
mit zurückdatierten Meldebescheinigungen
und es klappt...
für ernst zu nehmende Anfragen


The more I read of the rants on this forum the more puzzled I am that people can be so ignorant. There are loopholes and workarounds, but they work for only a few.

And ALL licences, maybe Moldova and Belarus excepted (what do I know) are on national registries. My wife just exchanged her Geneva licence (dated 1991) for a Vaud photocard licence and it took 5 minutes and no proof of residence. Why? Because they brought up the file for her paper licence on computer. But if I want to exchange my (real, paper) French licence for a Vaud one I have to prove my domicile. And that would subject me to Swiss federal, cantonal and communal taxes!

In the case of any real dispute (an accident, a serious traffic violation, a question of misrepresentation making insurance void) checking on the validity of a licence and whether a road test was taken (or the licence obtained by exchanging another) takes just a few minutes. All the licensing agencies communicate with each other.

I'm sure there are Eastern European driving schools who can bribe certain test centres (hey, that even happened in California a few years ago). And residence can be finessed (you register domicile and then go abroad again, and come back after 6 months). But in a serious case it won't take much of a lawyer to get the truth out.

A better idea: bribe the dictator of some tin-pot dictatorship to make you a diplomat in some EU country, and then get a diplomatic licence. The UK dip licences are only valid for 3 years, but most EU countries issue regular licences valid forever (but not exchangeable for UK ones unless you took an EU, Canadian, etc. test).


in all honesty youd be better off making the license yourself use either photoshop or gimp2.6 if you have a provisional license just scan it into your computer just the color to pink using microsoft publisher save it then use photoshop or gimp to adjust and do the rest ie add photo print off on teslin paper/artysan paper buy the laminater pouches use laminater if you cant afford laminator use an iron on medium heat youcan buy any hologram that looks similaror get it made specialy the current dvla licenses are 2d hot stamped i think for the back gold the front could just use 2d hologram see through one here are just a few websites overall it would probanly cost you the same if you paid someone else to doit but at lest this way you have peace of mind that it will turn up and youve not been talking to either interpol police and if your not happy withit you can just make another one

romo rambo,

which are the USA states that don't need US passports to get a driving lisence

Uncle Sam,

I'm surprised idchief hasn't been shut down. It's rare you see a legit vendor making US novelty license's that has survived more than one week without being busted . Not only will they catch the Departmant of Homeland Security's attention they will definitely catch the attention of local bouncers and police and angry parents of college students staggering back to their dormitories.


Look's as if they took it down. Maybe a wise move. Offering a UK novelty licence is a sure way to get nicked and I think they know it. Shame really. It's probably just a matter of time before there's a knock at the door.


If they can do come up with a serious contender and post a link to a scan I'm sure they will have a few bucks coming their way. I'll give it a go if a scan comes along of a mock up.


Yes heard about them. Legit vendors. Would be curious if anybody orders and a review ?

Frank F.,

ok. with the right stamp and with out
the board around the picturet.
thank's for help


Stu. Don't believe everything you read. Especially on here.


I have nothing to say you. I just decided to express my gratitude to these people for help me to start a new life.


so will i get in trouble for ordering novelty driving licences and selling them onto friends for novelty purposes only as my friend sent money by western union


"Ebeneezer" are you dawn? As i already said you i've traveled in Canada trough Kelowna Airport. And i'm in Toronto now. What do you want to say? Here is "I'm dawn! or i never used this service, because i'm their competitor" And also if it helps I was departed from Seattle, WA.


Here is the email I used to get my friends 'friend' his Licence the email was different when I got mine last year but its the same lady who replies


UK licence, will cost you a fair bit but only money upfront is for DVLA and DSA fees.


So Joseph. How can I order?


My friends 'friends' licence came today too LT !!! by courier as promised. Both parts and all seems fine as mine is.

tony c,

is the admiral going to post his e mail!

i have a fargo can produce anything ive even been endorsed by david blunket as the best he has ever seen


joesph can you give me your email address mate so we can chat off here


I have checked with the DVLA in Swansea today ! and my licence is fine . I asked for clarification of some of the Cats on the back etc what I could drive and they were very helpful. They asked for my drivers number etc. Hope that helps you LT


Joseph, how do I go about getting a UK driving license?


Yes it is a real one and no its not a photocopy or something like that. There maybe firms or people ripping some off but I was lucky not to be.


Anyone know where I can get EXACT replica documents , they have got to be the EXACT?


LT also, I paid half up front not by wire , or western Union or what ever there called. I paid the rest to the lady that delivered it , The only thing and it is small that I did complain about was I did not get the paper bit of the licence until 2 weeks after I got the photo card. they sent that seperately by post. They said they always did this but I did not know and still dont know why.


I know of a company that supplies real Driving licences . I actually got one off them a year ago but the site vanished. I needed another one for a friend of a friend ( no names ) and I just emailed the contact I had and she got back to me. If anyone wants the email address let me know. I am not sure what all this sending money overseas thing is I read here, I paid for mine in the Uk.


yes i need to buy a driver licence


Hey Carlos

please give more Info's


Is anyone doing the new DVLA black and white photo photocard??


john the answer is yes not only can the police actually see a copy of your licence photo for anyone using someone elses name for a stop check when that person has been stopped or arrested before the record tattoos eye colour left or rigt haned and any features that stand out and before they stop you they know the registered keeper of the car insurance even down to who is allowed or named on the policy and tax and mot just for good measure they know if anyone associated with the car keepr is banned or wanted big brother is bigger than you know


Hi Carlos, my email adress is please contact me asap, thanks in advance




Hey Ralf,bist du es ?
Hier is frank aus dem Oberland


Third time lucky
you must be a UK resident that had there driverslicence for year before the 1997 licence changes, So you can drive and have entilments for HGV

All you talk is crap


I'm a permanent resident / citizen of Denmark. I'm looking for a solution that can be used for driving, and getting throu a routine traffic stop. I can not obtain a legal licence here in Denmark. I am able to travel if a solution exists for getting a licence in another country that can be used here in Denmark.


