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Aging drivers: staying in the game


Date: Wednesday, 30. August 2006

John Wolff, 96 this month, loves to drive. His 1995 Buick Regal to takes him to doctor's appointments, local shops and, on Saturdays, to teach a class at Georgetown law school. "It's the key to my independence," he says.

The U.S. has 18.5 millions licensed drivers aged 71 and over. Some drive well, some atrociously. What should family, friends and licensing authorities do? One of the things researchers are doing is looking at how technology might help, for example: M.I.T. AgeLab's 2000 VW "Smartcar" Beetle is fitted with a vision enhancement screen to reduce glare, a collision warning system, and an emergency alert system that beeps when a vehicle wanders from its lane. There are other useful devices that can help, such as corrective mirrors, raised driver seats, pedal extensions, and so on, not to mention driver training courses that update skills.

In the end though, family, friends, driving professionals and licensing authorities will have to team up to assist drivers who need to hang up their driving gloves and make a graceful exit.

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its a lot of senior citizens that want to continue to work but doesent have transporation to get to work or the dr. they have breathing problems or other disiblities but they can still work to support themselves is there a charatie program to donate a car or repair the car that they do have we have dignity and pride we dont want a handout just a little help bless all.


i am a young driver and i jsut want to say NOT ALL YOUNGSTERS ARE LIKE THAT!!!

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My father-in-law is 90 and is still driving. He has been a terrible driver the 29 years I have been a part of the family. My husband and his brother have talked to him about giving up driving but he isn't convinced and is determined to continue to drive. What can we do to convince him not to drive or stop him from driving? We live in California. Help.


I am writing a paper on elderly drivers. there is alot of information out there


Jon, you are a dumb ass, this is a vehicle driving site


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If you are in the left lane and people are cutting in front of you, GET OUT!!! It is a PASSING LANE, slower traffic keep right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm 70 and I haven't had a crash or a ticket for almost 20 years. But it looks to me as if there's an awful lot of younger drivers out there with powerful cars and they seem to think the road belongs to them. They come out of nowhere and cut in, or they come up fast behind and tailgate, even though I'm in the passing lane and already passing other cars.

It looks to be like may younger drivers are not getting trained properly. they either don't know the rules or ignore them.


All drivers,it seems,are subject to the same type of testing to determine if they are able to get behind the wheel.I say if an individual passes the test than they can drive no matter how old.I have noticed,however,a certain arrogance associated with being "old" on the part of some older drivers,like some of them think you better get out of their way because they have been alive longer or deserve more respect.I dont like that at all.

Brian J Deller,

The EU is studying the effects of age on driving ability, and the statistics show that generally, older drivers are safer than younger ones, but of course, many over the age of 75 years stop driving because the roads are so stressful. My experinece is that the health and alertness of the person is paramount and many drivers who have been indolent and smoked/drunk alcohol regularly all their lives, are a danger even at age 55. Conversely, those who have looked after their health can still be safe (and quick) drivers at 85 + years.

Brian Deller, author & publisher, Motoring in Spain. ISBN No 84 609 7295 X

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