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London taxi drivers angry

By: staff

Date: Tuesday, 19. October 2010

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association is furious at a proposed change to taxi licensing requirements in London, England. The city's cabdrivers are justly renowned for their mastery of what is called The Knowledge , a book of 400 routes around the complicated city streets of London. Prospective cabbies sometimes study the Blue Book that contains the routes for years before becoming proficient enough to qualify for a license. According to the article on GlobalAutoNet, London mayor Ken Livingstone has directed Transport for London to reduce the requirement to only 320 routes to make it easier for drivers to qualify, which would mean more available cabs on London streets.

An LTDA spokesman said the group fears that "dedication, skill, and...pride in the job" will be lost if a cab license is easier to get. However, the Independent newspaper noted that London cabdrivers are "not known for their rosy outlook on life." It quoted the association's spokesman as saying, "If I were Mr. Livingstone, I shouldn't get into the back of a cab for a while...he'd more than likely get a good talking to by the driver."

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Alan Bailey,

Why would anyone want to water down the requirements for this demanding job?
Oh, I forgot for a moment, because it discriminates against those who aren't prepared to put the effort in of course.
Silly me.


A taxi driver is not a skilled worker. tons of canadians can become a taxi driver. you need to have special skills that no ordinary canadian or british can do

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