I think you can take your lessons over here with it and get a full lincense when you have passed your test? or exchange

Agent X-9,

Might be useful buying a pint in Spain or getting in a club if you're under age. Then there's ID theft and fraud as he states.


Hello. Regarding what Paul is saying. I'm not a British citizen. What can I do with a provisional licence? Isn't it something British only? Not valid for anything outside the UK?


Thanks for comment !

Greetings from Switzerland


That's funny ! Always someone trying to be a moral authority and someone being a clown . Bottom line, it's not possible to buy an EU drivers licence cheaply and legit and don't use a novelty UK drivers licence for driving purposes.


does anny1 noes where i can buy a real driver license from? i got da money jus name ur price no b.s..jus leave a comment? thank u..


I wanna buy a real EU driving licence.
Is that possible?
My e mail

Agent X-9,

Easy to obtain, but not bribe somebody at the DMV. A Civil Service job like that in California, for example, not exactly the highest paid job but very good benefits, I doubt that anybody would take that kind of risk ( Federal offense ) when, as you say, it's probably easier to get a CDL with " "grandfathered " documents as many undocumented immigrants seem to get away with.


Do NOT buy a license from He takes your money, and you do NOT get ANYTHING! BEWARE.


Here we go again..... will you invest the £45 in a learn to spell course!! £45 sounds way to cheap, in fact the application fee for a provisional license is about that much

Geniune uk licence,

who wants a geniune full driving licence i work at the DVLA and will get it made for you complany style

cost £45.00


mike what i meant to say was the paper counter part wasnt that good but the photo part was excellent
i had excellent communications with wendy throughout

Agent X-9,

Good one ! What ? No hologram or security features ?


Lets just stop the tit for tat faking aliases routine.

To all readers heed the motto:

If it sounds to good to be true then IT IS!!!

Think about it, the DVLA must have some decent security to stop an employee entering the details of somebody who has bunged them £xxxx. You will have to enter the pass test date, examiner etc etc all of which would be cross matched as the examiner will have had to enter in his side. The chances of getting a registered DVLA license is nil....

The only way to get a DVLA license is to go about the exchange method. Get a dodgy country one first - ie Zimbabwe and go for the exchange to a DVLA one.(and not via zimbabwedl as he never sent me a sample scan).

Now lets get back to normal discussion...

Now lets resume normal


Anyone know ANYBODY who makes a good Wisconsin DL?
I need one badly!
Let me know



Ken, when you say drving licenses are they UK, foreign, copies or bribed registered cards?


i dont do free samples but im willing to send a scanned copy no problem


how abot sending me a free driving licence to prove you are genuine


Hello there just to add i ordered a driving licence from ken and received it aweek later a great service don't know about the passports or cards though


hello please ignore the comment below the driving licences and passports are excellent
the cards i have are with a set limit for employees only and have a 20k limit


Hi i can offer driving licences and passports i also offer cloned credit cards

seasoned veteran,

No thanks officer, agent or CP ... I've retired.

Drivers staff,

We have changed the format of the comments and would like to get the opinion of some of the seasoned veterans of this forum! Like or don't like the changes?



i taylor



Thanks for your advice guys on the Zimbabwe DL, was for a bit interested and about to commit. I need a DL which is registered on a country's system, not bothered which country and can use the exchange system to get in the end a UK one. I have heard most popular route is Pakistan license can be exchanged for Hong Kong then Hong Kong to UK. Any ideas anyone???


Thank you for the anonymous tip. We shall forward Mr. Platter's contact information to our fraud investigation unit and it will be dealt with promptly.


Hi my email address is sorry for the mistake


Zimbabwe DL.... your email address is not being recognised? Mail back as undeliverable.


after reading the endless stream of comments I think I can safely say the only way of getting hold of a legit license (eventually) is to buy a real one from a corrupt country and use the exchange system to finally convert it to a UK one. Can anyone email me with any experiences good or bad? many thanks in advance


would some one tell me the answer to this question.The UN 1949 treaty states:no contracting state shall be required to extend the benifit of the provisions of this convention to any driver having remained within its territory for a CONTINUOUS period exceeding one year.So why did some cop in Italy at a traffic stop confiscate my NYS license and my international licence when I was only there for 7 months? Their charge was that my first residency was in 2005 and that one must convert within one year to an Italian one.but if one comes and goes to italy then they are not there for a continuous year and therefore not breaking the UN rules.send me a lawyer who can fight this in the international court.

The moderators,

The principle on can work, but in the real world it is much different. Bottom line is there is some moody official in pakistan offering license, then with that real government document they try to exchange it into hong kong, and then on from that you can pull it into the eu or the uk.

Any moody country like pakistan, eastern block etc you can buy your license for a few hundred quid.
then you go to a semi moody country and bung it into them, ukraine does that alot with poland, same move.

is it legal whats on offer, of course not but in principle it can work but i would not be shelling out cash to someone i dont know,


Just had my dl from eudriver on saturday.

its the real thing as i have insured my car with it. Happy days!
They are expensive but got me what i needed. buzzing!


