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Graduated License - Featured articles:

The effects of a graduated driver licensing program

Summarizes an interim report from Ontario, Canada's Ministry of Transportation on the effects of graduated driver licensing on new driver collision rates. More »

Teen researchers examine graduated driver's license

Two students researched their hypothesis that graduated licensing will not have any effect on accident rates. More »

Graduated licensing growing in popularity

Article provides an introduction to graduated licensing, and notes that evidence shows that it saves lives. More »

Graduated licensing: painful, but successful

A new driver in Ontario, Canada describes his reactions to the introduction of graduated licensing there, and notes the benefits that have resulted. More »

Graduated licensing makes initiation tougher

A brief introduction to graduated licensing. More »

Ontario's tough level 2 driver test

Canada's province of Ontario has one of the world's toughest licensing systems, with a second road test required for full license privileges. More »

Ontario's move to graduated licensing

A description of Ontario's unique graduated licensing system. More »

Graduated License - Other links:

A thorough overview of the issue, with background and explanation of different types. Includes discussion of results of graduated licensing programs in several jurisdictions.

Ontario Canada's Ministry of Transportation page outlines the rigorous graduated licensing program used in the province.

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