Thanks for your professional oppinions on id1020. Is there anyone out there selling EU licenses other than the UK one? If not then why is that?


cheers Fontaine mate


it was 4 days in total thats including sending me a scan for conformation that details etc were ok and letting them know scan was ok and them processing the order and sending it out
i however sent my order when they started back up, and i beleive they are much busier now, so i would give them about a week at the moment.
have patience
you wont be dissapointed


i dont know if the site is legit or not bot the sample uk licence shown should not have a solid border around the main photo
a real one surely doesent if were looking at accuraccy here


What about id1020? Legit?


I'll be the first to recommend them just, havent had any response to my emails regarding my order. Ok will wait a couple of days see what happens give somet time i guess


Well at least that is some positive news John thxs


Thanks anyway. I seem to find a few sites but they look pretty shady. Is there anyway of adding a DVLA hologram to this card or something?


sorry forgot to post the website.
personalisedforu co uk


Do you think this is a good id that will work to get into clubs? I know it does not have a hologram but seems to be good quality and very like a real DL.


Are there any sites that have the new style I.Ds then?


I only see the old style on the site, would be Brill If they done the new ones,maybe It's not possible to do it.


Ah few :) I thought they might of gone down or something as my email only said "Failed to send". Cheers for the info


John, I can't get through to them but It's because their inbox is full atm, thats what yahoo sent back to me, so it can't deliver untill the free up some space.


at present they just do the old type licence



Is the Provisional License number the same as A full uk license number?

So If police pulled you over and u used your novelty license and they checked the license number you have (provisional license number) I suppose it would come up with the right information right?


South America is on holiday carnival you wont get no post for a week


lookin 4 a license will wait on "jimmy" to lets us all know what happens either way
I just hope jimmy doesnt forget.


Hi got my licence and it works am going to drive to work today looks good as well


Jimmy, Please let us know the outcome either way with


I'd like to see what Jimmy comes up with?


wemadeentertainment co uk

who now this site ??


i need ul driving licence any one !!!!1


ok thank u mod


how can you fly on a licence?? that must be some licence lol"hi milly, yeah i got my licence from passportclone and on first sight it passes the test, lets face it is not in the sysem but works good for me as i live in spain, i have even flown on it inside europe can not say about the passports as i never got one." lol lol lol


hi milly, yeah i got my licence from passportclone and on first sight it passes the test, lets face it is not in the sysem but works good for me as i live in spain, i have even flown on it inside europe can not say about the passports as i never got one.


Any mod want to test my service welcome too leave your email address here will contact the people i think are genuine


The DVL licence cost me 250 Euros, will check when it arrives and keep u posted...


This place is a joke, I dont believe antone. etc etc. if u know what I mean.


milly how much did it cost you as on their website it says they dont provide just driving licences.You have to order a passport too



LETS MOVE ON HEY!!!!!!!!!!



What you doing this weekend, I got my tracking code from passport clone let you know when it arrives.



Just a quick note to let everyone know whats really going on.

We at eudriver recieve a lot of emails on a daily basis, one in paticular was sent buy a BASIL BRUSH aka Moderator.

He repeatedly asked to do business with eudriver stating that he was in the Finance game and had a big database of ex customers, that he could sell to us for a price.......... we kindly informed him that we work on a referal business and was hapy for him/her to purchase a DL and he could take it from there once he recieved the goods and pass our details onto his DATABASE of customers, Guys its a no brainer if a person who runs a forum has a database of clients who have bought from him... makes me wonder his credentials and what the real purpose of the forum really is.... my guess he/she will endorse a company once the members reach a certain level, and hey presto! it will be his company/website KEEP AWYAY from it guys...I could be spitefull and put his emails up here, but ill leave it as agood deed..

The reason why im here tonight is that he has said on his So called Forum to be sceptical of eudriver.... Lets do a deal know my email address drop me a mail and ask again for a dl with all your details and ill personally send one of my colleages to your home with a dl of your choice, if you can proov that its not the reall thing ill put 5K in your hands and walk away....if you cant proof it youl be missing a few teeeth....for the inconvenience and slander!

like i say we are happy with our system it works for us, and time is money...

And the members you have on the moderator forum i would Question...?

All the best


If you want to buy goverment docs or the near thing, people must have them printed on a Dilleta printer as it is what all the governments use in Europe, other wise it will never be near to being real.

the moderator,


give that a wide berth, the scan of the uk dl is from the dvla web site, to produce that kind of thing would never in a million years for for like 50 bucks, they fail to mention lenticular lenses etc.

a place that has so many things up for sale like that, you can be assured cannot produce that.

the skill and time to ensure one product is bang on takes ages.

and anything coming out of usa generally is some kid in a bedroom or the fbi undercover,

wouldnt suggest that site, but thats just an opinion


Am still waiting for the tracking code, will keep you posted I was told in five days I would have code that is tomorrow I think


I was just doing the decent thing, for everyone to see. I'm happy so there is no need to check!!


Do you really think me or anyone is going to share there personal details WTF,
I didnt have scans i just took the risk just like everyone else.

Its time for me to get out and get SMASHED! C ya!



shows us all a scan of back and front then mate, as no one wants to get ripped.

as anyone can post on here is working etc.


can someone please give me the website details of eu driver and how much it would cost for a uk driving licence thxs


Stuart is right they are what they say.They do give a telefone number if you order

dont slag them off, if they do the job just praise them.



Have these guys eudrivers got a website or anything?


Yeah Right, if you lost £1200 you would be going bonkers mate almao....

you would of slated the company well before this dicussion. 10 weeks lol

I don't believe you, because they give you a contact number also, if you order.

on a serious note try calling them,if you have paid, there spot on = good guys!


Hey stuart I ordered from eudriver at hust and it has been 10 weeks and suprise i even dont get my emails anwered.


Yeah your right mate, who bloody cares, as long as it works.


all i know is my wife got a driving license straight through the door from dvla with eu driver. she wasn't told it would be a clone, but who cares it works!

she's happy with it, they saved her a lot of bother with work.


If your looking for a legit license try EU Driver, they are the only legit people i know who deliver.

My wife used them a few months ago, I know they are genuine because she's had 3 points on her license already

Women Ha Ha Ha

needs to know,

Does anyone happen to know what font Indiana uses for their drivers license? Perhaps even know where I can find out?


Hi Steve,

I guess that is U then you mad man... lost your contact number... remember tanya give her your number and I will call you... U know where she lives down... same place


where can i get a very good novelty uk driving license then??

Steven bladstock,


Beware of this outfit, they send you a real poor quality novelty license.


I would have thought the LONDON MET, dont need to make postings saying they are making visits,

Defeats the object of getting your evidence boys,

but then again what do i know, maybe its the new police policy in england, best let them know were coming, wouldnt want to infringe on their human rights

Newcastle upon tyne,

Marcos is corrcet I had one also from eu drivers!
they replied very quickly, But they are a tad expensive, you do get your license though, and there legit.

They didnt respond to my mail at the end of last year,I thought they may of shut down, as my work colleage wanted one.


my daughter had a license from the eu driver guy's last year, pretty much what they say. Bit pricy though.



I need a UK legit license. pls contact


need eu license asap email


I still think it all stinks...!





Hi Guy's

I'm going to have to leave it for a couple of days, as I have far too many orders to deliver now.

Mail me in a few days.

jason s,

try this guy

he works. trust me. US DLs or IDs
i paid 25 extra for express shipping and got it in 3 days after i paid him. he's only 250$ and they will scan in a computer cause they have a unique DVLA number. he'll give you better details than me



If anyone want's a EU drivers license please leave your email address here and I will contact you.


wanna uk dl,

can anyone point me to right direction i want full uk dl registered or does anyone know any instructors who bribe examiner to pass you



Can anyone point me in the right direction..I need to exchange my Full UK license for a EU one?

All help will be greatly apprecated.

Thank you.


Hi, does anyone know what font is used on a standard uk driving licence?


Sounds good

Cheers mate


I am trying to find a country that will do an exchange on my Australian driving licence to their country without me having to surrender my drivers licence
Can any one suggest where i can do this.


I think that the International driving permit is the biggest load of rubbish out there.

To drive a motor vehicle in a a country that is not your own you need to hold a international driving permit.

But in your own country they mean nothing and arn't accepted.

What is the point of that governments

A licence should be a licence no matter where you go any where around the world whatever country




thanks dennis for your high regards lol. yeah, if you wanna hear my story, i can probably help you out with a US DL or ID. i'm just a simple dude. 200$ or 150$ if you can prove you're spreading my word around. trust is a two way street. i'll help you out if you want, just email me

get it? cause i'm a hidden treasure lol

jeff h,

actually, i used this guy NGH. he got me mine in 7 days and its perfect. he was reliable and talked with my the whole way thru everything. i guess he works at a DMV so they're actually authentic, but he can explain his whole process to you but coming from me, the thing looks great

oh yeah, and he only does US DLs that I know of, but you can find out if he does more

his e-mail is
$100 american


Does anyone know were I can obtain a EU drivers licence from?



Has anyone dealt with LEST MAN? dose he DELIVER??

Let us Know guys!

Jony hay,

want uk resistered driving lisence, contact me on


hey do you do french license or ID m8

wanna full uk licenc,

anybody want registered full uk licence reply on this forum with your email i will contact you.


C that I see, it is that I paid, I have the proof and that I received nothing, and I think that they are thieves, they gave me a false number of the post office and answer me that lies, because I make verify every time.


is there anyone out there who really can get a registered full uk dl i know there is bcause i know few people. but they wont tell me


What is the actual sign name for C.A?


Any fake ID document can be dangerous to possess, even if it is classified as a "novelty" ID.

If you are caught driving with a fake license that's serious. So for ID purposes you should try something else - another form of ID card with a photograph. Student cards or Transit passes come to mind but a passport is an obvious choice. Looks like we need a new kind of ID card other than a license, but I'd imagine there may be loud objections just to the idea!


hello everyone., this whole fake id stuff is a little hard to take in. For the person that is not a criminal, like myself, is it a crime to look and request an id? i am from california. In my situation i can not drive due to my seizure disorder? So how would go about a fool proof way in obtaining a license in a different name that absolutely ran when pulled over.?


How Can i get money back? i know their account number and bank address


can someone help me ?
ı need the tel. nr. from (David Webb)


I might give a try with a sample first, see how It goes.


im looking to buy a drivers license from anyone who works at a MVD because there the only ones that can get a legittttt DL, any state in the us is fine please contact me at 323 718 8242


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paul,can you drive with it in UK? can you open a bank account with it ?




get, i might have a source , depend how much you want to spend?

what is you want for ? driving ?


Im shocked tbh i got my DL from that scott guy on Yahoo

Zbigniew Fundakowski,

Guten Tag
Ich galube fest daran,daß ich auf einen Betrüger hereingefallen bin.Habe einen Führerschein beantragt (für alle Klassen).An eine ungarische Bank habe ich mein Geld überwiesen.Leider habe ich bis jetzt keine Nachricht erhalten.
Ps.Es handelt sich um
Zeichnet immer mit einen David Webb.
Wer kann mir helfen ?
Zbigniew Fundakowski



the man,

Please contact me if you are really interested in a UK Driving License £500, 10 day turn around time .

All Security Features
Own Photo
Celebrity Photo (if you wish)
Full Colour UV
Correct Thickness
Correct Weight
Any Driving Category
Contact :
This is a serious offer please do not contact me if you are not truly interested


500 is a joke mate.
I can do them for 200.
Email me if u want an honest service

the man,

Please contact me if you are really interested in a UK Driving License £500, 10 day turn around time .

All Security Features
Own Photo
Celebrity Photo (if you wish)
Full Colour UV
Correct Thickness
Correct Weight
Any Driving Category
Contact :
This is a serious offer please do not contact me if you are not truly interested


Honestly i understand that many of you's have been ripped off but trust me i am actually for real !
Email me for details


This man sounds propa.
Dunno though undecided.


Im so sick of all of you's moaning about who is legit.
I can get you's a good UK driving licence with the holograms and that. Obviously its not real but it looks 100% identical. Anyways if any of yous want one email me at
No time wasters please.
Iv got photos and that of the DL i can get you.

the man,

Please contact me if you are really interested in a UK Driving License £500, 10 day turn around time .

All Security Features
Own Photo
Celebrity Photo (if you wish)
Full Colour UV
Correct Thickness
Correct Weight
Any Driving Category
Contact :
This is a serious offer please do not contact me if you are not truly interested


i have called

like 50 times or so and they won't answer or return my calls.


I would have thought that the first rule of being in newspaper business is to have the ability for SPELLING!!
This homo stephen/nathian can't put together a sentence if his life depends on it. send me an update via email

mr b,

roonsad my email is


mr b could you give me your email/msn addres please i thought maybe we could talk

mrb b,

not yet i am waiting until tmrw to hear from said company to see what is going on keep you posted



PLACE OF BIRTH :GERMANY, ISERLOHN =english army barracks
DATE OF BIRTH : 15/10/1978


mr p,

there is one way to obtain a driving licence but its a lot of hassle to get


Hello! James do you have
phone number?


I'm willing to bet anything that faysal (stephen) is going to end up to be a happy customer at the end :))))
c'mon, how dum do you think people are?


Hello People!

i've just ordered a licence through

i'll keep you posted

mr p,

here's something if they think they got someone at dvla why don't they know what a digital tacho is. it's simple they con people they haven't got a clue they might wanna do some homework first before promising nothing

mr p,

warlock how can they have computer problems they say it comes from dvla so there should be no excuses unless there fobing you of

Kaya, =

They are the same stephen/nathian people.

Both (companies??) provided me with the same phone number to contact them: +44 1922 710 119


Warlock, ctc me at I need the scoop on this fulleudrivinglicense people


i have placed an order from

she seems very polite

ill keep you guys up to date


i was going to get a licence off fullEUdrivinglicence but i have had a few mates go to i paid 50% today into there bank account

she is a lovely lady always polite and answers all emails very pomptly

ill keep you guys informed


genuine full DLs can ONLY come from official DVLA sources.

However, if you can find suckers that believe otherwise go right ahead.


mr-b i checked as my boss needed my licence for driving he checked and it was ok i have even been pulled up by police and that was ok so i take it everything is ok lol


cornwall-joe i have already done all the checks on my licence and it has come back fine and i applied for a uk dl from


recieved my full uk licence today from thanks it came with all catagories and they kept me informed all the way thgey even speak to me over the phone

MR B, have kept me up to date and have been very informative, waiting for my dl should be interesting.let you guys know in a week or so, chers

full's daddy,

son come back home and stop flirting with people .

is undercover agent of FBI.

(dodgy keyboard)


ordered a licence from eudrivinglicence@g.
he has kept me in the loop from day one and seems genuine, spoke to him tonite and he said my licence would be with me in 5/6 days. will let you guys know the score in a week or so.


i have just had a man here with a envelope it is my licence had to show him my id the licence looks great its got the counterpart and all hologram iv just looked at my dads licence and the look exact its great thanks
i will recommend all my friends


I placed an order with couple of weeks ago. Supposed to receive mine within next week. I let you guys know how it turns out


I ordered a couple of weeks ago from
So far, I have spoke to him on the phone a few times, had replies to all my e-mail's within a couple of hours, and feel very reassured.
I'll let you know when my license arrives!


Someone can confirm that is legit?


i tryed they seemed very helpfull
i have only tried these as my bro has got one from them


connor - what is your email address? Cos I ordered a novely licence and it hasn't arrived , its been two weeks. How long did yours take?


I need an official EU Driver Licence asap who has any idea where to get one?


Need a valid EU or German DL.Who can help me?THX


will provide DL. send your format. we will arrange you.

We need quality image of your product.
Then we will duplicate.

very low fee 50USD.


i need indian copy of driving licence.


yeah get a DL --- of course we trust you and we're all sending you money soon. just hold your breath until it arrives

get a DL,

yeah, this is if you don't trust me, as it seems at least 1 of you seems that you don't, I OFFER YOU A FULL REFUND IF YOU ARE UNSATISFIED WITH YOUR PRODUCT. i started this because i was sick of getting ripped off. if you don't trust me, don't contact me. but i assure 100% satisfaction or your money back.

get a DL,

need EU DL or US ID? email me at, very cheap


As the famed P.T. Barnum is reputed to have said "there's a sucker born every minute." That was about a century ago. Obviously there's lot's more now.

your helper,


your helper,

us/uk IDs


The ad for EU lic seen in this article is all over the internet. It is placed by google. There is no world license


I need a recent NJ Drivers License. I've had a legal drivers license in NJ for 40 years...2 years ago they refused to renew it because i was born in Canada of American born parents but do not have a "certificate of citizenship" on my birth cert. i have followed the law to the letter and the DMV sent me to the Dept. of homeland Security with an N-600 Form but some jerk refused it even though US Code 1401 recognizes me as an automatic citizen. So the DMV just dropped me and won't return my calls!!! I'm disabled and NEED a license. How can I make my own? I'm really Ticked off!


thanks nathian i wiil wait to see what happens yes it is still james carter if you look to the left of this site you will see no that is the same if you follow it to google


can someone help me get a US ID? email me


Hey guys can someone help me exchange my tunisian driving licence to a UK one??? its really frustrating and i have to do the whole thing all over again from theory - practical


everyone claim to be sincere . How can we find who is the real person?


Penalties for possessing a fake ID for getting into clubs etc. varies from place to place. You may get off with a warning a bouncer but if it gets to police then then it gets much more serious. e.g. this from Virginia --

"A conviction of possessing, manufacturing,using or selling fake IDs may appear on your permanent criminal
record. A police record can limit you in
job hunting or impact your admission
to college or graduate school.
State lawmakers have made the penalties
harsher for underage individuals
using false identification. Young adults
(ages 18–20) who use a fake ID to buy,
possess or drink alcohol can lose their
driver’s license for up to a year, be fined up to $2,500 and face up to 12 months in jail."


Hey Licence needed ... no kidding ! corrupt countries in EU? And how abotu yourself?


im looking for a full driveing license i can use in the uk can anyone help ???




Contact me if you need any confirmed EU DLs. Sorry I dont do US.


well if they said you need a stamp surely they will do business.what address did they say for you? yeah I emailed 3 questions about the site and no reply its weird. since poland is in europe euros must be ok


ahhh well i'm sure as long as they get their money they will be happy to send!did they give you special postage instructions or was it just 'freepost cardware'? well i live in the uk and i cant get any response from them either!


Yeah, haha, me too. exactly im from poland, and dont have any idea about shipping here...
They said in email that I have to send the same kind of money (currency) like i use in my country. So if im from France - euro, from Uk- punds... But im from poland so it's - PLN. At they website, they dont have currency to choose like PLN, but you can still choose poland as a country, so i dont get it...


i am sure they will send it to you it depends where you are in Europe I suppose, maybe they only send to nearer countries such as france, belgium etc but no worries i'm sure it will work. i hope we get them soon! if it doesn't come in 2 weeks I will worry lol.


Yes, i've sent letter with my pic, signature and 20 euro. That's true. I have to try :D
Btw, do you think that they will send normally this ID to me if im not from UK?


Yeh, update will be good.
I think that in the bars it's not problem, but not sure about clubs...heh.

You know, i've bought this ID couse im going to italy or spain this year(hoildays) and wanna go clubing :D haha. Do you think that it gonna work?
I this foreigns will dont how ID from another country looks like, so i cann enter everywhere? What r u think about it?


Elle, Yeah, it's so weird lol.
I was either suprised when i saw the date of udating.
I've ordered ID without this hologram thing, do it make any difference?
And do ur friend just normal goes to the clubs with this id ?


I ordered one yesterday.My friend did it before and she got hers fine in 10 days, but I found it weird that it was just a one line address! Also, the tracking database hasn't been updated, I noticed, hasn't been updated since 13th mrach!


hey, looking for a us id, contact me at


good article. looks like lots of research


@ call me DL

What is your mail adress? How can we contact you? What do you provide? CA, FL DL?

call me DL,

Well I guess I have heard it all on this forum. WHERE are the folks who just want a US DL?? I can't help the UK but I can help the US people. Jot me a note on here and I WILL get in touch with you. email address's only

james doyle,

where can i buy an eu driver license in ireland email me


Go to some Italian restaurant and ask for a mafia connection to help. No kidding !


Hey does anybody kno how to get a legot ny driver license from the dmv with out taking the drivers test


what is the website for CA


can anyone get me a legit uk licence contact me at

help usa,

i need a usa dl can someone tell me who i can contact and if they will be legit or not


yeah that would be cool


Hey i need a licence so i can get into nightclubs in ireland


Hi, can anyone make me a driving licence for the UK? If so, email me at


Thanks :)


looking for any us state licence.... any ideas?
email me at


Need a decent looking Cali ID..totally for novelty purposes but hopefully it looks decent. All I care about is receiving one in return for some cash. Anyone care to comment? I dont care if it's exact by any means.


Does anyone know where can I get a legitimate pennsylvania drivers licence please E-Mail me thank you all!!!


The term "flaming" is believed to be a reference to the Marvel Comic superhero the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. After the accident which gave Johnny Storm the ability to become a human torch, he was initially unable to control when he would burst into flames. He learned to control his powers by saying "Flame on" which would initiate the transformation into a human torch and he would return to his normal state by saying "Flame off." [2] Since early users of the asynchronous text communication wanted to distinguish their angry/insulting/sarcastic portions of their response from their serious statements, they would prefix their angry/insulting/sarcastic text with "Flame on" and indicate the end of such statements with "Flame off".

Thought policing (taken from George Orwell's novel 1984) is when someone trolls the forums looking for posts that do not align with their political, religious, or moral values. When they find a post that they do not agree with, they post messages in that post to incite people to bring attention to that post to get it locked or deleted. This phenomenon is widespread in forums and motives can vary.


Global Adept...You are very pathetic...Is the weather in Kuala Lumpur is good?


Hi, I bought a licence form global adept and it came through fine, i then told two friends and theirs have both come through.


i need a real looking licence asap money is no problem! please some one let me know?


I live in uk and i need driver license!
I know teory and i can drive, problem is language!

please email me

jade victor koteka,

please need opens drivers licence


florida or german id card?


i got real Nevada and Illinois IDs...

email me at for directions.

only $75!!!!!!

I can make UK ones if you email me a template.

gerrard is great,

so u have one that is fully registered with the dvla, i dont want one that looks genuine, all i want is a real registered one with the dvla, thanks


Yep its true,i got my d.l fri +checked it online+its regd.thankyou smr you are wicked x


how does anyone know if there uk driving licence is registered?


cheers mate but is he for real


280 english pounds,sterling


?280 bloody comp putting ? In stead of ?.


Hey hoddie ?280 not ?280 sorry man


Hey hoddie,marcus email is i getting one, yipppee

Marcus t.,

Been trying to contact the 5,no luck,if you want one contact me at Thanks.


SANTOS please send me more info I want one


I just sent Santos an email to enquire. If its genuine, its great but you know what they say about too good to be true. Let's see.

you know me,

hey everyone i really need a dl buit dont have the money to buy one can you help me out


hey santos email me some information

yo santos,

give me some information


how u get jay.. i need mine asap


Because we have become part of the e.u. It is our rite that we can also have an e.u dl. I say do it,get yours before this u.k govt stops everything+makes this country a 3rd world country.


Martin69 I am thinking of going to Driving Licences, have you go t anything from them yet?


i got my id fine of jay done great business


need id sum 1 help !!!!!!!!!1


i need id can any one tell me who does the best one plzzzz? really need it within the next 2weeks!!!!


Many thanx jz guess i giv it ago within the nxt couple wks,wil let you know.thanx again jz,all the vry best.


it seems all good and real few people already got it of him


Does any 1 know where i can get a real u.k full dl+registered at dvla?many thanks.


has any one used driving licence today


is jason stiil doing them are they real and how much


anyone heard of drivinglicencetoday com or had any experience of dealing with them?????


Jamie - Glasgow

could you mail me




Do you know anybody who works for DMV that is selling ID?


I got 2 of them missouri drivers licenses from that skrunky site too LA_Gal, the first one I got about 2 months ago and 2 weeks later got pulled over for a license plate lite being out, anyway showed the cop the fake id, he ran it and wrote me a ticket and let me go, i got the second id and never paid the ticket lol dumb cops


Hi Luc,did you received a driver from dlprocure?


sorry man,you have lost your money


were can i get good id from please help me i need to go clubbin and stuff


I need a drivers licsnese in New Jersey Anyone know where i can get it>? E-mail me if you can do a drivers licsnese for me


there is only 2 places that are legit for getting fake dl, i got 2c for just 15 pounds, there not great but they would work for a club, other site costs 300 pounds perfect copy,


need driver license for nova scotia can any one help


Does anyone knows the type of test done by bus B Level drivers inOntario Canada?


does n e one know if I can renew or transfer my valid Puerto Rico License here in Nevada without taking the Driver's Test? If so what can I do?


i just need a id my friends have one but not me iom 17 lookin to get a 18 year one some one plzzzzzzzzzz help me


Greg, Your Oregon license is not from one of the 14 states whose license is accepted in France. Why not just take a test and get a French license, or go get an international license from the AAA for about $15 bucks


need a french drivers licence i recently moved to france from portland oregon usa i have an oregon drivers licence but france wont exchange my licence can anyone help my e-mail


living in dublin, need id just for proof of age for gettin into clubs, dont want to have to bring my passport out every feckin time. anyone any ideas?


if everybody is so sick and tired of the system in South Africa why not get together and do something about it. For example, take a look at the province of Alberta, Canada's privatized system. Make a proposal to government to let private enterprise have a go at it.


they arnt poss the all cons

Civil Servant,

I work for DVLA and believe me nobody can supply you with a genuine license registred at the DVLA without passing your test. AND I DO MEAN NOBODY.
Further more with the advancement in technology license´s can be checked for authenticity by police instantly or over the internet with speacific companys.


i need a dl which is a eu dl with counterpart and i need to exchange it for uk dl from dvla can anyone help me

jamie :P,

ello... ROach

Wen u say its not authentic and cant be used for driving and that wat do you mean how can you use it in clubs then if u cant for a car??
im interested tho lol


Sounds like a lot of time and energy wasted by a lot of people who shouldn't be driving. Why not spend a little time and money using a lawyer to help get your driving privledges back ?


N diak,

You should talk to

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

The association (formerly ADED) is devoted primarily to the support of professionals working in the field of driver education and transportation equipment modification for persons with disabilities. Provides key components of education and information dissemination.

You will find a link to them in our section on Driver Training organizations at

Some of the other organizations listed here might be able to help also

n diak,

i have a problem. i took my driver's in toronto ontario and i got my G 2 then i went in for my G license. Before that i called the department of motor vehicles to ask them to extend my license because i have hemophilia and have trouble bending my right knee. they told me that they could not do that for me or any other person so i made an appointment to take my G license but as i was on the high way my right knee gave out and then when i went in to park i hit a post. it is not that i am a bad driver but my knee was swelling up and i got a hemorrhage and i failed. i can't go back and do it again because my license has expired and if i start from the beginning again i am afraid what will happen to my knee. 99.9 percent of the time my wife did all the driving because. it is easier on me and my knee i cannot walk even take the subway because of the stairs. my wife works and cannot take my around all the time . because of my work i have to have a car and drivers license to get around . if i did not have hemophilia i would take public transit but that is impossible. i really need help. i need a "G" ontario canadian drivers licence can you help me.


But i live in south africa and need to buy my licence. Please please help. My email:


Thanx Jack!!!!!!!


I can't drive in france with DL from ptshamrock com, right ?

Or i must have a certificate of residence of 6 mounth, to prove that i was in the country isnt it ?

If not how to proceed exacty ?

Thank you

Apollo Creed,

You are no match for me Mr. T. That knockout you gave me was a lucky punch.

I want a rematch!


I also go to the Zoo!!!


and thats why ur here.

me again,

i know where a 100% identical cali lisence can be obtained, they scan, they have exact uv, they have exact holograms, no one can tell the difference.


Has anybody ever successfully exchanged one foreign FAKE EU license in their country for one in their own country?

Like a Fake German one for a real UK one etc?

One thing I do know. There is no realtime communication between issuers in the EU yet. So if they check, how long does it take them to check.

Okay. lets assume you are changing a REAL EU license for a REAL UK one. How long do you need to wait for your license to arrive?

Just a thought.

doing it,

The one I got was for the uk.


who needs to drive? I just need ID

The Doctor,

Any Idea where I can obtain a UK driving licence a UK driving test Pass Certificate ???


can anyone hep me to add motorcycle entitlement to my existing UK licence


I will check it out RIGHT now. tanks!


Have you tried to use them?

jose luis,

i get my license 30pounds provisional
22pounds theory test and 50 pounds practical test and all the books free from my library is nealy 100 pounds and is legal


thank you golf 45 for all your information. It was funny, yesterday I went to take my passport photo at Walmart and as I left the girl goes, "Have a good trip!" ha ha Anyway, if you could still keep me informed on what your attorney says. I also have done tons of research ont these subjects, so I might want to talk to you if you don't mind


i need a dl please can u help me???


i am 19 came to the us on a visiters visa need a licence .... what do i do'

i do not have one from my country


To Rocco, Florida CAN verify out of country licenses


if you exchange american dollors for european dollors do you get moore money please someone post and answer my question


if you get the canadian license i talk to the people if you get pulled over its going to come back not found and thats even worst punishment i'm telling you now


Hi Everybody,since i have an Original Kenya Driving License,is there a way i can convert it to Italian???

Since here in Italy it is not possible to directly convert it and Kenya is an english colony,i thought that i could go or send it to England,convert it to an original England license,get it back to Italy and convert the England license to an Italy licence ... May this work out ... any suggestions rather than make the whole exams???


Hey, there is no such thing as a Canadian Drivers license. Each province has its own license


to Michelle above,

Looks like you have to just get a European License Michelle. Surely you can find a test in English?


Heres the issue.
I had a legal license in the states, moved to Europe and it expired without me being aware of it.

I cant get it renewed as I now live in Europe, and I cant speak the language to take a new test in the country Im in.

So...interesting situtation indeed.
(Cant claim a home state, as I dont have a place in the states anymore.)

Anyone had this issue before?


Thanks katie you just saved me and maybe some others a mistake I think


LilDevil, I'm in Ontario and I just checked this out for myself. If you renew your license in Ontario within a year you will not have to take any tests or anything. You just go to the MOT office and fill out an application. You may need to get a new photo taken.


Hi: I used to live in Ontario Canada and always had a Ontario DL in a good standing. Currently, I'm in Africa and my Ontario DL expired last Aug 06. Is there a deadline after which I could lose my DL, as I haven't renewed it yet?


Mark, go to our licensing section at .

In particular, our index of licensing sites for the US and Canada


hey i had a license for years and lost it a year ago i use to drive semi trucks but now i need a new license to drive around in where i live in california, can u help me


Hey i live in scotland and was wonderin if there was any chance that u can get sum sent 2 here???


Note to Jan, above re Canadian driver License online. First, there is no Canadian License. Each province has its own licensing system. I don't know of any province that does not require a test and a DWI is a huge problem.


I want to drive, I need a California DL, or any state DL. Please help!!


I know someone who is losing her license to DWI and getting a Canadian license online. I thought this must be illegal, but she says it is not.


Jet, It's the Department of Land Transport. Prompted by your question we have added information about Thailand's IDP to our list at


What is the authorized organization to handle issuance of IDL for Thailand


Hey John, Ya gotta put some years on. It's the only way! You can get an international Driver's License to use as an ID but to get a legit one you have to have a legitimate license in some country. The non legit ones can cost you and you could be caught carrying fake ID. NOT a good idea!!

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